Yokjakarta, Rafting Elo River

Yokjakarta, Rafting Elo River


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With the exotic location, Elo river offers a challenge and beautiful panorama while your adrenalin rushes in fast in rafting along the river. Surely, rafting at Elo river will give you a sensational experience.

Elo River rafting is on grade II, means that it is safe enough for beginners. With some challenges of the rapid current of the river along with some big rocks in it, the trip will take around 2.5 hours to finish a 12.5-km track. That’s challenging enough to increase your adrenaline even if you have tried river rafting

The Elo River is situated close to Borobudur Temple and Mendut Temple in Magelang district. It is also known as Progo’s creek –tipped on the western slopes of Mount Merbabu– . Elo river has clearer water than Progo river. It offers not only a challenging journey, but also beautiful – natural scenery such as trees and chirping birds along the rafting river.

This trip starts from Blondo bridge and finishes at Mendut or a point where Elo and Progo rivers meet. In the middle of the trip, participants will take a short break and have their snack, served with fresh coconut water which will give them more energy to get back in the rafting game. Besides rafting, natural scenery and atmosphere around Elo river also suit people who have different interest such as outbond or hiking..

After 2.5 hours of challenging and joyful rafting journey along the Elo River , participants still get their chances to visit one of the famous seven wonder in the world, Borobudur temple, along with Mendut Temple. It is easy to get there because its location is not far from the river.

Wanna join this trip ? You’ll need to spend only IDR 130.000 per person if there are six passengers on the boat. That includes standard safety rafting equipment, mineral water,snack, and meal.

The trip operators arelocated in the roadside of Yogyakarta – Magelang road, it takes only 40 minutes from Jogja if you catch a public bus from Jombor terminal and then get off in the Blondo bridge, Magelang. It takes a normal time of 2.5 hours, if you catch a bus from another city like Semarang. Or just click here to
pick the package trip.

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Yokjakarta, Kisik River Rafting

Yokjakarta, Kisik River Rafting



Longing the warmth of camping, the wood scent of the bonfire, the whistle of the winds amidst the music of the trickling river stream, the calls of the night and the songs of elements in all its pure form? Waiting dawn to challenge the Progo river rapids.

Kisik River Camp is an Ecoducation Adventure operator, specialized in rafting and outdoor management training packages. Founded by people who have been involved in eco green adventure and outdoor activities for many years. We provide activities which has education value of environment care. We have commitment that our activities have to good feedback to environment, such as our customer have to planting trees on the river bank or released fishes to the river. We also has priority is to operate with Safety and Comfort for our customers.

Services offered include Rafting, Kayaking, River Camps in our camping ground, Paintball/War Game, and Experiential Programs. Some of the adventure programs are also suitable for children. We can also provide programs tailored to your company or family or individual needs.

Kisik River Camp squiring you to a challenging and full of fun adventure rafting pass to the challenge and amazing rapids with the clear water river. The river torrents will bring you on the fun experience during your vacation in Jogjakarta. Kisik River Camp offers a chance to join this exciting water adventure. It is located at the famous river in Java, Progo River in Sleman regency. The river providing the great water adventure with the wondrous scenery and landscape and also the original nature a long this water adventure.

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Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
It needs 30 minutes to get there from the centre of Yogyakarta

Banten, Rafting Ciberang River

Banten, Rafting Ciberang River



This river upstream is located in Halimun National Park and showcases a spectacular landscape. The exploration starts in Kampung Muara, a part of Lebak Regency, and the length of exploration is about 12-15 km.

Ciberang River is different from any other rivers in Java, due to its clear and fresh water. It is also still possible to found untouchable forests and the unique Java eagles flying high above the forest areas around the river. In the exploration of Ciberang River, you will find a stoney area which is the remains of volcanic eruption. This area gives a unique touch to the river view and also to the complicated form of the river streams. So far, the river has only been explored for white water rafting tourism activities. At the down stream of the river, you can enjoy natural hot shower that is believed to benefit our health and cure various diseases.

