Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan

Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan

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In this Spot we can get the double pleasure by getting place for all the Brave surfer, with the reef as the bottom of the beach,creates the good wave with the challenging barrel.With sweel under 7 feets, April-October is the offshore time. With this type of reef break and the sea in the form of a rock, at certain moment Watu Karung Beach can produce barrels that will make the surfers was in heaven. Both SUrfers with natural and goofy style can surf here because Watu Karung Beach has a left and right waves. This place is also not too crowded, so the surfers can catch waves with ease. Offshore winds usually come in in from April to October, making these months are the best times to mingle with the barrel of Watu Karung. In 2009, Indonesia’s top surfers Rizal tanjung invite Bruce Irons, winner of Rip Curl pro Search 2008 to try and prove how waves watu karung Beach are wirld class waves. Some World Pro Surfer had come here like Kelly Slatter, Benji, Josh Kerr and many others.

Tamban Beach, Malang

Tamban Beach, Malang


Tamban Beach is a quiet beach that is still unfamiliar for the visitors who visit Malang City. But, the condition makes the beach keep virgin with natural scenery. The beach has white sand that stretches along 1,500 meter and looks so beautiful. As you visit Tamban, you can see the panorama of sea easily.
Besides that, you will be able to see the presence of Sempu Island from the distance at the South Sea. Anytime you visit Tamban, you can do many things, both water activity or exploring the village. This activity will give you extra information of the life of local resident because they still keep the tradition well.

Puger Beach, Jember.

Puger Beach, Jember


Puger is a tourist site which lies 36 km southwest of Jember. This beach is famous for auctioning and selling fish. Not only enjoy the beauty of the sea but the visitors can also see the traditional wooden ship ‘prau’. They also can buy the fresh fishes from the fishermen around the beach or try to fishing at the sea, using a canoe. It will be become an interesting activity.
Every year, the people around the coastal area celebrate the traditional rite of “Larung Sesaji”. These activities are performed in thanksgiving to God for safe passage on the sea, particularly by the Puger fishermen. They throw away a rice cone to the sea and wish their hope. This ceremony has done once a year.

Besides Puger Beach, there is also a beach which is more interesting called Kucur Beach. On this beach visitors can see red monkeys if they bring fruit or food. The monkeys seem very happy to welcome them. One of the native folk tales said that if the visitors hurt one of the monkeys, bad things will happen in their life. To get there, the visitors can take public transportation for 30 minutes after leaving Jember.

Don’t doubt to visit Jember that rich of beautiful beach. Get nice holiday in this tourism area.

Klayar Beach, Pacitan

Klayar Beach, Pacitan

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Klayar is a very beautiful and exotic beach even though many people have never heard about it before. How exotic is this beach? Well, although YogYES do not really want to admit it, but it is way more exotic than Parangtritis, the most famous beach in Jogja.

Located approximately 45 km west of Pacitan, Klayar can be reached by motorbike or car. The trip itself is very challenging and stimulates the adrenaline because of holey narrow roads in some parts and the winding route. There are several extreme up and down roads. However, the beauty scenery of green hills and valleys will accompany you along the journey.

The beach is almost empty. Except on the school break season or holidays you will only see a few fisherman. The white sand stretched with crystal-clear waves breaking on shore, flanked by reef cliffs on the right and left. You can go up to the hill on the right and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Klayar’s landscape from the seeing point there.

After admiring the beautiful landscape, taking a walk on the soft white sand would be the best thing to do. Walking to the east, you will see a small river flows cut across the sand to meet the sea. Crossing this river will be very exciting because in some points, the depth reaches adult thigh. Not so far from this estuary, a very beautiful smaller river emerges and creates another estuary. The bottom of this river is composed by beautiful black sand with stripes of white sand washed from the beach.

Sea Flute, Sphinx-like Reef, and Holey Reef

An amazingly beautiful lagoon lays between two reef clusters. Crystal clear-waves splash and hit the reefs before breaking and making a turn back to the ocean in the white sandy beach. This small lagoon is stunning, indeed. It makes you want to sit back, relax and watch its beauty all day long. Strong waves repeatedly hit the reefs creating the waterfall effect with beautiful white foam froth.

