17-days study and trekking tour from Krakatau to Bali

17-days study and trekking tour from Krakatau to Bali



Sample 17-days itinerary | Itinerary with jungle trekking extension (23 days)

Sample 17-days itinerary

Day 1: Arrival & meeting in Jakarta

Arrival in Jakarta and transfer from Jakarta International airport to a hotel in a lively downtown district of central Jakarta, where you are awaited with a welcome cocktail. In the evening, we meet for group dinner in a local restaurant and discuss the program ahead.

Acc.: : good mid-class hotel in Jakarta (D)

Day 2: Jakarta – transfer to the West coast

Minibus transfer with the group from Jakarta to a beach resort on the W coast of Java, facing the infamous island group of Krakatoa. Delicious lunch in a local Sundanese restaurant on the way. While our tour guide finalizes the preparations for the overnight excursion to Krakatoa, you have the afternoon to do as you wish: opportunity to stroll on the beach, sunbathe, (if the sea is calm) swim, explore local markets etc. If you are curious to see the background preparation, you are welcome to join the guide while shopping for food, inspecting the boat etc.

Acc.: : comfortable hotel / bungalows on beach (B, L, D)

Fishing boats in Labuan harbour West coast beach at sunset

Day 3: Sail to Krakatau volcano

In the morning, leaving most of the luggage in the hotel on land, we leave Carita by =&0=& and =&1=&(weather conditions permitting) to =&2=&. After about 2-3 hours sailing, we arrive in the caldera and first inspect the steep cliffs of the remaining islands, left as remnants after the devastating explosion in 1883 that tore the previous island of Krakatoa apart. We then circle the young active volcanic island Anak Krakatoa (“The son of Krakatoa”) itself that first emerged in 1929. If activity permitting, we can land on it and build a =&3=& for the night there (if this is not advisable, the camp will be on the opposite island from where Anak Krakatoa can be observed safely). =&4=& and plenty of time to swim or explore the recent lava flows, desert-like ash fields covered with ejected blocks and bombs, as well as study the rapidly re-growing flora and fauna of the youngest land in S-E Asia. Warm underwater springs near the landing site are a remainder that we stand on a living volcano. For best light, we climb the =&5=& (ca. 300m alt.) in the afternoon (if its activity permits an approach). In the evening and at night, we light a =&6=& and have an Indonesian barbecue dinner on the beach. Acc.: : camp on Krakatau (B, L, D)

Hiking up towards the crater of Anak Krakatoa Large blocks on the rim of Krakatoa's crater

Day 4: 2nd day on Krakatau – return to coast

After a hearty breakfast on the beach and perhaps a morning swim and an optional second visit to the crater of Krakatau, we prepare to depart from Anak Krakatoa. Before we leave the caldera, we make a =&7=& near the cliffs of Rakata island is made if the sea is calm. Return to Carita and transfer back to the hotel by lunchtime. Rest of day to spend as you please. As optional program, a visit to the nearby =&8=& of Krakatau is offered. Acc.: : hotel or bungalow on West Coast beach (B, L, D)

Day 5: Transfer to Garut in West Java

After an early breakfast, we leave the W cost in a private minibus and begin the 300km-long travel along a =&9=&, reaching the Sundanese town of Garut in the late afternoon (total driving time: 6-8 hours). Garut is a small university town with a scenic backdrop of volcanoes, a nice climate and very pleasant ambience. Acc.: : good mid-class hotel (B, L, D)

Day 6: Papandayan – Cipanas hot springs

We have a full day around the little university town of Garut, perched in a high plain between several volcanoes: Options include =&10=&, =&11=& and the hydrothermal area near Cipanas with its numerous hot springs. =&12=& (about 7-8 hours), an intense cultural experience in itself, passes =&13=& of rice fields and mighty volcanoes in the background. It is considered as one of the most beautiful train rides in Asia. Lunch is served from the train’s restaurant. =&14=& or start walk around and exploring the city. Acc.: : very good mid-class hotel in downtown Yogya(B, L, D)