Start : Muara Village, Lebak District

Finish : Leui Bujal – Cipanas; Lebak District

Length of Trip : 12-15 km, 3-4 hours trip

Class of River : 3-4

Access : Asphalt

Nearest Airport : Jakarta (3 hours)

Facilities : Guest houses, restaurants, restrooms, telephone lines

Central Java, Rafting, Progo River

Central Java, Rafting, Progo River



The downstream of Progo River is positioned on the valley located between two sky-reaching mountains, Sindoro and Sumbing. The water flows swiftly to the south especially in the rainy season. The river separates two provinces, Central Java and Yogyakarta. Even in a normal condition the river wave is categorized as fairly extreme, ranging from class 2 to 4. The entry point can be started from a number of locations.

The first point is from Kyai Langgeng Park in Magelang, the second entry is Tempuran Bridge in the Magelang Regency, the third is Borobudur, Mendut, and the fourth entry spot being Klangon Bridge.

The exploration usually lasted in the DAM Ancol, approximately 40 km from Yogyakarta. The most challenging part is usually located between Klangon Bridge and DAM Ancol with 3 hours reaching time. Every explorer must be careful with the sudden high of water volume due to the heavy rain since it could lead to severe flood.

Central Java, Rafting, Elo River

Central Java, Rafting, Elo River



It is a part a Progo River with a downstream located in the west part of Mount Merbabu. The river has relatively clearer water compared to the one in Progo River. Elo River’s stream grade varies from 2 to 3. Natural view of the river side is magnificent. The rafting at Elo Riverstarts in Blondo Bridge, Magelang, and ends in Mendut, or precisely around the meeting point between Progo and Elo River. The 8 km exploration takes about 2.5 hours to finish.

The fresh air and also the strategic location which is not far from several famous temples such as Mendut and Borobudur, has made the white water rafting in Elo River an activity wanted by tourists.

Central Java, Serayu River, Rafting

Central Java, Serayu River, Rafting



Located in Wonosobo and Banjarnegara regencies, rafting at Serayu River with its 16 km length is pretty accessible since it is located precisely in the side of the highway which connects Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. This strategic geographical factor might influence the start line of your exploration. Try to begin with a few options of spot, such as; from the bridge in Blimbing Village and Tunggoro Village (Wonosobo Regencies). The stream is classified between 2 to 4.

West Java, Rafting Cikandang river, Garut

West Java, Rafting Cikandang river, Garut



River located at the foot of Mount Cikandang Global Positioning System, Garut regency, West Java. The river runs from the mountains and tea plantations, then ends on the beach Rancabuaya, South Garut. This object is 36 km from center Pakenjeng District. From Bandung, the journey taken for about three hours. Start rafting adventure begins Sukamulya Village, District Pakenjeng. Means of transportation that can be used to achieve this object other than a personal vehicle is a micro bus with majors Garut Pameungpeuk rate of below $1. The location itself is bordered on the north by Pamulihan District, with District Bungbulang west, south and east by the Indonesian Ocean with the area and the article is Cisompet.

The road to this location is sometimes reduced by splitting up the ladder and fog in the middle of tea plantations. After a sharp bend of the decline, met Sukamulya Village township, which still looks a lot of tea pickers because the area was full of the plantations.

Cikandang River had characteristics different from other rivers in other regions of Bandung. The reason the river has a slope of a fairly extreme level, but it paid off with the geographical conditions of the natural beauty that not both,. The river is considered to have a level of difficulty of 3-4. Is the best place for rafting trips and rafting vacations.

West Java, Rafting at Cimanuk River, Garut

West Java, Rafting at Cimanuk River, Garut



For fans of white water rafting or commonly referred to as rafting, can find some locations in the area of ??West Java, one of which is in the area of ??Garut, rivers and Cikandang Cimanuk. Both rivers are suitable for the characteristics of white water rafting rivers ideal for rafting. The landscape around the rafting route is very beautiful, travelers will cross the bamboo forest, the beautiful cliffs, and extensive areas pesawahan scenic waterfall. rafting-cimanuk-garut-west-java-2 Nan rocky rapids rapids rapids are widely available although not a few ordinary rapids. In addition, Cimanuk also active in making our rowing. Surrounded by rice fields and cliffs, the river is wide (about 7-8 meters) and within (5-6 meters). After rafting we will usually meet with calm waters. Therefore, rowing is very necessary. Views of wildlife around the river Cimanuk also interesting. Once upon a time we can find the Lizard, Eagle, and various birds are cute and pretty. Among a bird called the King Prawn. rafting-cimanuk-garut-west-java-3 For Cimanuk river, the route from start to finish is approximately 7 km with a distance of about 2.5 hours. Rafting on the river Cimanuk include the categories of grade 3.