High reefs are standing firmly at the east of the lagoon. One of them looks almost like the famous Sphinx from Egypt. YogYES took a picture of this reef and showed it to an Egyptian friend. He admitted the similar shape of it and the Sphinx. Exploring the reef area in the rear, you will see a few small holes on the reef filled with water. It seems like these are home for some small crabs. Far to the right, there are some holey reefs in the bottom part of the cliff that looks like tunnel underneath the reef.

Do not be surprised when there’s suddenly fountain splashing behind you! Yes, it’s another extraordinary natural phenomenon. There is a crack in this reef. When strong waves come up, some water got under the rock and splash upward like a giant fountain that can reach up to 10 meters. This fountain also comes with sounds like a whistle. That is why it’s often referred as flute of the sea.

Do you want to stay longer enjoying the beauty of Klayar? You can try YogYES’ favorite spot. Climb up to the Sphinx-like rock and sit on its waist, enjoying the beautiful lagoon with its waterfall effect on the right, natural fountain on the left, holey reefs far in the right, and the stretch of ocean as far as you could see. Lay your body and close your eyes. Listen to the sea waves singing to you and you will definitely fall in love with Klayar.

Goa China Beach, Bantengan Village, Malang

Goa China Beach, Bantengan Village, Malang


Goa China Beach  is one of the hidden beauty of Malang. Naturalness of natural beaches in Malang is similar to the coast of the Komodo island. The difference is the way to the beach is still very difficult.

Goa China Beach is one of the beaches in Malaysia that has not been visited by many tourists. Not only that, the beaches are located in the Bantengan Village, Malang, East Java is still not getting the attention of the local government. Evidence of a lack of attention to local government is heading toward the coast road along 1 km of the highway is still rocky. When it rains, the road will become more difficult and very slippery.

The community is saying this is called Goa China Beach since ancient times there was a monk who was imprisoned in a cave located on the seafront. However, when one enters into the cave is the only bones found monk. In addition to his bones, the monk also left mandarin writing on the ceiling of the cave along with a bowl. According to residents, the niece of the priest is still a frequent visitor to the cave to send a prayer.

This is what most makes people curious. It is said that the cave is also often used as a place to find good luck number for RCMS. Myth, two people who seek his fortune came with papaya trees to the cave to spend the night. Papaya tree trunk believed to be whispering lucky number.

Regardless of the myth, the coast also offers its own beauty than other beaches in Malang. In addition to cleaning the beach is still awake, at the beach also provides camping area for those who like camping.

To get to the beach, it could take about 2 hours. That day, rain accompanied throughout the journey. Like the roads in hilly areas in addition to the rocky and slippery, the streets are also up and down. When entering the Goa China Beach, the roar of the waves to welcome you. From a distance, the sound waves that we can hear clearly.

It was beautiful scenery breathtaking. We can feel the harmony of nature, the moonlight fell on the waves that roll in the middle of the ocean that is chasing. Fight each other first mengencup beach. The stars twinkle above, just above your head. As if the star can take only the bare hand.

Natural beauty is all around Goa China Beach is still a virgin. Hopefully the local government give attention to promote this hidden beauty. (Mohammad Haris Suhud)

Watu Ulo And Papuma Beach

East Java, Watu Ulo And Papuma Beach

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The ambience calm and breezy of wind can you feel at Watu Ulo and Papuma Beach. The location of Papuma is beyond Watu Ulo Beach that constitute the combination of white sand and rocks which looks as though they were arranged neatly with the background of protected forest and a part of production forest which managed by regional government and the local Perhutani (Indonesia Forestry Unit). Located in Sumber Rejo Village, Ambulu, Jember. Watu Ulo beach features a recreation site with the area of 7.5 hectares which are equipped with various facilities such as: inns, food stall, observations post, parking area and path.

Teleng Ria Beach, Pacitan

East Java, Teleng Ria Beach, Pacitan

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Geographically, Pacitan districts located in the southern coast of Java island and borders the province of Central Java. To ease the way to the district Pacitan, you can depart from Yogyakarta, the province of Yogyakarta Special Region. From Yogyakarta to the district Pacitan only takes approximately 3 hours drive. To go Pacitan districts, you can use the travel, public buses or private vehicles from Yogyakarta. Arriving in Pacitan district, you can directly go to Pantai Ria pupil. If using a private vehicle or travel, the beach is located about 3 kilometers from downtown. From the square in downtown Pacitan, only took about 10 minutes away. If using public buses, you can directly go to the terminal Pacitan. From the terminal Pacitan, Ria teleng Beach location can be reached by using public transportation Prengkuku majors.

