Hypothymis azurea

Hypothymis azurea, Black-naped Monarch, Kehicap Ranting

The Black-nHypothymis-azurea, Black-naped Monarchaped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea), also known as the Black-naped Blue Monarch, is a small passerine bird.

The Black-naped Monarch breeds across tropical southern Asia from India and Sri Lanka east to Indonesia and the Philippines. This species is usually found in thick forests and other well-wooded habitats. Three eggs are laid in a small cup nest in a tree.

The adult male Black-naped Monarch is about 16 cm long, and is mainly pale blue apart from a whitish lower belly. It has a black nape and a neat black gorget. The female is duller and lacks the black markings. Her wings and back are grey-brown. Males of the Sri Lankan race H. a. ceylonensis lack the black nape and gorget.

The Black-naped Monarch has short legs and sits very upright whilst perched prominently, like a shrike. It is insectivorous, often hunting by flycatching.

Two Indonesian subspecies, blasii and puella, are sometimes split as the Pale-blue Monarch, Hypothymis puella.

Even the population of the black-naped monarch is huge in India, Philippines, Indonesia and in some other places, in Bangladesh the number of birds of this species is declining rapidly because of excessive bird hunting as a hobby with Air gun and .22 bore pistols.

Gallinago megala

Gallinago megala, Swinhoe’s Snipe,  Berkik Rawa


Swinhoe’s Snipe, Gallinago megala, also known as Forest Snipe or Chinese Snipe, is a medium-sized (length 27-29 cm, wingspan 38-44 cm, weight 120 gm), long-billed, migratory wader.
Identifiable as a Gallinago snipe by its cryptically-patterned black, brown, buff and white plumage, but not easily distinguished from Latham’s and Pin-tailed Snipe in the field.

Breeds mainly in central and southern Siberia and Mongolia. Entire population migrates and spends non-breeding season principally in eastern and southern India, Sri Lanka, south-eastern China, South-East Asia and New Guinea. Recorded on migration in eastern China, and occasionally Japan. Records in Australia mainly from the Top End of the Northern Territory and from north-western Western Australia.

Breeding habitat:
forest glades and meadows. Non-breeding habitat: shallow freshwater wetlands of various kinds including paddy fields and sewage farms, with bare mud or shallow water for feeding, with nearby vegetation cover.

Mainly small invertebrates including earthworms, mollusks and insects.

Display flights and drumming by the males.

Because of wide range and no evidence of significant population decline, the species is assessed as being of Least Concern.


Ixobrychus sinensis

Ixobrychus sinensis, Yellow Bittern, Bambangan Kuning
TheYellow Bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis) is a small bittern. It is of Old World origins, breeding in tropical Asia from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka east to Japan and Indonesia. It is mainly resident, but some northern birds migrate short distances. It has been recorded as a vagrant in Alaska and there is a single record from Britain, from Radipole Lake, Dorset on November 23rd 1962 – however, the BOU have always considered this occurrence to be of uncertain provenance and currently it is not accepted onto the official British List.

This is a small species at 38cm length, with a short neck and longish bill. The male is uniformly dull yellow above and buff below. The head and neck are chestnut, with a black crown.
Immature on a Typha species in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

The female’s crown, neck and breast are streaked brown, and the juvenile is like the female but heavily streaked brown below, and mottled with buff above.

Their breeding habitat is reedbeds. They nest on platforms of reeds in shrubs. 4-6 eggs are laid. They can be difficult to see, given their skulking lifestyle and reedbed habitat, but tend to fly fairly frequently, when the striking contrast between the black flight feathers and the other wise yellowish plumage makes them unmistakable.

Yellow Bitterns feed on insects, fish and amphibians.

Protected status

The Yellow Bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis) is protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

Ixobrychus cinnamomeus

Ixobrychus cinnamomeus, Cinnamon Bittern, Bambangan Merah

The Ixobrychus-cinnamomeusCinnamon Bittern or Chestnut Bittern (Ixobrychus cinnamomeus) is a small bittern. It is of Old World origins, breeding in tropical Asia from Pakistan to Sri Lanka east to China and Indonesia. It is mainly resident, but some northern birds migrate short distances.

This is a small species at 38cm length, with a short neck and longish bill. The male is uniformly cinnamon above and buff below. The female’s back and crown are brown, and the juvenile is like the female but heavily streaked brown below.

