Papua, Raja Ampat, Misool Eco Resort’s Dive Centre

Papua, Raja Ampat, Misool Eco Resort’s Dive Centre


Misool Eco Resort’s Dive Centre is located in the North Lagoon, built on stilts overlooking the turquoise water. The Dive Centre is spacious and airy, and well-suited to professional photographers and videographers. The 50 sq meter wet area is equipped with a massive work station, perfect for setting up cameras, charging torches and laptops, etc. The adjacent dry area is furnished with comfortable lounge chairs, a small library, and a monitor for reviewing the day’s images. There is also a sunny 120 sq meter veranda just outside, perfect for warming up between dives. Access to the water from the Dive Centre is either from stairs leading directly down into the North Lagoon, or by way of the jetty, where our 4 dive boats moor up.

We generally schedule 3 guided boat dives per day, as well as either a dusk dive or a night dive. Because our dive sites are so close, we usually come back to the resort for the surface interval after each dive. We are very flexible, and are happy to tailor our dives to your needs – just let our dive guides know what you’re interested in seeing, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We offer a variety of different dive packages, and all include free Nitrox to qualified divers.

Please let us know well in advance if you’d like to book a course, hire equipment, or engage the services of a private guide. Please be advised that due to our extremely remote location and distance from the nearest recompression chamber, we dive very conservatively. Safety is our priority, so we don’t allow deco diving or dives deeper than 30 meters.