Day 8: Borobodur Temple – Merapi volcano and its surroundings

In the morning, we visit the famous Buddhist =&15=&, the largest and one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Asia. =&16=& (possibly at night, involving an early start from Yogya and driving and walking to good viewpoints). If there is no activity at Merapi, other =&17=& will be decided on the spot, depending on the weather and group’s preferences etc.  Acc.: : as before (Yogya) (B, D)

Borobodur temple Merapi volcano in eruption

Day 9: Climb Merapi volcano for sunrise – Transfer to Kelud

The lava dome on the top of Merapi volcano

Before sunrise, we begin our hike to the summit of Merapi volcano (2911 m). The strenous hike will reward us with stunning views over many of Java’s other volcanoes, ....  read more

East Java, Semeru, Bromo, Ijen volcanoes, Trekking

East Java, Semeru, Bromo, Ijen volcanoes, Trekking



Bromo, Semeru, Ijen

– trekking tour to Semeru, Bromo, Ijen volcanoes (East Java) –

Tour code: JAV_BSI

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Tour type: Trekking: active volcanoes – adventure
Duration: 7-9 days


Custom and group dates
no scheduled dates at present

Price (p.p.): from 795,- EUR


  • All accommodation in hotels and camps as specified
  • Full board including drinks in reasonable amounts except a few meals as specified
  • All ground, sea and air transfers as described in the program
  • Pick-up from anywhere near Malang or Surabaya and transfer to hotel on day 1
  • Transfer to Denpasar airport or other destination on Bali on last day
  • Entry fees, visits to parks and archeological sites etc. as described by the program
  • Equipment for camps (tents, mattresses, cooking gear; exception: an own sleeping should be brought)
  • Gas-masks and other special equipment as needed
  • Local porters and guides
  • Experienced Indonesian English-speaking guide

9 days itinerary via Malang | 8 days | 7 days

9 days itinerary via Malang

This is certainly the best itinerary if you have enough time.

Day 1: Arrival in Surabaya / Malang

You are picked up in Surabaya airport (easy connections from other destinations) or in Malang or the nearby area and transferred to the charming city of Malang where the group meets. Stay over night in a very nice hotel.

Acc.: : hotel in Malang (D)

Day 2: Transfer from Malang to the Tengger massiv near Semeru

After a relaxed breakfast, the minibus and then open jeeps brings us to the amazing Tengger-Bromo-Semeru National Park using the rarely used and adventurous western access route (lunch on the way in a local restaurant). When we arrive on the W rim of the huge caldera, we will have a first look onto the active volcano Semeru, Java’s highest peak (3676m) and our next goal. We continue a short distance until we reach, by early afternoon, the small village Ranu Pani near the base of Semeru. The beautiful lake at the village invites to take a short walk around. In lack of other accomodation, we stay overnight in a simple guesthouse, but it has a friendly ambience; a briefing about Semeru volcano and the following trek at dinner will end the day.

Acc.: : Guesthouse in Ranu Pani (B, L, D)

Onion and cabbage fields near Semeru Mother and daughter on a scooter Grilling sate

Day 3: First etappe on the trek to Semeru

Accompanied by porters and well-equipped with food, cooking and camping gear, we will start a long (ca. 8-10 hrs), but in most parts =&0=& to the beginning of the volcanic rocks and ash wilderness. Finally, we reach a basic =&1=& elevation. Lunch snacks on the way, and a fully cooked warm dinner at the campsite will keep our energy high. Acc.: : Camping (B, L, D)

A green lake we pass on our way to Semeru Our camp at the base of  Semeru cone An eruption from Semeru in the afternoon light

