Dompo, Sultan Abdul Azis Sirajuddin

Dompo, Sultan Abdul Azis Sirajuddin

Dompo is thDompo, Sultan Abdul Azis Sirajuddin e most fertile sultanate of the island of Sumbawa, but also the really left principality, which was most effected by the ereuption of Tambora volcano in 1815: one of the most tragic happenings in Indonesia history.
His to traditional grandfather Sultan Mohammad Sirajuddin was deposed by Holland in 1934 and the sultanate abolished in WW II. But as an example of some other abolished sultanates it was restored again in 1947.
The bigger dynasties on the island are all related.
He is married with a noblewoman from Banten.
Like most of the royalty in Indonesia he has a quite high education.
He keeps quite low profile, but his people knows him.


1701 Dompu sultanate founded.

1799 – 1809 Muhammad Zainul Abidin
1809 – 18.. Abdul Rasul II
18.. – 1870 Muhammad Salehuddin
1870 – 1882 Abdullah II
1882 – …. Muhammad Sirajuddin


c.1700 Sanggar state founded.

1790 – 1805 Muhammad Sulaiman
1805 – 18.. Ismail Ali
18.. – 1836 La Lisa Daeng Jaie
1836 – 1845 Daeng Malabba
1845 – 1869 Manga Daeng Manasse
1869 – …. La Kamena Daeng Anjong
1901 – 19.. Abdullah


c.1660 Papekat sultanate founded.
10 Apr 1815 Eruption of Tambora totally destroys the state.

1794 – 10 Apr 1815 Abdul Muhammad (d. 1815)


1675 Tambora sultanate founded.
10 Apr 1815 Eruption of Tambora totally destroys the state.

1794 – 1800 Abdul Rasyid Tajul Arifin
1800 – 1801 Muhammad Tajul Masahur
1801 – 10 Apr 1815 Abdul Jafar Daeng Mataram (d. 1815)

Calon, Sultan Muhammad Abdurahman Daeng Raja Dewa

Sumbawa, Calon, Sultan Muhammad Abdurahman Daeng Raja Dewa

Also called Daeng Muhammad Ab Calon, Sultan Muhammad Abdurahman Daeng Raja Dewadurahman Kaharuddin. He is the only son of the last ruling Sultan of Sumbawa and only has daughters, so probably he will be succeeded in due time by a grandson. This monarch is a rare example (together with for instance the Raja of Kupang on Timor) of a king, who says, that to serve his people is the main thing in his life and to be installed in glorious festivities as king of Sumbawa is a thing of later importance. Also he was in that field active in real politics and tried in 2005 to become Bupati of Sumbawa and even later to become Governor of Nusa Tenggara barat Province,but for that you already must have a political development locally.
He is former bankdirector and has a quite pilosophical mind.
Also one of the few Indonesian kings,who has a real crown.
The main royalty of the Sumbawa island are all family of each other.
The Sumbawa kingdom like some other big kingdoms in Indonesia already exists for several centuries.
In Sumbawa the Buginese and Makassarese influence from SW Sulawesi and family links also are quite big.


c.1650 Sumbawa state founded.
1816 Eruption of Tambora in 1815 disrupts state.
1837 State restored.
1908 State extinguished by Netherlands colonial government.
1931 Ruling line nominally reinstated.

Rulers (later usually referred to as Sultan)
1796 – 1816 Muhammad Kahharuddin II
1816 – 1837 Disrupted
1837 – 1843 Lulo Murso
1843 – 1883 Amarullah
1883 – 1908 Muhammad Jalaluddin
1908 – 1931 Vacant
1931 – 1958 Muhammad Kahharuddin III
…. – Muhammad Abdurrahman Raja Dewa

