East Java, Ijen, Jampit Guest House

East Java, Ijen, Jampit Guest House




Jampit Guest House

Jampit Guest House was built in 1927 and inhabited by the Dutch administrator who managed the coffee plantation Blawan during the colonial era. The guesthouse is situated at the south of the coffee plantation, in a remote area. From Sempol it is a 19 km drive. The landscape changes while you drive from Sempol to Jampit. The coffee plantation is replaced by forest.

European architecture

It is a typical house with European architecture and a large garden with flowers like chrysant, lily, gerbera, gladiolus and aster. Because the house is situated at an altitude of 1,600 metres, you encounter a cool climate. The fireplace in the house might warm you at cosy evenings. Near the villa you find a guesthouse which can board around 150 people. But, no beds are available. Often hunters take their shelter here.


The guesthouse has four bedrooms with each their own bathroom with hot water and toilet. The floors are carpeted, which feels nice on your feet since evenings are cold. Standard each room boards two persons. Extra matrasses can be added for an additional price of Rp 25.000.
The house, inlcuding the kitchen is quit big for just 8 people. You might feel a little bit lost. The house can provide shelter for around 20 to 30 people. The living room is on the first floor, including a fire place and balcanoy to oversee the garden. The bedrooms are downstairs. You can cook in the kitchen, but you have to bring supplies. If you do not feel like cooking yourself you can order breakfast, lunch and/or dinner at Guesthouse Arabica.

Activities in the neighbourhood

Compared to the area near Sempol, the activities that you can undertake differ. You can climb the non-active volcano Wurung. Walking across the savannah gives you the feeling of an endless world. You can either walk by yourself or ask for a guide. The area is used for hunting as well. But, most of the time, people who take their refugee in this villa are seeking for serenity and quitness.

Rating Jampit Guest House

To book Jampit Guest House, please contact Arabica Homestay.

Per night (Rp.) No. of people
Guest House 2,000,000 8
Extra mattress 25,000 per person Up to 20 persons

d.d. 30-04-2011. In total between 20 and 30 people can be lodged in the Guest House. The price includes hot water and breakfast.

Japit Guest House The fireplace at Jampit Guest House One of the rooms in Jampit Guest House Emjoy your view and quitness in Jampit


East Java, Ijen, Arabica homestay

East Java, Ijen, Arabica homestay


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Arabica Homestay

At Sempol 13 km before Pos Paltuding on the Bondowoso side, you find the Homestay Arabica a kilometer from the main road. The magnificent view is the main attraction. This guest house is of good value if you want to explore the coffee plantation or even parcticpate in picking coffee.


Arabica Homestay has three types of rooms, but all have their own bathroom with hot water and breakfast is included. You can also enjoy lunch and dinner at the homestay, but if you are looking for an alternative it is a one kilometre walk to the village Sempol where you can find several ‘warungs’.

Activities in the neighbourhood

One of the two factories at the coffee plantation is right beside the Arabica Homestay. If you book a tour in the main coffee picking season, that is in the months May until August, you will get a full package for Rp. 25,000 per person. In the morning you first visit the plantation where you can pick coffee yourself. After picking you weigh your harvest before it is brought by truck to the factory. After picking coffee you go back to Arabica Homestay where you can have lunch and a rest. Around 15.00 o’clock the coffee factory is open for visitors where you will be guided around to follow the bean untill it is ready to be transported to Surabaya. If the animal luwak is in a good condition, you have the opportunity to meet the animal who is responsible for the product ‘Coffee Luwak’, the most expensive coffee in the world. But, of course, you can visit and wander around the plantation yourself as well.
Just in front of the homestay, down the road, there is a strawberry garden. This garden got in operation in 2003. You can either enjoy it yourself, but if you are interested in the proces of home inudstry, you might take a tour for Rp. 20,000 per person (or Rp. 115,000 if 10 or more people). With just a few people they produce products like strawberry jam, sirup and dodol (a kind of sugar) and macadamia nuts.
On the way to the strawberry garden you see a swimming pool. It is said that the pool will be operational this year. But, they have been saying that already for a few years… If it is operational, the water is not heated but the surroundings will make up for it.