Day 4: Climb to Semeru’s summit

After a hot tea or coffee, we start well before sunrise to start the final, but demanding climb up the very steep, loose slope of =&2=&. As it gets light, the stunning spectacle of the volcano’s eruptions gets slowly into sight. =&3=& over Java and Bali, with many other volcanic peaks around and below us. A bit further, in fact very close, =&4=& belches out its curling clouds of ash. This is a highlight in the true sense of the word, and it will remain as a vivid picture of our trip. Extreme caution, however, must be excercised while being on the summit plateau,- an approach to the the proper crater rim is off-limits – people have died there! After some time spent on or near the summit plateau, we head back to our second camp, near a lake, where we can relax.  =&5=& =&6=& of the Tengger caldera. In Cemoro Lawang we will take our rooms in a comfortable family-run hotel, located right on the edge of the caldera with =&7=&. The rest of the day is free. Acc.: : comfortable hotel bungalows at the rim of the Bromo-Tengger caldera (B, L)

Day 6: Bromo volcano & Tengger caldera

The smoking cone of Bromo volcano

This day is free for you to spend as you please. Visits to the nearby volcanological observation post of Bromo and, of course, the easy climb to the active crater of Bromo volcano ....  read more

Central Java, Twin Volcano’s Sundoro and Sumbung, Trekking

Central Java, Twin Volcano’s Sundoro and Sumbung, Trekking




Volcano Sundoro (Also pronounced Sindoro) 3153 m and Sumbing 3371 m are twin volcano of Central Java, Indonesia. Sundoro is separated from Sumbing by saddle of Kledung (1405 m), which is actually the main road Wonosobo-Temanggung regencies.First historical time eruption of Sundoro was recorded year 1818, while obvious eruption year 1806 was doubtful.Peak zone of Sundoro is dominated by Edelweis Flower, rather flat field with 400 x 300 in wide, still has non active crater on it’s peak zone.

While volcano Sumbing, so far…has no eruption record in historical time, but still has many sulfuric smoke craters on peak zone.Peak of this volcano is small caldera.To visit it’s craters, we have to walk down through steep path heading for impressive active craters spewing out smoke from cracks.

To begin, we hike from border of local plantation and forest of Kledung head for camp site for overnight by tent, and proceed the hike on the next cool early morning.After totally 4 1/2 hours of actual hiking, we then reach Alpn vegetation, then summit on the next 1/2 hour of hike.Experience sunrise on summit, and explore small caldera of Sundoro.

While our hike for summit of Sumbing began at border of local plantation and forest of Garung pass through little big slippery trail along mountain forest ecosystem, then,cross Genus hill through steeper trail heading for campsite.Overnight by camp in tent and proceed the hike next early cool morning heads for Summit, then active crater of Sumbing.

Pick up service at airport of Yogyakarta in the morning, drive to hiking Basecamp Sundoro at village Kledung.1 hour after lunch,transfer for afternoon hike heads for campsite for overnight.Overnight by camp in tent.Actual hike 2 1/2 hours.Transfer 3-4 hours (L,D).

Proceed the hike heads for summit.Make summit in early morning to experience best sunrise slowly lights the caldera of Sundoro.Take look of deep rest crater of Sundoro and explore it’s caldera before it’s time to descend back till border of pine forest and local plantation of Kledung for transferring you to hiking basecamp Sumbing.Make arrival report at the basecamp Sumbing before it’s time to hike up Sumbing.Overnight by camp in tent.Actual hike 7 hours.Transfer 25-30 minutes (L,D).

Proceed ascend in early cool morning heads for summit of Sumbing.After sight seeing on summit of Sumbing,we then descend heads for impressive carter of Sumbing spewing out sulfur smoke from cracks and up through different trail leading us up Peak Kawah where we take break and take in view of Sundoro’s summit before it’s time to proceed descent heads for campsite and basecamp for transferring back to Yogyakarta for your next destination.Actual hike 5 hours.Transfer 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 hours (B,L).

HIKING ALTITUDE: 1405 m- 3371 m
SLEEPING ALTITUDE: 2300 m – 2500 m
PORTAGING INTENSITY:Medium (Your bring your personal belonging)
GROUP SIZE: 1 – 4 Pax

Contact via contact form at contact page, advise as your groupsize and your requested departure date.