Ria teleng Beach is a beach-shaped bay or bay shore. This beach is located in the Gunung Kidul. First set foot on the Beach teleng Ria, cool mountain air can you feel the South has. When you are standing on the beach, you can see the limestone mountain range located on the right side-left coast. Ituah mountain breeze that makes the air around the beach was cool, even though the sun at noon looked so hot.

As far as the eye could see, you can see the open sea with waves that appear wavy. Ria teleng Beach is a beach that borders the South Indian Ocean. When high tides, waves at this beach looks bumpy. For lovers of surf, waves tides that is often anticipated. With a wave of sea water, they can feel the challenge of surfing during the day.
In the region of Indonesia’s marine waters, the sea South coast synonymous with big waves and high sea water discharge. Although teleng Ria Coast including the coastal areas of South, the waves on the beach is relatively small. For surfers beginner stage, gradient waves that often become their main purpose to visit the beach teleng Ria. Interested to learn to surf? This beach can be your next destination. For the sake of convenience when surfing, team managers safety from teleng Ria Beach ready to help you.

Interested to surround the edge of pupil Ria Beach, you can walk or ride a horse. The rental price atu horses to surround the coast ranged from 20 thousand to 1 hour. Charm Beach teleng Ria can be seen more clearly, when you see it from afar. To find the attraction, you can sail out to sea teleng Ria using a motor boat or sailboat that has been available. The rent, ranging from 15 thousand per 30 minutes for a sailboat and 25 thousand per 30 minutes for the boat motor. But for the sake of safety while in the middle of the sea, it is recommended that you do not sail alone, but with a sailboat owner or keeper of the boat.

When the holiday season arrives, Cote teleng Ria crowded tourists from different regions. Even an online source of writing, every mid-year, surfers from Australia and Switzerland had come to Pacitan to enjoy the waves at this beach. If visiting this beach is around June to August, you can see from near sea jellyfish purple. If lucky, you can see a bunch of purple jellyfish are being migrated from the Indian Ocean to the Beach

Sukamade, Turtle Beach

East Java, Sukamade, Turtle Beach

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Sukamade beach is the place where turtles appear between 9 pm until dawn to lay eggs, where buried under a half meter on the sand. The eggs lying are subject to seasons, and the beach can be awash with turtles at times, especially during the full moon. Limited and simple accommodation are available, the facilities include watch tower, turtle aquarium, and camping ground. The beach is situated 77 km south coast of Banyuwangi, in the village of Sarongan, Pasanggaran sub district, the visitors require a four wheel drive vehicle to reach there.

Sendang Biru Beach

East Java, Sendang Biru Beach


Discover the most beautiful nature, Sendangbiru is one of beach resorts in the Southern part of Malang Regency, which free from tumulous waves of Indian Ocean due to the existence of wild life Sempu Island, about 300 meters offshore.

At the other side of the beach is now utilized as a Fishing Harbour and the Center of Fish Disembarkation. Here, boats can be hired for a trip to the island reserve Sempu with sandy creeks which are overshadowed by low trees.

It is said that this is the last place where the Javanese tiger can be found. The green area of the 800 hectare big island is being engulfed in warm waves, and offers a view towards Jawa’s green coastal area. To reach Sendangbiru, you have to take a public transportation (mikrolet) to Sumbermanjing wetan, from here you take an “Ojek” (motorcycle used as a public transportation) to travel the remaining distance directly to the beach. The beach of Sendangbiru is about 70 kms away to the south from Malang, at Tambakrejo, a village belonging to Sub District of Sumbermanjing Wetan. Officially, the beach of Sendang Biru is managed by the State-owned Forestay Company which has so far provided the beach with inns, guest house, stalls, guard houses, boats, etc.

Prigi Beach

East Java, Prigi Beach


Beside its beautifulness, Prigi is also the second biggest basis of fish after Cilacap. A traditional ceremony Labuh laut Larung (Sembonyo) is held every month selo (Java). Sembonyo is a ritual ceremony which is very attractive. Prigi beach is located in Tasikmadu Village, Kecamatan Watulimo more about 45 km on the south from Trenggalek. Calm wave, beautifulness of the nature, and fishermen neighborhood with their activities are a unique combination in tourism objects of Prigi beach. The available facilities are: there is a wide camp area around the beach, Prigi Hotel with a hall or meeting room and tennis field.