Rating Arabica Homestay

Would you like to book a room? Contact Ibu Minarsih +62 (0)813 3638 9597, Ibu Fury +62 (0)852 5847 6330 or Mas Khodier +62 (0)81 336 130 476.

Room Rate (Rp.) No. of rooms
VIP room 270.000 4
Standard room 190.000 7
Economy room 140.000 12
Economy room triple 180.000 3
d.d. 30-04-2011, inclusive hot water and breakfast Arabica Homestay front view Arabika Homestay view while enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner Arabika Homestay standard double Arabika Homestay inside ijen-map

East Java, Ijen, Catimor Homestay

Ijen, Catimor Homestay


ijen-Catimor-01 Opslaan

Catimor Homestay

Catimor Homestay is partly constructed in an bamboe building, constructed in 1894 by the Dutch. A newer brick building contains more basic rooms. This homestay is most closely located to Mt Ijen. It can be very cold at night, around 9°C.


Catimor Homestay has a hot tub filled with water from a natural hot spring containing sulphur. The tub is filled around five or six o’clock in the evening and the water is always running. Besides, they have a swimming pool with fresh water. You can freely coffee or tea. The coffee is from the surrounding plantation Blawan and you can actually buy the coffee if you like the taste. They also sell coffee luwak.
They serve breakfast (included in the price), lunch and breakfast. Or, you bring your own food.

Activities in the neighbourhood

There are quite a lot of possibilities to pass your spare time. Next to the hotel you find one of the two coffee factories that are established in the plantation Blawan. The coffee plantation is also from the year 1894. You can get a very interesting tour through the factory, just ask the staff of Catimor Homestay. It will cost you Rp. 15,000.
If you follow the signs in front of the homestay, it is a short walk to the waterfall and hot spring. For both the entrance fee is Rp. 2,000. Before you reach the hot spring you find on your left hand a shelter with luwak. These animals produce the coffee luwak. A few metres further down you can enter on your left side the garden where young coffee plants are grown and experiments are carried out. These are used to provide the plantation with new material.

Rates Catimor Homestay

Catimor Homestay has several types of rooms available. Those in the bamboo building are of better quility than in the brick building. You can book the rooms by calling directly or sending a sms to Mrs. Nengrum at Catimor Homestay: (+62) (0)81 336 243 055 or (+62) (0)81 357 999 800. Often the signal is very weak, you have the best change at contact by sending a sms.

Room Rate (Rp.) No. of rooms
Bug superior room 270,000 2
Small superior room 200.000 4
Standard triple 180.000 14
Standard double 135.000 10
Extra bed 40.000

d.d. 30-04-2011

Catimor Homestay standard double room
Catimor Homestay front
Catimor Homestay swimming pool
Catimor Homestay view and coffee factory


East Java, Ijen, Ijen Resto & Guest House

East Java, Ijen, Ijen Resto & Guest House




Ijen Resort and Villas

Ijen Resort and Villas is a luxurious hotel at the foot of Ijen. The rooms overlook terraced rice fields and a row of volcanoes. Ijen Resort and Villas is located at 643 meters above sea level, in the remote village of Randu Agung, Licin Banyuwangi. The closest village is a group of houses, situated 700 meters downhill.


Each of Ijen Resorst’s 30 room have great views from their spacious bedrooms and balconies. Bungalows are equipped with all facilities for modern comfort. Four hectares of beautiful garden and a 360 degrees panoramic view make Ijen Resort and Villas itself a tourist destination.

Activities in the neighbourhood

Resort staff can organize tours to mount Ijen. They also organise tours to further destinations as for example mount Bromo.