1)Private AC Car
2)Pick up and drop service.
3)Trekking Guide & Local Escort.
4)Group Safety Gear.
5)All Meal as indicated B,L,D.
6)Trekking Snack and fruits.
7)Camping gears.
8)Entrance ticket and donation.
9)Mineral Water and softdrink/young coconut.
10) Extra service of providing personal gears on your request ( Sleeping bag,Headlamp, walking stick)

Porter per person provided only based on your request with extra cost. You pay porter directly in cash upon arrival and meeting your porter at trekking basecamp.

Photo By: Ambo Upe (Oleng)
Location: One photo of Sumbing and Sindoro captured from Garuda on 2010 while other photos captured at Sumbing and Sindoro on 29 – 31 July 2011.

Central Java, Slamet Volcano, Trekking

Central Java, Slamet Volcano, Trekking




Slamet is one of active volcanoes of Central Java, and considered as highest volcano of Central Java, elevation 3428 m alt. It’s peak is conical in shape with craters still active spewing smoke.Red Stone created by lava sedimentation at Red Stone Zone near by the peak is one of rare volcanic nature phenomenons found on volcano Slamet.On it’s summit zone, the crater is visible, as well as some volcanoes views surrounding, included: volcano Ciremai, volcano Sundoro, and volcano Sumbing in the distance. The panoramic views of those volcanoes is seen so beautiful, and smoke of craters is really amazing in the morning.


This hike began at village Bambangan, the official and recommended starting point for hiking up peak of volcano Slamet. Most of hiking route dominated by mountain tropical rain forest,and the rests are volcanic rock, as well as sandy route path heading for highest peak of the volcano Slamet.

We spend one overnight by camp in comfortable tent below elevation 3050 before proceeding the hike higher heads for summit on the next .We continue hiking for summit attack in early cool morning, when the day is still dark. Upon reaching summit spectacular views await, below us active crater while in the distance are view of volcanoes Ciremai, Sumbing and Sundoro.


In the morning, pick you up in public space (your hotel lobby and so on) around city of Yogyakarta then long drive through some towns of central java, villages and mountainous country road head for sub-village of Bambangan, usually used as hiking basecamp by hikers for hiking up summit of volcano Slamet.Upon arrival, repacking logistic and briefing, then begin the hike head for summit of volcano Slamet pass through path of local plantations and tropical mountain rain forest. On the way of our trekking trail, you experience fresh tropical mountain forest, and still have sufficient time to take break for your refreshment and other needs.After 4 hours of hike, we then reach our camp site and set up tent for your overnight.(B,L,D)

Early in cool morning, weak you up,have warm tea and bread then continue hiking up to the peak pass through forest, stony and sandy hiking trail. Upon reaching peak Surono 3428 m alt,spectacular views awaits, below us is active craters and “sandy sea” of the volcano while in far distance are views of other volcanoes.After hearty picnic on peak zone, we then descend through stony path and “sandy sea” heads for crater rim to have closer look of the main crater of volcano Slamet.After exploring peak zone, we then descent back head for our camp site, then Hiking Base Camp Bambangan for transferring you return to Yogyakarta or as desired place around city of Yogyakarta.(B-L)

COST PER PERSON IN IDR,INCLUSION, EXCLUSION, AND OTHER RELATED DETAILS: Contact via contact form, advise us your private group size ( 2 up 4 pax )and departure requested date.


>4 Days BACKPACKING TRIP Volcano Slamet (4D/3N):
Pick up service around Yogyakarta city,then long drive heads for trekking Base Camp at Bambangan.Overnight at trekking basecamp at village Bambangan located on the slope of volcano Slamet.Begin hike up on the next morning, overnight by tent, and head for Summit of volcano Slamet on the next day.Descend back heads for Base Camp Bambangan, overnight at Base Camp Bambangan.In the morning transferring you return Yogyakarta, en route rare chance to visit unique volcanic cave Lawa will be available.

