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Lembar Bay, Sarang Burung mount, Kawu mount
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– Lombok maps

Lombok Island

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Gili islands

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South Lombok Blongas Bay


South West Lombok

5 Pinisi Ship Details and Prices
Price per Day : first Divers, second Non Divers.
Charters: Price/ Pax
Name LOA Beam Power
Cabins Single Total
Tenders Crew Dive
Destination Tour
Per day
Aliikai 30 7.5 380 ? 12 0 24 2 8 1 Komodo, Lombok 4-6 195 2670/24
Alisra 23 5.5 120 ? 2 2 8 1 4 1 Komodo, Lombok 4-6 195 1300/8
Almirai 30 ? 200 ? ? ? 18 2 ? ? Komodo, Lombok 4-6 195 ?
Ananda 25 ? 115 ? ? ? 10 1 ? ? Komodo, Lombok 4-6 195 ?
Bulan Pernama 24.6 5.5 107 6-10 4 3 11 1 4 ? Komodo, Lombok 3-10 530/325 ?

Dive operators

=&0=&Blue Marlin http://www.bluemarlindive.com/main.phpReefseekers Dive Centre http://www.reefseekers.net=&1=&Senggigi =&2=&=&3=& =&4=& =&5=&to Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores, Timor=&6=& =&7=&


Mentigi Bay Lombok Island



Welcome to Mentigi Bay. Mentigi Bay is the ....  read more

– Lombok Island Introduction

Lombok Island Introduction

Places of Interest
Mataram is the capital of the province, which has in the past decades joined with Ampenan, the port, and Cakranegara to become the province’s biggest urban complex. At th beginning of the 18th century, Mataram was the residence of the crown prince of Karang Asem, a kingdom in southern Bali. The ruler had his seat in Cakranegara. The royal palace no longer exists, but many of the old temples and pleasure gardens are still there.
Taman Narmada, 11 kilometers east of Mataram, was built in 1727 by King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem as both a pleasure garden and place to worship Shiva. Its big pool is said to represent Segara Anakan, the crater lake on the vulacano Rinjani, where they used to make offerings by throwing valuables into the water. As the king became too old to make the pilgrimage up the 3,726 meter high mountain, he had Narmada constructed to represent the mountain and the lake. Near the pond is a place of worship and a spring whose water is believed to give dedicated pilgrims eternal youth.
Pura Lingsar
This may be the only Hindu shrine in the world where both Hindus and Moslems come o worship. About 7 kilometers west Narmada, it was built in 1714 and rebuild in 1878 to symbolize harmony in unity between Hindu Balinese and Moslem Sasak population of the area, especially those who adhere to Lombok’s unique Wektu Telu school of Islam. The Balinese temple is built on higher ground, behind the Moslem section of the compound. In the lower yard is a spring near which pilgrims stage a mock battle between Hindus and Moslems, hurling rice cakes at each other.
Pura Agung Gunung Sari
This great temple on a hill at Gunung Sari, about four kilometers from Mataram, was the site of the infamous Puputan battle, fought on November 22, 1894, between Lombok’s last Balinese ruler, Anak Agung Nengah and followers, and the Dutch troops under General Van der Vetter’s command.
Sengkol, Pujut and Rambitan*
Time seems to have frozen in these three villages in southern Lombok on the road from the capital to Kuta Beach. All the houses and barn are built in the age-old traditional style, and life continues daily here as it has for centuries.
This is a village of traditional weavers south of Cakranegara, Lombok known for its brightly patterned songket cloth. The techniques, patterns and motifs have been handed down through the generations.
Batu Bolong Beach*
Located 9 kilometers from downtown Mataram, this beach has a huge rock with a hole in it. A hindu temple lies on top overlooking the Lombok Strait to majestic Mount Agung Bali. After sunbathing, relaxing and flocking on this beautiful beach front, stay till the end of the day to watch one of the most stunning sunsets you have ever seen when the sun slowly begins to disappear behind Mount Agung.
The Taman Mayura Park as all that remains of the Karang Asem kingdom of Bali, whose king Anak Agung Ngurah, built it in 1744. In the middle of a large pond is a structure called Balai Kambang, which once functioned as a legal court of justice and a hall for important meetings. Curiously, its architecture shows both Hindu and Islamic influences, adorned with stone statue in the form of a Moslem hajji.
Pura Meru
Another relic of the Karang Asem kingdom is the Meru temple at Cakranegara, close to Mataram. The temple was built in 1790 as a symbol of Hindu unity on Lombok island. Several engaging structures are found in this complex.
Kuta Beach*
Also known as Putri Nyale Beach, Kuta, on the south coast of central Lombok, is one of the most scenic and unspoiled beaches in this part of Indonesia. From Kuta to Tanjung Aan, 5 kilometers away, stretches an unbroken expanse of clean white sand lapped by waves of the Indian Ocean. Kuta is safe for bathing and swimming. Further to the west are surfer’s and windsurfer’s beaches. Each year, on 19th day of the tenth month of Sasak lunar calendar, Kuta Beach is the site of great festivities. Fisherman sail out to sea while young men and women gather along the beach to join in the merrymaking, tease each other and perhaps meet to build a more lasting relationship.
Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan*
Gili, in Sasak means ‘island’. These three are clustered together just off the northwest coast of Lombok. Coral gardens abound in clear waters around the islands. Gili Air, the nearest island, can be reached in 10 to 15 minutes by outrigger boat from Bangsal harbor, near Pamenang.
Sengigi Beach
Sengigi, north of Bangsal, is one of the most scenic and popular beaches on the island of Lombok. Excellent snorkeling and good accommodation facilities.
Mount Rinjani*
Mount Rinjani, a 3,726 meter active volcano is one of the tallest mountains of Indonesia. In the basin of the volcano’s huge caldera lies the sikleshapped crater lake, Segara Anakan, surrounded by steep walls. The mountain is popular with hikers. Sembalun Bumbung and Sembalun Lawang are to traditional Sasak villages on the slopes of Rinjani.