When surprised on its nest or concerned, it assumes the characteristic attitude of bitterns, aptly termed the On-Guard. The neck is stretched perpendicularly, bill pointing skyward, while the bird freezes, becoming astonishingly obliterated amongst its reedy environment.

Their breeding habitat is reedbeds. They nest on platforms of reeds in shrubs. 4-6 eggs are laid. They can be difficult to see, given their skulking lifestyle and reedbed habitat, but tend to emerge at dusk, when they can be seen creeping almost cat-like in search of frogs.

Cinnamon Bitterns feed on insects, fish and amphibians.


– Mount Rinjani National Park 180 Birds


Lombok Mount Rinjani National Park

180 Birds


Gallus-varius-01-200 Megapodius-reinwardt-01-200 Dendrocygna-arcuata---01-200
Gallus gallus,
Red junglefowl,
Ayam hutan merah
Gallus varius,
Green junglefowl,
Ayam hutan hidjau
Orange-footed Scrubfowl,
Gosong Kaki-merah

Wandering Whistling Duck, 
Belibis Kembang

Anas-superciliosa-01-200 Anas-gibberifrons-01-200 Ciconia-episcopus--01-200 Ixobrychus-sinensis-01-200
Anas superciliosa ,
Pacific Black Duck,
Itik Gunung
Sunda Teal, 
Itik Benjut
  Ciconia episcopus storm,
Wooly-necked stork ,
Sandang lawe,
Bangau Hitam
Yellow Bittern,
Bambangan Kuning
Ixobrychus-cinnamomeus-01-200 Dupetor-flavicollis-01-200 Butorides-striata-01-200 Ardeola-speciosa-01-200
Cinnamon Bittern, 
Bambangan Merah

Dupetor flavicollis, 
Black Bittern

Butorides striatus ,
Striated Heron,
Kokokan Laut
Ardeola speciosa ,
Javan Pond Heron,
Blekok Sawah
Bubulcus-ibis-01-200 Ardea-cinerea-02-200 Ardea-sumatrana--02-200 Ardea-purpurea-01-200
Bubulcus ibis ,
Cattle Egret ,
Kuntul Kerbau

Grey Heron, 
Cangak Abu

Great-billed Heron, 
Cangak Laut

Ardea purpurea,
Purple Heron,
Cangak Merah
Egretta-intermedia-01-200 Egretta-novaehollandiae-02 Egretta-garzetta-nigripes--02-200 Egretta-sacra-01-200
Egretta intermedia, 
Intermediate Egret,
Kuntul Perak

Egretta novaehollandiae,
White-faced Heron,
Kuntul Australia

 Egretta garzetta nigripes,
Little Egret,
Kuntul Kecil

Egretta sacra ,
Eastern Reef Egret
Kuntul Karang
Fregata-ariel-01-200 Pelecanus-conspicillatus---01-200 Sula-leucogaster-01-200 Sula-sula--01-200
Lesser Frigatebird,
Least Frigatebird
Australian Pelican, 
Undan Kacamata

Brown Booby,
Angsa-batu coklat

Red-footed Booby, 
Angsabatu Kakimerah
Phalacrocorax-sulcirostris---01-200 Pandion-haliaetus-01-2000 Aviceda-subcristata-01-200 Elanus-caeruleus-01-200

Little Black Cormorant, 
Pecuk padi Hitam

Elang Tiram

Aviceda subcristata,
Pacific Baza, 
Baza Pasifik

Elanus caeruleus,
Black-winged Kite,
Elang Tikus
Milvus-migrans-01-200 Haliastur-indus-02-200 Haliaeetus-leucogaster-01-200 Circaetus-gallicus--01-200

Milvus migrans,
Black Kite, 
Elang Paria

Haliastur indus ,
Brahminy kite ,
Elang bondol
White-bellied Fish Eagle,
Elanglaut Perut-putih
Short-toed Snake Eagle, 
Elangular Jari-pendek
Accipiter-soloensis-01-200 Accipiter-fasciatus-01-200 Falco-moluccensis-01-200 Falco-severus-01-200
Accipiter soloensis,
Chinese Goshawk,
Elang alap china

Accipiter fasciatus,
Brown Goshawk, 
Elangalap Coklat

Spotted Kestrel,
Alap-alap Sapi
Oriental Hobby,
Alap-alap Macan
Falco-peregrinus-01-200 Falco-cenchroides-01-200 Falco-longipennis-01-200 Rallina-fasciata-01-200
Peregrine Falcon,
Alap-alap Kawah