Central Java, Merbabu Volcano, Trekking

Central Java, Merbabu Volcano, Trekking


Click to Enlarge !


Merbabu is 3142 m in high.Last eruption predicted year 1968, but this eruption considered as a doubtful eruption according to official volcanologists note of Indonesia.Merbabu is an old volcano with two craters on elevation 2900.Those craters separated by slope called “Devil Bridge” which is also considered as hardest part of hiking – trekking route to the peak.

On peak there are archaeological remain that indicates the peak is place for traditional ceremony in past time.The peak also is the highest and good point to have close up view of volcano Merapi.To reach the peak, there are so many routes path available, but safest and shortest hiking route is via Ndakan village,the last village on slope of Merbabu at elevation 1800 m.This night hike began from this last village at 11.00 pm and normally took us 5 hours of actual hiking to reach the peak in early morning.

Pick you up at 09.00 pm at your hotel lobby or as desired place around Yogyakarta city, for driving to village Ndakang. A stopping by at local
basecamp will be made for taking break and make arrival report before hiking up to the peak. At 11.30 pm we then begin the hike up through hiking trail and pine forest on the volcano’s slope.

After taking break on midway and hike 3 to 4 hours we eventually reach open viewpoint on knoll of the volcano popularly called “Peak Kukusan”. Take break here before continuing hike up “bridge devil” slope. After 5-6 hours actual hike, we eventually reach Merbabu’s peak. Visit archaeological remain on peaks zone of Pasar Dieng/Pasar Bubrah, then proceed to Peak Kenteng Songo. Enjoy fantastic sunrise and volcano’s Merapi close up view before descending back to Ndakan. After breakfast on peak we then descent back to Ndakang.On the way descent, walk down heads for crater zone to have closer look of the crater, the proceed descending heads for Basecamp Ndakan for transferring you return to your hotel or as desired public space around Yogyakarta City.(B)


2 Pax Rp 1.150.000,-
3 Pax Rp 850.000,-
4 Pax Rp 650.000,-

1)Private Ac Car.
2)Pick up service.
3)Trekking Guide.
4)Group Safety Trekking Gear.
5)Admission fee.
7)Mineral water.
8)Snack And Fruits.

2 Pax Rp 1.250.000,-
3 Pax Rp 950.000,-
4 Pax Rp 850.000,-

1)Private Ac Car.
2)Pick up service.
3)Trekking Guide.
4)Group Safety Trekking Gear.
5)Admission fee.
7)Mineral water.
8)Snack And Fruits.
9)Warm tea/coffee on summit.
11)Cool drink at the end of trek.
12)Extra service of using personal hiking gears.

RATE VALIDITY: January 2011 – January 2012

Rate option 2 is registered at recommended private guide group with base rate before discount (200.00 US$), and could be booked online. Here the LINK

Duration:1 night/1 day
Actual Hike: 8 hours Ascent-Descent
Fitness Level: Average
Grade: Moderate
Portaging Intensity: Medium For Rate Option 1 and Low For Rate Option 2
Group Size: Max 4 participants.


Central Java, volcano Sumbing, Trekking

Central Java, volcano Sumbing, Trekking




Peak of volcano Sumbing is 3371 m in high. This is the second highest active volcano in Central Java after volcano Slamet (3428 m alt).The peak of Sumbing is conical in shape, has a small caldera 800 m with 50-100 m in depth. To reach the the peak you need to walk down through the crater’s rim then hike up steep path.

On peak you’ll witness volcano Sumbing’s crater spewing forth smoke constantly, as well as amazing sunrise with backgraound view of volcanoes surrounding.


Day One:
At night pick you up 09.00pm at your hotel lobby around Yogyakarta city or Magelang, then transfer to small village Garung, a starting point for our hiking. Upon arrival, take break at trekking basecamp and make arrival report.We then begin the ascent through soily path along local plantation area. After one hour of ascending, we then reach border of plantation and pine forest areas where we take break and have our snack.Next…cross mountain river, then hike up steeper path on the slope.