Rating Ijen Resort and Villas

You can book a room in Ijen Resort and Villas directly at the hotel or its representative in Denpasar Bali, Alfa Ariantours, e-mail: alfatvl@indosat.net.id.
Telephone at the hotel: +62 333 773 3338, +62 81 558 104 573, +62 81 558 104 576, fax: +62 81 557 10287, email: info@ijendiscovery.com.

Room Rate (US$) No. of rooms
Superior room 130 30

Deluxe room 160
Junior suites 195

d.d. 07-05-2011. Above rates are subject to an additionnal 11% government tax and 10% service charge. During high season (July and August) an additinal US$ ....  read more

Central Java, Kampung Sampireun Resort & Spa, Semarang

Central Java, Kampung Sampireun  Resort & Spa, Semarang


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Breakfest Delivering

Kampung Sampireun has 22 bungalows that are as many they are varied, consisting of the Kalapalua suite – 8 units, Kurjati suite – 4 units, Waluran suite – 7 unit, Cikuray suite – 1 unit, Papandayan – 1 unit, Manglayang – 1 unit. Bungalows are constructed using bamboo with coconut roofing which adds to the unique style of the resort.

Surcharge 10% on Peak Seasons Peroid
( 7 Days Before & After Lebaran, Christmas,New Year)

Room Tariff:
Validity until Prior notice
Surcharge 10% di periode Peak Season

Type of Room

Publish Rate
nett / malam

Kalapalua suite Lake 
1 room for 2 person
(6 unit)

Rp. 2.415.000

Kalapalua suite Hill 
1 room for 2 persons
(2 unit)

Rp. 2.185.000

Kurjati suite Lake 
1 room plus living room for 2 persons
(2 units)

Rp. 2.645.000

Kurjati suite Hill 
1 room plus living room for 2 persons
(2 units)

Rp. 2.415.000

Waluran suite Lake 
2 rooms for 4 persons
(3 unit)

Rp. 4.370.000

Waluran suite 122, 124.
2 kamar untuk 4 orang

Rp. 4.500.000

Papandayan Suite Hill
2 rooms for 4 persons
(4 unit)

Rp. 4.140.000

Manglayang Suite Hill 
3 rooms for 6 persons
( 1 unit )

Rp. 5.500.000

Extra person (above 7 years old) Rp. 500.000,- per orang

West Java, Cove Beach Hotel

West Java, Cove Beach Hotel



Batu Karas offers fun, user-friendly waves but please keep in mind it doesn’t have the consistency of other Indo surf spots.If you’re looking for G-land style barrels or Mentawai-like perfection Batu Karas probably won’t suit what you’re after. THE POINT at Batu Karas Righthand pointbreak that rolls through a sand bottom bay in front of the hotel for up to 400 metres. The takeoff is up to you: fast and hollow beyond the point, or slow and easy at the shoulder section. After takeoff the wave mellows out with workable walls through to the far end of Batu Karas bay. THE REEF at Batu Karas Righthander with an easy takeoff that leads into fast walls unraveling over a lava reef. This high tide spot can turn on some real quality with clean walls to work on your top/bottom turn combo and down-the-line speed reeling to the beach for around 150 metres. Breaks from waist high to overhead. OTHER OPTIONS There’s other surf options accessible by car or boat if you’re up for a bit of adventure. Plenty of beachbreaks nearby, and 40 mins drive from Batu karas is a lefthand barrelly reefbreak that works on small swells and is offshore with the SE tradewinds from June-Sept.

East Java Banyuwangi Ketapang Indah Hotel

East Java Banyuwangi Ketapang Indah Hotel



Ketapang Indah Hotel is located just a few steps away from the Ketapang Beach, overlooking the Bali Strait, due to the East which provides an excellent spot for watching the sunrise. Decorated traditionally in Balinese style and furnished with the local materials, it offers a pleasant accommodation, a mouth-watering restaurant, and a relaxing swimming pool.