Falco cenchroides,
Nankeen Kestrel, 
Alapalap Layang

Falco longipennis,
Australian Hobby, 
Alapalap Australia

Red-legged Crake, 
Tikusan Ceruling

Gallirallus-striatus-200 Amaurornis-phoenicurus-01-200 Porzana-pusilla-01-200 Porzana-fusca-01-200
Slaty-breasted Rail,
Mandar-padi Sintar
Amaurornis phoenicurus,
White-breasted Waterhen,
Kareo Padi
Baillon’s Crake,
Tikusan Kerdil

Porzana fusca ,
Ruddy-breasted Crake,
Tikusan Merah

Porzana-cinerea--White-browed-Crake-200 Gallinula-chloropus-01-200 Fulica-atra--01-200 Turnix-suscitator-01-200
Porzana cinerea,
White-browed Crake,
Tikusan Alis-putih
Common Moorhen,
Mandar Batu

Eurasian Coot, 
Mandar Hitam

Barred Buttonquail,
Gemak Loreng

Himantopus-himantopus-01-200 Pluvialis-fulva-02-200 Pluvialis-squatarola-01-200 Charadrius-dubius--01-200

Himantopus himantopus, 
Black-winged Stilt

Pluvialis fulva ,
Pacific Golden Plover ,
Cerek kernyut

Grey Plover, 
 Cerek Besar

Little Ringed Plover, 
Cerek Kalung-kecil

Charadrius-peronii-01-200 Charadrius-mongolus-01-200 Charadrius-leschenaultii-01-200 Charadrius-alexandrinus--01-200

Charadrius peronii ,
Malaysian Plover ,
Cerek melayu

Charadrius mongolus,
Lesser Sand Plover,
Cerekpasir Mongolia

Charadrius leschenaultii,
Greater Sand Plover, 
Cerek pasir Besar

Kentish Plover, 
Cerek Tilil

Charadrius-ruficapillus-01-200 Charadrius-veredus--01-200 Rostratula-benghalensis-01-200 Gallinago-stenura-01-200

Charadrius ruficapillus,
Red-capped Plover, 
Cerek Topi-merah

Oriental Plover, 
Cerek Asia

 Rostratula benghalensis,
Greater Painted Snipe ,
Berkik-kembang Besar

intail Snipe,
Berkik Ekorlidi
Gallinago-megala-01-200 Limnodromus-semipalmatus-01-200 Limosa-lapponica---01-200 Numenius-phaeopus-01-200

Swinhoe’s Snipe, 
Berkik Rawa

Limnodromus semipalmatus,
Asian Dowitcher,
Blukok asia

Limosa lapponica,
Bar-tailed Godwit, 
Biru laut Ekor-blorok

Numenius phaeopus ,
Gajahan Penggala
Numenius-madagascariensis-01-200 Numenius-arquata-01-200 Tringa-totanus-200 Tringa-stagnatilis-01-200
Numenius madagascariensis ,
Eastern Curlew,
Gajahan Timur

Eurasian Curlew, 
 Gajahan Erasia

Tringa totanus ,
Common Redshank,
Trinil Kaki-merah

Marsh Sandpiper,
Trinil Rawa

Tringa-nebularia---01-200 Tringa-glareola-01-200 Tringa-brevipes-01-200 Xenus-cinereus-01-200

Tringa nebularia,
Common Greenshank,
 Trinil Kaki-hijau

Wood Sandpiper,
Trinil semak

Grey-tailed Tattler

Xenus cinereus ,
Terek Sandpiper,
Trinil Bedaran
Actitis-hypoleucos-02-200 Arenaria-interpres-01-200 Calidris-tenuirostris-01-200 Calidris-ruficollis-01-200
Actitis hypoleucos ,
Common Sandpiper,
Trinil pantai

Arenaria interpres,
Ruddy Turnstone,
Trinil Pembalik-batu

Great Knot,
Kedidi Besar

Calidris ruficollis ,
Red-necked Stint
Kedidi Leher-merah
Calidris-canutus--01-200 Calidris-ferruginea--01-200 Calidris-subminuta-01-200 Limicola-falcinellus-01-200
Red Knot,
Kedidi Merah

Curlew Sandpiper,
Kedidi Golgol

Long-toed Stint,
Kedidi Jari-panjang

Limicola falcinellus,
Broad-billed Sandpiper, 
Kedidi Paruh-lebar

Phalaropus-lobatus-01-200 Glareola-maldivarum-01-200 Anous-stolidus-01-200 Gelochelidon-nilotica---01-200