Raja Ampat, Papua Paradise EcoResort

Papua, Raja Ampat, Papua Paradise EcoResort


PapuaParadise EcoResort – The beginning Four of us, the present owners, first came only to dive in Raja Ampat, West Papua in 2007. While this part of Indonesia cannot be compared to any other part of the country, we fell in love with it immediately. We were enchanted by the untouched nature and unique coral reefs. During our visits, we were lucky to observe some newly discovered species living in this area such as the epaulette shark (?) and many beautiful creatures like the amazing nudibranches. In the mean time, some articles were published about Raja Ampat and the area has soon become known world-wide. Moreover, it even strengthened our desire to set up a dive resort here. In 2008, we returned again but this time well prepared and loaded with plans. After several months of travelling, preparation and negotiation for applying and receiving the necessary permits, we rented the North-West part of the uninhabited Birie island for 25 years and construction works started in autumn 2008. After one year hard work, we proudly opened our resort PapuaParadise EcoResort in autumn 2009 accompanied with the Bupati (governor of Raja Ampat) Marcus Wamna. We are happy to offer our service to everyone who would like to dive and look around this part of Raja Ampat… more info: First, the National Geographic Magazine published an article on the most diverse coral reefs on Earth covering Raja Ampat in September 2007. Facilities Accommodation: The island is divided into two main parts: guest side and service side. On the north-west guest side, with ten bungalows built over the coral reef with natural materials by traditional construction method, PapuaParadise EcoResort offers unforgettable diving holidays on the island surrounded by peaceful white sandy beach and stunning coral reefs. Each spacious 60 m2 bungalow has its own 20 m2 massive terrace, on which our guest could enjoy the slight breeze and the glamorous sunset lying in a hammock, and a 6 m2 indoor bathroom (with eco warm water) providing high standard of comfort. Luckily, we have fresh water on the island that runs in the bathrooms but we provide drinking water for our guests from gallons. Air-conditioning is naturally done by the slight ocean breeze and the sun heats up the water at daytime for a nice hot-water shower after a long diving day. Service side The service side and the workers’ bungalows were constructed on the south-east side of the island. Moreover, the fuel deposit, workshop, compressor station and the 24-hour electricity centre were placed here. Electricity is provided by two 30 KV generators and we fill our diving tanks with 2 Coltri 265 compressors. Restaurant Our sea-view restaurant is a perfect place to try delicious Indonesian meals prepared by our local staff using ingredients (fresh water spinach, juicy mango, sweet banana, very hot chilli and fish) bought mostly from the nearby village or collected from the little garden of the resort (young coconut, cassava) or taken from Sorong. Of course, the menu contains European dishes as well. After diving, our guests can have a rest here while looking over the blue bay. Our library, internet point (WIFI 54 Mbs), LCD TV and a bar help you spend your surface time in a home-like atmosphere as downloading the newly taken underwater photos. Dive Centre PapuaParadise EcoResort’s dive centre is built in front of the restaurant with its own harbour and provides optimal conditions for diving. Our house reef is just one big step away. All boat dives start from here. Our guests are taken to closer dive sites (15-20 mins) with two smaller speed boats of 8 people or to further dive sites and trips with a bigger, 16 people capacity speed boat. There are two guides on each boat generally and private guiding is optional by request. Our international staff can speak English, German, Indonesian and Hungarian. NAUI standard dive courses are available at the resort. We provide 12 and 15 litres aluminium tanks and EAN 32 nitrox for optimal diving. Our guests can rent new Aqualung, Bare, Seaquest and Suunto equipments. There is DAN O2 box and VHF radio communication system on each boat. Diving We count more than 30 dive sites. Our dive sites mostly within 10 km distance around the island with coral reefs richest in the world. Every diver could find their favourable sites to dive because the crystal clean bays, mangrove-side shores and deep water reefs offer perfect opportunities for both big fish lovers and macro maniacs. The water temperature is 28-29 °C all year around, visibility is 15-20 metre in general. The best dive depth is from 5 to 25 metres and it is ideal for nitrox divers. For those who prefer staying close to the resort, we can happily offer our 150 m long house reef around the resort for either diving or snorkelling. Our guests can observe schools of millions of different reef fish, baby black tip reef sharks, turtles, wobbegongs, pygmy seahorses and the very rare mandarin fish. Furthermore, blue spotted rays, colourful parrotfish, common seahorse, shy pipefish, hunting jackfish are everyday visitors of the house reef. The lucky ones can also meet some rarely coming dugongs. Check on our Photo Gallery and Video. Non-diving activities Among diving and relaxing at PapuaParadise EcoResort, the nearby smaller and bigger islands and wild jungle forests give the opportunity to other activities as well. We organise boat trips to the stunning mushroom islands, bat cave, traditional cemetery, visit the most beautiful birds of paradise or climb up to a breathtaking 60 metres high waterfall that should not be missed out. Our mission We are strongly intend to support the conservation of Raja Ampat’s spectacular underwater and rainforest realm, while also help and create real benefits for the local communities. Together with the local police, we regularly patrol the area to stop illegal fishing and shark fin hunting. We are really keen on protecting our no-take zone around the island and teach local people for environment awareness. Useful information At the resort and at the banks in Sorong, only 100 USD notes issued in 2006 or after are acceptable. Euro is not exchangeable currency but our guests can pay with it at the resort as all our prices are given in Euro. Sorry, we cannot accept credit or debit cards. While domestic flight booking is sometimes difficult from Europe, we are willing to help our guests for 10% extra charge. We would like to remind you of the different weight limits of the different airlines, please check it before you come. Prior to travelling, please ask your doctor about vaccination needed in Indonesia. Unfortunately, there is some risk of malaria in Raja Ampat, we highly recommend our guests to take mosquito spray and some malaria tablets with them. Please be aware that the resort is built on a deserted island, so as the nearby hospital is in Sorong (one and half hour boat ride), we kindly ask you to check it with your insurance company. Although, we have almost every kind of emergency and first aid equipments, we are keen on preventing any unexpected accidents. We would like to inform our guests that compared to Papua New Guinea, West Papua is safe, tourists would not face any danger in the streets neither daytime nor at night. PapuaParadise Team The resort is mainly operated by two managers but the owners are also involved in the daily operational processes. We employ 20-25 workers from the nearby village, Arefi, who are responsible for diving, cooking, cleaning and gardening. Furthermore, our specialists such as a technician and a translator are from Sorong and Jakarta. Raja Ampat Diving – Raja Ampat Birdwatching, Irian Jaya Indonesia, West Papua, underwater ecosystems and bird kingdoms. Raja Ampat Tauchen – Raja Ampat Vogelsteller, Irian Jaya Indonesia, West Papua, Korallenriffe und Vogelparadiese. Raja Ampat Búvárkodás – Raja Ampat Madarászat, Irian Jaya Indonesia, West Papua, vízalatti ökoszisztéma és madárvilág.

Raja Ampat, Sorido Bay Resort, Diving

Papua, Raja Ampat, Sorido Bay Resort, Diving


Diving conditions in the Dampier Strait

Good here all year round

Diving conditions in the Dampier Strait are good all year round.
The climate of Papua has diffuse seasons with no particular dry or rainy season.
Equatorial with high humidity and occasional tropical rainfall showers. The mornings are clear and bright, with clouds building up by mid-day,which commonly fall in the early afternoon, often only towards dusk or overnight.

The Dampier Strait conveys massive amounts of water, forcing currents to flow parallel to the equator.
Current are a constant componet and must be considered when planning the dives. Therefore we try to time and choose the sites with the best possible current. However if there is no current, there is likely to be less action.

Water temperature is a constant 28 or 29 degrees celcius and visibility ranges between 15-30 metres.

The summer month are windier, some resorts will close due to rougher conditions.
Because of our protected location we can operate all year around.