After 3-4 hours of hiking, we eventually reach Pasar Watu, an open view point dominated by volcanic rock. Take our second break here before summit attack.

Day Two:
In early cool morning, we reach the summit and catch the sunrise commencing lighten
summit zone of volcano Sumbing. Explore peak zone, as well as get closer look to it’s active crater spewing forth smoke constantly.After having breakfast, you then guided to descend head for village Garung where our car is waiting for transferring you back to Yogyakarta.Stop to take break min twice on point of view along the way of descent will be made before reaching Garung.(B)

DURATION:1 Day – 1 Night

2 Person Basis Rp 1.150.000,-
3 Person Basis Rp 850.000,-
4 Person Basis Rp 650.000,-

1)Private Ac Car.
2)Pick up service.
3)Trekking Guide.
4)Group Safety Trekking Gear.
5)Admission fee.
7)Mineral water.
8)Snack And Fruits.

RATE VALIDITY: January 2011 – January 2012


Central Java, Mount Sundoro, Trekking

Central Java, Mount Sundoro, Trekking



Sundoro (Other hikers pronounced Sindoro) is twin of volcano Sumbing.The volcano is conical in shape with wide rim’s crater on it’s peak zone. On peak zone, we have sufficient time to explore around it’s small caldera.Our hike commences at night at border of local plantation and fine forest of Kledung heads for summit 3153 m.After hiking for 5-6 hours, we then make summit in early morning for better weather, view and sunrise.Breakfast on summit zone.Descent back via the same hiking trail.


DAY ONE:Pick up at night 20:00 around Yogyakarta city( your hotel lobby or public space around Yogyakarta city), drive to Hiking Basecamp of Kledung.Arrival report and repacking at Basecamp before heading for border of local plantation and pine forest where we commence the hike head for summit of Sundoro.We enter the rain forest of Sindoro, cross hills,and step up steep upward heading for summit of Sindoro.

DAY TWO:Make summit in early morning. Enjoy warm tea on summit while experience sunrise moment, fresh air as well as fantastic views surrounding such as close up views of volcano Sumbing, and volcanoes Slamet, Dieng Platue and Ciremai in the distance.After exploring it’s caldera and breakfast on peak,we then begins the descent back heads for Kledung to drive return to Yogyakarta.(B)

Location: Java Island,Central Java, Indonesia
Steepness Angel Of Trail: Flat – 45 degrees
Actual Trek: 8 hours
Length Of Total Trek: Approx 14 km
Fitness Level Required: Good
Technical Level: Moderate
Portaging Intensity: Low
Group Size: 1- 4 pax

Contact us, advice us your group size and departure date request.

1)Private Ac Car.2)Pick up and drop off service.3)Trekking Guide safety ratio to client.4)Group Safety Trekking Gear.5)Admission fee and donation.6)Breakfast.7)Mineral water.8)Snack And Fruits.9)Warm tea/coffee on summit.
10)Porter.11)Cool drink at the end of trek.

All things not listed at Cost Inclusion:Accommodation Pra-Pasca Trip, Travel Insurance, Airfare and Airport tax, and personal expenses.

>Difficulty lies at steepness angle of the trail and slippery due to erosion effect of the hiking trail, steepness angle of the hiking trail is mostly approx 45 degrees.1 hour before making summit, the trail is extremely different since we step on more unstable stony section of the trail(gravel section)head for summit.

>We move up in tactical way, slower on steeper section and faster on more flat section of the trail.We normally take break for 5-10 minutes every 1/2 – 1 hour.

>1 DAY VOLCANO SUNDORO’S PEAK HIKING: Pick up service around city Yogyakarta or Magelang in the morning (07:00).
>2 DAYS VOLCANO SUNDORO’S PEAK TREK: Pick ups at airport of Yogyakarta in the morning (07:00 – 09:00 ), drive heads for Hiking Basecamp Kledung. The trip included overnight by camp at camp site of Sundoro.Make Summit in early morning on the next day.

