Java, Pelabuhan Ratu, Octopus Dive Center

Java, Pelabuhan Ratu,  Octopus Dive Center


We are the only dive operator located at the south coast of West Java facing Indian Ocean. At Pelabuhan Ratu, a capital City of Sukabumi regency. Pelabuhan Ratu is also the only city amongst cities located at the south coast of west java, which have an active dive operator of Octopus Dive Center. At about either three and a half hours, or 135 km distance, from Jakarta and Bandung.

In the beginning of the 2nd millennium, at the year of 2000, Octopus was born as a baby Dive Operator. Nevertheless THEA, the mother of The Octopus Dive Center, had begun her business in diving operation since 1995. In that year she went for entering Pro dive world.

At the moment, Thea’s pro scuba diving qualification achieved **(Two Stars) Instructor of ADS International, with 21 years of experience in scuba diving world, as well as her 13 years experience in teaching and being a trainer of scuba diving skills. Through her guidance she passed more than 150 pro divers, her dive log had been more than a thousand dives recorded.

Octopus Dive Center grows bigger time to time. Thea is currently not running the company alone anymore, she had expanded in to a larger operator organization under teamwork. Which are ready to serve you.

Welcome to the Octopus Dive Center

We offer you PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructor) & ADSI (Association of Diving School International). To train you to become a well trained qualified pro diver. PADI’s course lesson materials are in English. ADSI course lesson materials are in both English and Indonesian.

To Become a Scuba Diver?

Octopus Dive Center offers you the unique dive activities in some dive spot in within the area of Pelabuhan Ratu regency at Indian Ocean. The trip gives you different under water panorama, where about all the soft coral surrounding covering the stoney canyon reef, fish swimming around the reef, such as napoleon, barracuda, scorpion, and all coral reef fish and also pelagic the schooling jackfish.

This place is famous also for the trolling game fish, such as black and blue marlin. With the view of “Bagan” (the local traditional fishermen floating device, made of bamboo framed where they put their fish net) spread a huge numbers covering the big area of the bay up to the open ocean. The fishermen using the bagan to catch squid and surface water fish. Octopus Dive Center offers you the different way to take your holiday with fun and safe dive program.

In case you need to buy or rent, some scuba dive equipment, please order to Octopus Dive Center either thru this web, or direct call, or direct visit to our office. Or even if you want to repair your scuba diving equipment, we have our equipment specialist to handle it. Our team is ready to serve your diving need. Our team over you total solutions in scuba diving activities by providing the following services:
– Dive Course
– Dive Trip
– Dive Shop
– Dive Equipment Rental
– Dive Equipment repairs.

Java, Jakarta, Ody Dive Pramuka Island

Java, Jakarta, Ody Dive Pramuka Island


This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to safety visit the underwater world. You will have fun as your instructor prepares you for the excitement of entry- level diving activities in your local area.

Who is eligible to become a National Geographic Diver? The program is open to beginners as well as the experienced diving enthusiast. Experienced divers can become National Geographic Divers by enrolling in the National Geographic Portal.

The National Geographic Diver program allows individuals to become certified scuba divers or, if already certified, the opportunity to increase their diving skills. The program promotes adventure, discovery, exploration, and aquatic conservation. Along with learning basic dive skills and mastering safety information, National Geographic Divers complete a National Geographic Knowledge Review based on information gained by interacting with the National Geographic Diver Almanac and DVD . They also demonstrate the ability to hover in at least three different positions.

During an open water dive, divers participate in an Exploration Project that includes gathering information and creating a visual representation of the dive site detailing specific features. They also may practice navigating a square or rectangle pattern using a compass and natural references or participate in an aquatic life identification exercise.

The First step beyond Open Water Diver Certification, adventures in diving offers more challenging experiences. As you make these dives, you develop skills that make diving more fun, more versatile and that expand the types of dives you can make.

No matter what your interest, remember that you progress at your pace. You don’t have to do everything at once-you can make an Adventure dive here and there as your interests dictate, eventually earning that certification that interest you. Or, you can make a weekend of it and go right through.



Some of these people just need a helping hand while others will die or suffer serious permanent injury if not immediately attend to. This is because no matter what the nature of medical emergency, you follow the same steps in the same order.

You’ll learn to apply first responder care following the same priorities used by medical professionals, so you do the right things at the right time.

Rescue training expands your knowledge of diving skill and makes you more aware of that is happening around you in the diving environment.

This course was thoroughly tested and refined to make it one of the very finest programs of diver education in existence. The goal of the course is become a professional diver.


  • Nitrox
  • U/W Photography
  • Wreck
  • Deep
  • Equipment
  • Night Dive
  • Underwater Videographer
  • Search & Recovery
  • Underwater Navigator
  • Multilevel

Java, Karimunjawa, Kura Kura Dive Resort

Java, Karimunjawa, Kura Kura Dive Resort



INTRODUCTION DIVE: USD 110 for 2 persons

CMAS P1 (4 days) OPEN WATER DIVER: USD 700 for 2 persons

DIVE PACKAGES FROM 10 DIVE ONWARDS: when booked in 2 persons there will be further 2 free dives or 2 days of free dive rental equipment.