Red-necked Phalarope, 
Kakirumbai Kecil

Swinhoe’s Snipe, 

Berkik Rawa

Anous stolidus,
Brown Noddy, 
Camarangguk Coklat

Gull-billed Tern, 
Daralaut Tiram

Sterna-hirundo---01-200 Sterna-sumatrana--01-200 Streptopelia-bitorquata-01-200 Macropygia-emiliana-01-200

Sterna hirundo,
Common Tern, 
Daralaut Biasa

Sterna sumatrana,
Black-naped Tern, 
Daralaut Tengkuk-hitam

Streptopelia bitorquata,
Javan Turtle-Dov,
Dederuk Jawa

Macropygia emiliana,
Ruddy Cuckoo Dove, 
Uncal Buau

Macropygia-unchall-01-200 Macropygia-ruficeps-01-200 Treron-vernans-01-200 Treron-sphenurus-01-200
Barred Cuckoo-dove,
Uncal Loreng
Little Cuckoo-dove,
Uncal Kouran

Treron vernans, 
green Pigeon,

Punai Gading


Punai Gagak

Ptilinopus-cinctus--01-200 Ptilinopus-melanospila-01-200 Ducula-aenea-01-200 Ducula-lacernulata-01-200

Banded Fruit-Dove,
Walik Putih

  Black-naped Fruit-dove,
Walik Kembang
Ducula aenea,
Green Imperial Pigeon ,
Pergam Hijau
Ducula lacernulata

Imperial Pigeon,

Pergam Punggung-hitam
Ducula-bicolor--01-200 Anous-minutus-01-200 Sterna-bergii---01-200 Sterna-hirundo---01-400

Ducula bicolor,
Pied Imperial Pigeon, 
Pergam Laut

Anous minutus,
Black Noddy, 
Camarangguk Hitam

Sterna bergii,
Swift Tern, 
Daralaut Jambul

Sterna hirundo,
Common Tern, 
Daralaut Biasa

Chlidonias-leucoptera-01-200 Stigmatopelia-chinensis-01-200 Macropygia-unchall-01-200 Chalcophaps-indica-01-200
White-winged Tern,
Daralaut Sayap-putih

Streptopelia chinensis,
Spotted Dove, 
Tekukur Biasa

Barred Cuckoo-dove,
Uncal Loreng
Emerald Dove,
Delimukan Zamrud
Geopelia-striata-01-200 Caloenas-nicobarica-01-200 Cacatua-sulphurea-citrinocristata-01-200 Trichoglossus-forsteni-01-200
Zebra dove,
Perkutut Jawa
Caloenas nicobarica,
Nicobar Pigeon,
Punai Emas
Cacatua citrinocristata,
Yellow-crested cockatoo ,
Kakatua cempaka

Trichoglossus forsteni,
Sunset Lorikeet, 
Perkici Dada-merah

Geoffroyus-geoffroyi-01-200 Tanygnathus-megalorynchos-01-200 Centropus-bengalensis-01-200 Chrysococcyx-basalis--01-200

Geoffroyus geoffroyi,
Red-cheeked Parrot, 
Nuri Pipi-merah


Great-billed Parrot, 
Betetkelapa Paruh-besar

Centropus bengalensis ,
Lesser Coucal ,
Bubut Alang-alang

Horsfield’s Bronze Cuckoo, 
Kedasi Australia

Chrysococcyx-minutillus-01-200 Chrysocolaptes-lucidus---01-200 Cacomantis-sepulcralis-01-200 Cuculus-saturatus--01-200

Chrysococcyx minutillus,
Little Bronze Cuckoo, 
Kedasi Laut

Greater Goldenback, 
Pelatuk Tunggir-emas

Rusty-breasted Cuckoo,
Wiwik Uncuing

 Cuculus saturatus,
Oriental Cuckoo, 
Kangkok Ranting

Caprimulgus-macrurus--01-200 Caprimulgus-affinis-01a-200 Hemiprocne-longipennis--01-200 Collocalia-esculenta-01-200
Caprimulgus macrurus,
Large-tailed Nightjar, 
Cabak Maling

Caprimulgus affinis ,
Savanna Nightjar ,
Cabak Kota

Grey-rumped Treeswift,
Tepekong Jambul

 Collocalia esculenta,
White-bellied Swiftlet,
Walet Sapi

Eurystomus-orientalis--01-200 Pelargopsis-capensis--Stork-billed-Kingfisher-200 Todirhamphus-chloris-03-200 Todiramphus-sanctus-02-200