Not far from the hotel, on the hilly side with its quiet and natural surrounding of private plantation, the Bayulor Guest House provides a tranquil, relaxing, and peaceful atmosphere which makes it an ideal place for total relaxation or for family gathering.

For further discovery of some enchanting treasure and the beauty of nature, there are spectacular places such as Ijen Crater, the majestic snorkelling, diving, and fishing spot at Menjangan or Tabuan Island, Baluran National Park, and many more. These places are only an hour drive from the hotel.

Leisurely spread over 5 hectares amidst palm trees garden, accommodated with our coconut-fibre-made beds and coconut wood interior design. Equipped with individually-controlled air-conditioners, they ensure pleasant temperature. The in-house facilities of television, private bathroom, telephone and mini bar* also welcome you into an atmosphere of cool tropical comfort.

Room Rates

Room Category Publish Rate
Ketapang Indah Suite Rp. 950.000,- 
Deluxe Ocean View Rooms Rp. 730.000,- 
Deluxe Garden View Cottages Rp. 540.000,-
New Superior Hotel Rooms Rp. 450.000,-
Superior Hotel Rooms Rp. 385.000,-
Extra Bed Rp. 150.000,-

East Java Kalibaru Margo Utomo Agro Resort

East Java Kalibaru Margo Utomo Agro Resort




Welcome to Official website of Margo Utomo Agro Resort and Margo Utomo Hill View Resort .We will always share our experinces with all of you for a better future.It was in 1943 when the late Mr. H. R.M. Moestadjab the founder of Margo Utomo inherited piece of land in Kalibaru, Banyuwangi. He thereafter continue his father’s business in this land, where coconut, nutmeg, coffee, pepper and cloves are grown, not to forget the milking cows farm with only small number of cows at that time, the only farm in this region which provides nutrient food during difficult time.

1975, the market prices of all plantation products were falling down, which made it even tougher for him to manage the agro farm. He then came up with his brilliant idea to set and introduce a new tourism concept which we call now an Agro Resort. A perfect combination of tourism and plantation business, where people will enjoy the true living in the village like Kalibaru and also learn the wide varieties of plants and tropical flowers.

Started from his own house to welcome and host the guests he thereafter expanded up to 51 rooms and its called Margo Utomo Agro Resort. In 1994 he successfully opened a sister hotel located only 3 kms away called Margo Utomo Hill View Resort, with a different concept of  living.

He passed away in June 2000, buried in his beloving and memorable place, Kalibaru. His wife, Mrs. Hj. Sayati Moestadjab or more known as “Ibu Yati” passed away in September 2008 And Their daughter Endang Mariana, continues the “treasure” which they left behind. Endang has successfully managed to expand the milking cows farm up to more than 100 cows, distributing fresh milk around banyuwangi and bali also producing other dairy items such as yoghurt and mozzarella cheese.

Mini Plantation tour which is now called as Aroma Tour through 09 hectares plantation garden at Margo Utomo Agro Resort, with varieties of spices such as nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee and coconuts. You may also discover the extraordinary attraction of a traditional making process of palm tree liquid into palm sugar. Not to forget the dairy farm.The tour can be arrange in the morning or afternoon and takes 1 hour until 1.5 hours. Your stay in our resort will be not complete if you don’t join this trip,since the milk,coffee,cheese and “Nutmeg Jam” are home made of our plantation and dairy farm.

Amargo tour is Plantation tour to Plantation which is establised in early 1900.On this tour processing of the plantation crops rubber,coffee,cocoa can be watched,but only latex processing which is possible to see all the time.Factory will be closed on sunday and public holidays. Coffee season is on May until September.

East Java Banyuwangi Kaliklatak Plantation

East Java Banyuwangi Kaliklatak PlantationKaliklatak-Plantatio-01

Kaliklatak not the name of a creek or river. He is the name of a plantation located in the eastern most tip Jawadwipa, aka Java. This plantation is located in Banyuwangi exactly who obtained an abundance of grace of God Almighty in the earth’s natural environment and a fertile, beautiful, and fascinating.