Dive Courses

Our excessive course program includes both beginners courses and courses for more experienced divers how want further education.

Here can kids from 8 years try breathing under water with scuba equipment in direct supervision of a instructor. All the instructions take part in the shallow part of the swimming pool. The kids learn to feel comfortable and safe under water.
Price: USD 60,00

Introduction dive
For those with no dive certificate who wish to try diving in supervision of a instructor. First we practice a few skills in confined water and then we make a dive in the ocean to maximum 12 meters depth.
Price: USD 70,00

Scuba skills refresher
For divers who have not been diving in the last 1-2 years, we offer a short refresher in our pool.
Price: USD 50,00

This program results in a certificate which gives you license to dive all around the world. The course is composed of 5 academic modules , 5 pool modules and 4 oceans dives where you will learn the basics for safe diving.
Price: USD 400,00

Advanced program where you will learn how to navigate under water and make deep dives, required, then choose 3 dives by night dive, drift dive, wreck dive, boat dive, UW photo, search & recovery to name a few. In this program is included 5 dives but no academic modules. NB! Previous knowledge required: Open Water Diver certificate or equal.
Price: USD 300,00

Divemaster “P3”
Price: After inquiry

Diving in Karimunjawa

Kura Kura has pursued education and arranged dive excursions in Karimunjawa since 1999. Our instructors and divemasters are experienced divers which will make you feel safe and well taken care off during our courses and excursions.

We have discovered several dive sites that are in good to excellent condition. On the upside, one should perhaps mention the overall quality of the diving, the variety between fringing reefs, atolls and the many wrecks, the good variety of species, some of them rare, such as for example the Crocodile fish and Leafy Scorpion fish. In clear water with a pleasant temperature we garantee you an experience beyond the ordinary.

Taka Menyawakan
An exciting dive site, with spectacular coral cover which exceeds more than 250 different species, plentiful Bat fish and the wrecks of two ships! One of the wrecks is a Pelni ferry which sunk in the 50s. You will also see schooling Barracudas, Skipjack Tuna, Hawksbill turtles, Lobsters and Giant clams. Usually a strong current sweeps this reef, giving you an exciting ride all the way around it.

Gosong Cemara
Just a short boat ride and off you go on one of the best reefs in the area, the shallower parts on this dive has a great veraity of soft and hard coral, deeper parts presents huge colourful seafans.

The Wreck of Biblis
One of the the few wrecks in the world, which still has it huge bronze propeller intact. This wreck has been on the ocean floor for many years, so the coral life is amazing. Several big groupers are nearly always spotted on this wreck. Possibility to penetrate for trained wreck divers.

Pioneer Reef
The house reef located just steps from our diveshop offers a great variety of fish such as, barracudas, lionfish, crocodile fish, groupers, bambu sharks, cuttle fish, lobsters and much much more. This is also a perfect spot for night dives

Ezdir Reef
This dive site is named after one of our frequent diver guests. It was discovered mid/late 2000. The quality and variety of corals are extremely good, so good that one group of divers did three dives on this site in one day, and it was the first site they wanted to visit when they returned to the resort again.

Hawksbill Point
Conveniently located on our own island of Menyawakan, this spot gives you the opportunity to come face to face with Hawksbill turtles and quite often Octopus too. Usually Crocodile fishes and Scorpion fishes are seen on your smooth drift back to the Resorts jetty.

The Wreck of Indonur
Dutch steam ship. Went down in 1963. A huge warehouse was on fire on the beach, it was mistaken for the lights of Semarang, and the captain went full speed up on the reef….. Come and see 6cm thick steel plates, torn apart like paper. Large riveted steam boilers. Great fish and coral life on the wreck is growing bigger and bigger each year. Excellent night dives on this wreck when you will have a chance to see Arrow crabs, Soft coral crabs and numerous other macro critters.

Torpedo Reef
One of our most remote dive sites, but well worth the boat trip since it is one of the high lights of the archipelago. The exceptionally healthy Torpedo Reef has remnants of torpedoes and grenades scattered across the ocean floor. Beside the torpedoes and the grenades, the reef has a good variety of pelagics and the blooming soft corals are nothing less than fantastic!


Day trips
2 guided boat dives – USD 90,00
Dives from shore – USD 35,00/dive

Dive package
10 dives USD 405.00
15 dives USD 585.00
20 dives USD 765.00

Equipment rental
Full set x 1 day – USD 25,00
Full set x 3 days – USD 55,00
Full set x 5 days – USD 90,00
Full set x 7 days – USD 110,00

BCD USD 7,00, Regulator and gauges USD 7,00, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties USD 5,00, Wetsuit USD 5,00, Dive lamp USD 10,00, Dive computer USD 10,00