Getting There

BlueWater Safaris


With 400 horse-power behind her, the Swedish-designed Azura reaches 44knots and cruises comfortably at 35 knots. With a passenger capacity of 8 pax + two crew, she does the crossing from South Bali to the Gili Islands in just two hours. She’s fully equipped with GPS, fish-finder, international sport-fishing and safety equipment, has toilet and shower on board, and is skippered by two professional crew. Crew speak English and Japanese.
Forget the hassles of flying, with taxi to airport, check in, departure lounge, delays, bus to the coast, jacked up prices from touts, boat to the gilis etc etc etc. We pick you up at your hotel, take you to the boat and then drop you right on the beach of whichever island you choose. It’s that simple.
Gilis Fast Boat schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (Please contact us for update schedule)
Depart time from Bali Harbour: 8:00AM, Check in time: 7:30AM, Pick up time in Bali Hotel: 6.30AM – 7AM, Depart time from Gili Trawangan: 11:00AM, Depart time from Teluk Kode: 10:30AM.
Days of Operation Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Minimum # of Bookings 2
Price includes Pick up & return transfer hotel in Bali area Sanur, Tuban, Kuta, Legian & Seminyak (For Nusa Dua & Jimbaran will be charge USD 21.00 and for Tanah Lot and Ubud will be charge USD 25.00), crew, insurance, Mineral Water, snack & soft drinks.
Highlights Direct transfer from Bali (Benoa) to the Gilis Island and Lombok in under two hours.
Price : US$ 69.00 one way

Gili Cat


Island Xpress
The principals of Island Xpress have a combined experience of fifty years in the marine tourism industry. We appreciate that safety, reliability, comfort, service, and, above all, speed, are the crucial factors in the modern tourist expectation. Our aim is to be the leader in all of these categories.
Gili Cat is a fiberglass catamaran built in Australia to international survey standard. Our 12.00 m vessel is powered by twin Suzuki 250hp four stroke engines and capable of cruising comfortably at 30 knots. We seat 16 passengers under cover. We get you there in the minimum time, and as dry as when you stepped on the boat. There is ample room to stow luggage and each passenger is allowed a two bags. We have the latest in safety features and equipment, and a SOLAS standard life preserver for every passenger.
Characteristics and facilities on board: fuel capacity 1400 lt, range 450 miles, toilet, radar, GPS, depth sounder, ship-to-shore radio, life raft (capsule), life preservers (SOLAS), fire extinguisher, EPIRB.
Island Xpress offers daily departures from their dedicated facility in Padang Bai direct to Gili Trawangan and Teluk Kode. Estimated time at sea is 80 minutes, contingent upon weather conditions.
Departure from Padang Bai→ Disembarkation in Teluk Kode→ Disembarkation in Gili Trawangan
Departure from Gili Trawangan →Passengers pick- up in Teluk Kode → Disembarkation in Padang Bai
Daily Schedule
Passengers traveling between Padang Bai and Teluk Kode
Padang Bai Embarkation: 08.30 →Vessel departure: 09.00 →
Disembarkation Teluk Kode: 10.30
Teluk Kode Embarkation: 12.15 → Vessel departure: 12.30 →
Disembarkation Padang Bai: 14.00
Passengers traveling between Padang Bai and Gili Trawangan.
Padang Bai Embarkation: 08.30 →Vessel departure: 09.00 →
Disembarkation Gili Trawangan: 11.00
Gili Trawangan Embarkation: 11.30 →Vessel departure: 12.00 →
Disembarkation Padang Bai: 14.00
Note: Gili Cat Departures are not subject to minimum numbers.
Departure are guaranteed,
however Island Xpress reserve the right to cancel
or modify the schedule
in the interests of passenger safety.
Days of Operation Everyday
Minimum # of Bookings 1
Price includes Return transfer
between Padang Bai – Teluk Kode/Gili Trawangan,
Refreshment,Porter service,Snack Bar.
Price does not include Transfer to/from Padang Bai.
Price : US$ 125.00 return

Mahi Mahi


Gili Trawangan just got closer aboard the ‘Mahi Mahi’,
the largest most comfortable boat operating between Bali and the Gili Islands.
This purpose built 12m aluminum motor yacht has twin V6, 250hp engines, and with a cruising speed of 32 knots she can take you in 2 1/2 hours from
Serangan harbour, (20 mins from Kuta ) direct to the beach on Gili Trawangan.
Totally western operated she comprises full international safety equipment,
comfortable seating for 28 passengers, a galley service and toilet facilities.
With an advanced tunnell hull design, we can ensure a dry and comfortable crossing and is therefore perfectly suited to handle the conditions around
Bali and Lombok with speed and safety.
PRICE Rp. 550,000 O/W per person BOOKINGS [click here]
Boarding time at 07.00am
Departure time at 07.30am
ARRIVAL AT 10.00am

Boarding time at 10.30am
Departure time at 11.00am
ARRIVAL at 14.00pm
NEW …… luxury A/C transfers from your hotel at taxi prices!!!
24hrs BOOKING No + 62(0)81338114 232

Gili Islands Maps

Maps of Gili Trawanan, Gili Meno, Gili Air

Gili Islands Diving, gili islands, diving, gili, air, meno, trawanan,

Gili Islands Diving, gili islands, diving, gili, air, meno, trawanan, map,


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Gili Meno Map, Gili Meno,Gili Islands Diving, gili islands, diving, gili, air, meno, trawanan, map,

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