Bima, Regent-Sultana Ina Ka’u Siti Mariam Rahmat Salahuddin

Bima, Regent-Sultana Ina Ka’u Siti Mariam Rahmat Salahuddin

She is oBima , Regent-Sultana Ina Ka'u Siti Mariam Rahmat Salahuddin ne of the most extraordinary persons in the royalty network of Indonesia. As a young woman she was interested and preserved the knowledge of the royal culture of Bima sultanate in a time, when it wasn’t really good to concern yourself with it, because Indonesia now was a republic.She was the daughter of the last ruling (and loved) Sultan of Bima.
When the Indonesian government allowed to occupy yourself more with the royal culture and – history, thenshe could come back with all her knowledge, that is why the showing of Bima royal culture is so genuine, because she knows the real culture.
hen her brother died some years ago, his son became dynastychief,but not installed a Sultan, because she thought he also must know more about the royal culture (when it was allowed) to be a good king of Bima according to the customs of Bima.
She was then Regent-Sultana of Bima.The cousin became later even Bupati (Civil Regent) of Bima.
She erally wants to show only eral things in life. She is still all the time seeking in Holland, Indonesia, etc. the documents about the real history and culture of Bima and NTB province. She is very much loved by her own people throughout Indonesia and very much respected by the other monarchs of Indonesia.

…. Bima state founded in legendary antiquity.
c.1620 Bima state re-founded as Muslim sultanate.
26 May 1792 Dutch protectorate.

1 Jul 1695 – 23 Jan 1731 Hasanuddin Muhammad Ali (b. 1689 – d. 1731)
23 Jan 1731 – 27 May 1748 Alauddin Muhammad (b. 1706 – d. 1748)
27 May 1748 – 28 Jun 1751 Kamalat (f) -Sultana (b. 1728 – d. 1753)
28 Jun 1751 – 31 Aug 1773 Abdul Karim Muhammad (b. 1735 – d. 1773)
31 Aug 1773 – 14 Jul 1817 Syafiuddin Abdul Hamid Muhammad (b. 1762 – d. 1817)
14 Jul 1817 – 29 May 1854 Ismail Muhammad (b. 1797 – d. 1854)
29 May 1854 – 10 Aug 1868 Abdullah Muhammad (b. 1844 – d. 1868)
29 May 1854 – 10 Aug 1868 Muhammad Yakub -Regent
10 Aug 1868 – 30 Jun 1881 Abdul Aziz (d. 1881)
30 Jun 1881 – 6 Dec 1915 Ibrahim (b. 1866 – d. 1915)
16 Dec 1915 – 11 Jul 1951 Muhammad Salehuddin (b. 1889 – d. 1951)
11 Jul 1959 – 3 May 2001 Interregnum
17 Jun 2001 – Iskandar Zulkarnain Muhammad Shah (b. 1964)

Bima-Jena Teke Zulkarnaen

Bima-Jena Teke Zulkarnaen


Sultan Bima H. Ferry Zulkarnain died on 26 Desember 2013

Present Sultan:  Ferry Zulkarnaen, Sultan Bima XVI.

The sultan died on 26 December 2013. Source: kerajaan indonesia

Bima is on the island of Sumbawa.

The present sultan was installed in july 2013.
The last Sultan, his father, died in may 2001. At the time of his dead, he wasn’t yet sultan, so he was installed “post mortem” in june 2001. This made it possible for his son, to be installed as sultan.

Sultan Bima H. Ferry Zulkarnain died on 26 Desember 2013

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Bimold dynasties, kerajaan, sumbawa, Bima, Jena Teke Zulkarnaen a is on the island of Sumbawa. It is rule,that a new sultan only can be installed, when his father already was sultan. But his father died 2-5-2001 and he was installed as future sultan 7-6-2001.So on the grave of his father Sultan Abdul Kahir they made this deceased royal sultan and then later they could make him Jena Teke. Because he don’t know enough of the rtadition,he still must learn and isn’t a sultan yet.But his people chose him in july 2005 as Bupati, districtchief of Bima.
He is supported by his aunt Ina Ka’u (princess) Siti Mariam Rachmat Salahuddin.
She is the keeper of tradition and history and with one other woman in the Bugis area on Sulawesi she is the example of the savers of the traditional culture.