Kaliklatak Plantation is located approximately 15 km from the port city of Ketapang-Gilimanuk ferry crossing, heading inland. With public transportation or car from the town of Banyuwangi, visitors can explore the mountains of rural roads to the Plantation Kaliklatak.

From the capital city of Jakarta, guests can take the route of Jakarta – Surabaya – Banyuwangi by bus or Jakarta – Surabaya by train or plane and Surabaya – Banyuwangi by bus. In addition to the route before, there are still many other routes into the estate.

Kaliklatak plantation area of ​​1013 hectares situated at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. At the highest about 850 m above sea level that is Hargosonyo, visitors can see views of the city of Banyuwangi, Bali Strait, Blambangan Peninsula, and the island of Bali. Eve was there felt comfortable in the middle of a sense of peace that blanketed the land of beautiful mountains with panoramic views, set in the back of Mount Merapi in Central Java and East Java Ranti Mt.

Plantation Kaliklatak originally owned by Dutch company Mij. Moorman & Co.. with a Dutch-led Administrator. In 1957, after a negotiation and agreement, this garden changes hands to R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo, an indigenous entrepreneur who started his career from the bottom.

In the beginning of this plantation planted with coffee, rubber and cocoa afterwards. In the hands of Mr. R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo, Kaliklatak developed with the addition of various kinds of economic crops such as pepper, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, keningar, eucalyptus, coconut, and fruits of various kinds such as bananas, oranges, and kelengkeng.

In 1986, Plantation Kaliklatak has grown rapidly. Under the direction of 10 people leadership, working 70 employees monthly and 600 daily workers and equipment. At the beginning of the third millennium, the plantation business structure now consists of 8 sections (section), which is 3 coffee section, 1 section rubber, 1 section of cocoa, a horticulture department, a department of cloves, and 1 section mill. With a system approach, care, regular monthly meetings, department leaders sit down with employees to perform consulting solutions based on solving problems.

As the physical facilities, available housing for employees, kindergartens, schools, buildings and oleharga arts, places of worship (mosques and churches), and the market. Building the arts and sports used to practice dancing, musicians, gymnastics, and sports, each of which intensified to maintain health and physical fitness as well as consolidation manners.

R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo have a very far future. For him, the history of human life is an element of human civilization itself from age to age. For that he build a temple gate called Chess Purwaning Dumadi with decorative fencing history with 36 reliefs depicting human history from ancient times, the present, until the future. This is a message to the younger generation not to forget history, always be professional whatever job choice, and introduce to the international community that the Indonesian people love peace and understand the essence of life as a gift of God Almighty.

As a token of gratitude to God the gift of the earth, forests and plantations, each dated April 17, the whole family Kaliklatak plantations held a ceremony accompanied by prayer Wanakretih alms earth.

Prawiroatmodjo love to plant and perseverance has brought development in the plantation Kaliklatak. After he passed away in 1982, managed by Irma Mieke Kaliklatak Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo which also has been tested in assisting developing Kaliklatak husband.

Central Java Joglo Plawang Boutique Villa Sleman, Yogyakarta

Central Java Joglo Plawang Boutique Villa Sleman, Yogyakarta



Well-priced Deluxe Accommodations in Jogjakarta. Get more value for your money with the exclusive comfort that Joglo Plawang Boutique Villa in Jogjakarta lends. Featuring a hundred year-old wooden house and several antique furnishings, we offer spacious accommodations decorated in traditional Javanese style. Each room and villa thus exudes a vibe that is majestic yet also warm and homey.Further ease and relaxation can be had with these thoughtful in-room amenities: a mini-bar, Internet access, and fresh fruit plate, among others. And while those may tempt you to stay indoors, you’ll find that our  Traditional Javanese Massage and swimming pool are just as revitalizing. Joglo Plawang Boutique Villa truly makes your stay one of comfort and luxury.

Rate from Rp 600.000 up