Central Java, Mount Lawu, Trekking

Central Java, Mount Lawu, Trekking



This hike is began at trekking basecamp of Central Java, Cemoro Kandang on slope of volcano Lawu on elevation 1900 m alt, lead you discover the old crater, up summit 3265 m, and descent cross border heads for Cemoro Sewu, East Java. Experience fresh air as well as sunset on the first day and sunrise on second day morning at campsite of Cemoro Sewu. This volcano trekking program is specially offered for active travelers, those enjoy outdoor, and strong motivation to discover more nature phenomenon of old volcano.Overnight by campsite in tent Cemoro Sewu.

DAY 1: Picka up in the morning around Solo city or Yogyakarta for driving heads for Cemoro Kandang. Upon arrival, make arrival report and coordination, then begin the hike head for summit of Lawu.Descent heads for campsite of Cemoro Sewu. Stop over to walk down head for crater of Lawu will made on way up.Overnight by camps in tent.(L,D)
DAY 2: Weak up early morning to experience fantastic sunrise and morning views of Lawu.After breakfast, proceed the descent heads for Basecamp Cemoro Sewu for transferring back to Solo or Yogyakarta.Stopover to visit Suku temple will be made en route Cemoro Sewu – Solo or Yogyakarta.(B,L)

PRICE PER PERSON IN IDR: Contact and advice us your group size ( Pax 1 till 4 )and your departure date request.

>AC Transport and pick up-drop off service.
>Trekking Guides
>Group Safety Trekking Gears
>Group Porter
>Camping Gears
>Admission Fee
>Meals as indicated B,L,D
>Snack, fruits, Mineral Water, and Soft drink

Central Java, Mount Merapi , trekking

Central Java, Mount Merapi , trekking




A volcano trekking trip, specially created for those who want to experience more volcano environment of Merapi. The trip offers you totally outdoor camp by tent at night. You experiences impressive sunset on the first day, and sunrise on second day.This trekking trips is much easier than 1 Night / 1 Day Trekking Trip.

DAY 01
Pick up at airport of Yogyakarta in the morning, trip orientation and transfer 2 – 2 1/2 hours by AC car heads for hiking Basecamp Merapi at Selo on northern slope of Merapi. Upon arrival, registration at Basecamp, have break and warm tea,lunch, repacking and briefing. 1 Hour after lunch, we then commence the hike heads for campsite on elevation around 2400 m -2600 m (depend on weather condition at the time )through farmland,mountain forest, sub alp ecosystem and volcanic zone of Merapi.During the hike, we have sufficient time to stopover for drink plus twice longer break ( 10 minutes each break)at halt (flat spots).Arrive at camp site at 04:30 pm, experiences fresh air while enjoying warm tea/coffee plus light local snacks and taking view of stunning typical volcanic landscape of Merapi.Dinner at campsite and overnight by comfort tent .( L,D )

At 04:00 am, weak up, have warm chocolate / tea / cereal plus bread, then prepare you headlight. We then proceed the hike up summit with lighter load in early cool morning by crossing the sandy section, volcanic boulder, and fumarol field of the volcano. Make summit in the morning for better views on new summit of this most active volcano.See the sensational view of Merapi’s crater from it’s crater’s rim, the new summit of Merapi.After sight seeing on summit, we then descend back at 06:30 am heads for camp site for breakfast with some chances for photo stops on the way descent.Breakfast at camp site, then repacking and proceed the descent back heads for Basecamp of Selo. Arrive at basecamp at 10:00 am. Enjoy cool soft drink at Basecamp while our guide complete trekking activity report at Basecamp, then transferring you return to Airport of Yogyakarta or other desired public space around Yogyakarta city for you next destination.Lunch en route at local small restaurant.Arrive Yogyakarta around 13:30 pm.Trip end.( B,L )