West Java, Rafting at Citarik River, Sukabumi

West Java, Rafting at Citarik River,  Sukabumi



Your adrenaline racing with rafting on the River Citarik. Citarik River is one of the rivers in the district of Sukabumi which is used as a location for rafting activities. With the river water is quite heavy, you will be served by five operators rafting guides are certified by national and even international standards. This is important because for tourists who are interested in following the activities of rafting, the safety factor is a major concern in addition to the service. In addition, you can also do activities such as outbound iainnya, ball point, war games, off road, and see the sights expanse of tea plantations and rubber / gutta-percha. A suitable place for those who like agility activities. rafting-citarik-river-westjava-2 raftingcitarik.com: River Rafting Citarik Sukabumi area that has tourist appeal challenging enough water was added to the Grade IV, with pretty scenery ekxotis. There is a wide selection of rafting mileage that you can choose: 5 km, 9 km, and 12 miles at an economical price.

East Java, Rafting in Probolinggo

East Java, Rafting in Probolinggo



Probolinggo has other special interest tour called as rafting arenas. Tourists can easily enjoy the rush of exciting venues Pekalen River with only a distance of 26 kilometers by car from Probolinggo, or during the 30 minutes towards the South.

Pekalen River is located in Angin-Angin sub-village, Ranu Gedang Village and ends at Gembleng sub-village, Pesawahan village or Condong village, Gending district. The journey to reach this river approximately 3 hours if we are come from Surabaya or Malang city.

Pekalen River which becomes the arena of this thrilling sport, located at 500 m above sea level. It has varies difficulty level from grade I to grade III plus as many as 30 rapids rafting. Rafting may only be followed aged 10-60 years visitors. As far as 9 kilometers distance rafting applied for 2.5 to 3 hours, including breaks in the middle of travel while enjoying the fruits of young coconut (degan).

Rafting Pekalen divided into three sections for rafting: top Pekalen, middle Pekalen and bottom Pekalen. The distance from the rafting trip is also different. Top Pekalen is 12 km trip, middle Pekalen is 7 km and bottom Pekalen is 10 km.
Beside enjoy the Rafting exclaimed, we can also see the cave with hundreds of bats occasional screech and flying around. The rancidity and the dropping of the bats are exquisite when passing there.

There are several rafting guide in Probolinggo which are ready to provide a variety of attractive packages with a variety of challenging rafting attraction. The rafting guides are Noars, Regulo and Songa Rafting. Those rafting guides have been fitted with safe rafting equipment. The visitors are guaranteed to feel satisfied and enjoy all facilities provided.

Songa Rafting
Songa Rafting is one of rafting guide in Probolinggo and  offers rafting adventure on Pekalen river. The experience guides are ready to guide the visitors who want to rafting on its incredible Pekalen river as far as 29 km. Adrenaline will be driven across the dozens of rapids of Argopuro & Lamongan mountain springs.

Songa Rafting offers adventure packages that can be selected:

  • Songa Pekalen Atas (Beautiful Trip),
  • Songa Pekalen Tengah (Fantastic Trip),
  • Songa Pekalen Bawah (Incredible Trip)
  • Songa Pekalen Tengah – Bawah (Extreme Trip)
  • Songa Pekalen Atas – Bawah (Expedition Trip)
  • Start : Kampong Angin-angin, Ranu Gdang Village, Probolinggo District

    Finish : Kamplong Gembleng, Pesawahan Village, Probolinggo District

    Length of Trip : 7 km (2.5 hours)

    Class of River : 3

    Access : Asphalt road, 1 km trekking

    Nearest Airport : Surabaya (4 hours)

    Lower Section

    Start : Pesawahan Village, Probolinggo District

    Finish : Condong Village, Probolinggo District

    Length of Trip : 12 km, 3 hours

    Class of River : 3-4

    Access : Asphalt road, 1 km trekking

    Nearest airport : Surabaya (4 hours)

    Class of River : 3-4

    Access : Asphalt road, 1 km trekking

    Nearest Sirport : Surabaya (4 hours)

    Facilities : Guest houses, restaurants, restrooms, telephone lines