Eurystomus orientalis ,
Dollarbird ,
Tiong lampu Biasa

Pelargopsis capensis,
Stork-billed Kingfisher,
Pekaka Emas

Todirhamphus chloris, 
Collared Kingfisher,  
Cekakak Sungai

Todiramphus sanctus,
Sacred Kingfisher,
Cekakak Australia

Todiramphus-australasia-01-200 Alcedo-caerulescens-01-200 Alcedo-meninting-01-200 Alcedo-atthis-01a-200

Todiramphus australasia, Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher

Alcedo caerulescens,
Small Kingfisher,
Raja udang kecil

Blue-eared Kingfisher,
Rajaudang Meninting

Alcedo atthis,
Common Kingfisher
Rajaudang Erasia
Merops-philippinus Merops-ornatus-01-200 Dendrocopos-moluccensis-01-200 Pitta-elegans--01-200
Merops philippinus ,
 Blue-tailed Bee-eater ,
Kirik-kirik laut

Merops ornatus,
Rainbow Bee-eater, 
Kirikkirik Australia

Dendrocopos moluccensis,
Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker, 
Caladi Tilik

Elegant Pitta, 
Paok Laus
Philemon-buceroides01-200 Lichmera-limbata-01-200 Lichmera-lombokia---01-200


Helmeted Friarbird,
Cikukua Tanduk

Lichmera limbata ,
Indonesian Honeyeater
Scaly-crowned Honeyeater,
Isap madu lombok
Artamus leucorhynchu,

 Kekep,Burung Buah
Lalage-sueurii-01-200 Pericrocotus-speciosus-01-200 Pachycephala-pectoralis-01-200 Lanius-cristatus-01-200
Lalage sueurii,
White-shouldered Triller
Kapasan Sayap-putih

Pericrocotus speciosus,
Scarlet Minivet

Pachycephala pectoralis,
Golden Whistler,
Kancilan Emas

Lanius cristatus,
Brown Shrike, 
Bentet Coklat

Lanius-schach--03-200 Oriolus-chinensis-01-200 Dicrurus-leucophaeus-01-200 Rhipidura-javanica-200
Lanius schach ,
Long-tailed Shrike ,

Oriolus chinensis ,  
Black-naped Oriole,
Kepudang kuduk hitam

Dicrurus leucophaeus,
Ashy Drongo,
Srigunting Keladi

Rhipidura javanica ,
Pied Fantail ,
Burung Kipas

Hypothymis-azurea-01-200 Terpsiphone-paradisi-01-200


Black-naped Monarch,
Kehicap Ranting

Asian Paradise-flycatcher,
Seriwang Asia

Corvus macrorhynchos,
Large-billed Crow,
Gagak Kampung
Culicicapa ceylonensis,
Canary Flycatcher,

Sikatan Kepala-abu
Mirafra-javanica-01-200 Pycnonotus goiavier-01-200 Hirundo-rustica-03-200 Hirundo-tahitica-01-200
Mirafra javanica,
Australasian Lark
Branjangan Jawa
Pycnonotus goiavier,
Yellow-vented Bulbul,
Srigunting gunung
Hirundo rustica ,
Barn Swallow ,
Layang-layang api
Hirundo tahitica,
Pacific Swallow ,
Layanglayang Batu
Cettia-vulcania-01-200 Acrocephalus-orientalis-01-200



Cettia vulcania,
Sunda Bush Warbler,
Ceret Gunung

Acrocephalus orientalis,
Oriental Reed-warbler,
Kerakbasi Besar

Acrocephalus stentoreus, Clamorous Reed-warbler, 
Kerakbasi Ramai

Cisticola exilis,
Golden-headed Cisticola, 
Cici Merah

Cisticola-juncidis-01-200 Orthotomus-ruficeps-01=200



Zosterops-montanus-01-200 Cisticola juncidis, Zitting Cisticola, Cici Padi

Orthotomus ruficeps,
Ashy Tailorbird, 
Cinenen Kelabu

Zosterops-palpebrosus, Oriental White-eye Kacamata Biasa

Zosterops montanus,
Mountain White-eye,
Burung Kaca Mata

Zosterops-chloris-01-200 Aplonis-minor-01-200 Zoothera-andromedae-01-200 Zoothera-dauma-01-200

Zosterops chloris, 
  Mangrove White-eye,
Kacamata laut

Aplonis-minor, Short-tailed Starling,  Perling Kecil

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