COST PER PERSON: Contact via available contact form, advise us your private group size ( maximum 4 pax, 1 pax is welcame well )and your requested departure date. BOOKING CONFIRMATION: Ref to 1 Night / 1 Day Merapi’S Peak Hiking Program.PHOTO NOTE:
Captured By: Ambo Upe Olenk
Period: Sept 2011

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

After large eruption 2010, now ( Since 15 sept 2011 )magmatic activity of volcano Merapi has been Normal.The magmatic activity can rise to higher level anytime.Some changes along climbing trail up summit have been occurred due to eruption impacts. Mostly half of climbing trail along section Pasar Bubrah up summit dominated by volcanic sand. Extra energy, and gears required to tackle the route up summit. Hiking duration up summit via northern slope 3-4 hours.For those have tight time, one night and one day trekking trip program is the most favorite.However good fitness level is required for more enjoyment and experiences.


DAY 1 / Pick up at your hotel lobby or other public space around city of Yogyakarta at night 09:00 pm, trip orientation and transfer heads for hiking basecamp of Merapi at Selo. Upon arrival,register at Basecamp,intro to Merapi volcano, have warm tea and fried potato or bread, transfer to you a bottle of mineral water and take rest. 

DAY 2 / At 12:30 am, briefing and repacking, then commence the hike through farmland ecosystem, secondary forest, and volcanic stone plus 3 boulders up Pasar Bubrah. During the hike, we have sufficient time to stopover for drink plus 10 minutes break for each hours of the hike.We take slower pace on steeper trails to adapt ourselves to rising altitude.

Arrive Pasar Bubrah 04:00 am, take longer break at Pasar Bubrah before tackling the hardest section of the trail heads for new summit zone of Merapi. Have relaxing break, enjoy warm tea/coffee/chocolate/cereal plus bread on cool dark early morning at Pasar Bubra then proceed the hike with lighter load heads for summit by crossing the sandy section of the trail, as well as through the volanic boulder plus fumarol field up new summit of the volcano. Be extra careful, and more focus on trail.

We make summit in the morning, and you have the chance to take the sensational view of the crater of this most active Indonesian volcano, and fantastic views surrounding.After sight seeing on summit, we then descend back at 06:30 am heads for Pasar Bubrah. Breakfast at Pasar Bubrah at 07:30 and proceed the descend heads for Basecamp at 08:00 am. Arrive at Basecamp at 10:00 am, enjoy cool soft drink at Basecamp while our guide completes trekking activity report before leaving for Yogyakarta city. Arrive Yogyakarta city 12:30 pm.Trip end.(B)

>Itinerary is tentative, may change either due to objective condition on time of the hiking day or subjective condition of participant/s.
>Hiking till summit only done during the magmatic activity of Merapi on level I.

COST PER PERSON: Contact via available contact form, let’s us know your private group size ( max 4 pax, 1 pax is welcome ) and your requested departure date.

COST INCLUSIONS: 1)Transport ( Ac car, Driver and fuel ). 2) Pick up and drop off service. 3) Safety Ratio Trekking Guide to client 2=2/4. 4) Group Safety Trekking Gears. 5) Admission fee and donation. 6) Breakfast on volcano. 7) Mineral water on the day hike and soft drink at the end of the hike. 8) Hiking Snack And Fruits. 9) Personal Safety Gears. 10) Extra support of providing trekking pole and headlamp on you request.

> Admission fee included permit letter, entrance ticket and local insurance issued by related local authority. This component should be arranged prior to you requested departure date.
> Personal Safety Gears: This component included Safety Helmet plus safety goggle and masker.

1) Good hiking shoes suits to rugged terrain for more safe and walking more comfortably.2) Wind proof jacket.3) Backpack.4)Hat/cap-Camera-Sunscreen-Sunglasses-Changes of Clothes are useful too.

Booking confirmation over 7 days prior to to your requested departure date.50% down payment and photo copy of identity card or passport are required at time of confirming booking.