Bukit Kasih, Manado, North Sulawesi



Bukit Kasih – located about 55 kilometers from the city of Manado, located in the Village Kanonang, Minahasa regency, Manado, North Sulawesi. It was built in 2002 as a spiritual center where religious followers from various faiths can gather, meditate and worship side by side in this lush and misty tropical hill. Although the winding path, but many tourists who come to the tourist attractions in Manado which became a symbol of harmony and respect for diversity in this country.

Indonesia is famous as a country that has a variety of tribes and customs. It is still there in the country namely the differences that have always united. With indigenous peoples and tribes all while maintaining harmony with the diversity of race, ethnicity, language, religion also.

This hill is called the Hill of Love because it is where people from different religions can gather and worship side by side as a symbol of religious and peaceful harmony. Five houses of worship are here, a Catholic Church, a Christian church, a temple, a mosque and Hindu temple  built on the second peak. On the first peak is a 53 meter tall white cross which can be seen even from the Boulevard beach in Manado. In addition, this place is believed to be the original place where lived original ancestors of the Minahasa tribe, Toar and Lumimuut. Their faces are carved on the hillside beneath the second peak.

One is the Mount of Love in Manado, North Sulawesi is famous for its calm and peaceful. The smell of sulfur is a natural with the cool air, the more complete the serene atmosphere there. Although the majority of Christian communities in Manado, there are 5 of 5 religious houses of worship on this hill.

There are two churches, mosques, monasteries, and temples built by the location adjacent to each other. This indicates that the country has seen the difference that loving, mutual respect and respect becomes a pride.

Tourist Places in Manado, Bukit Kasih apart from being a place of worship, Mount of Love is one of the tourist attractions in Manado. This place is located in the beautiful rainforest but foggy, very quiet and comfortable to calm down. Location of this hill under Soputan. The visitors had to climb stairs around 2,435 pieces to be passed.

As the gate, there will be a monument with a height of 22 meters. This monument has five sides as a sign of Indonesia’s five religions with tolerance. In that section there are sacred texts of each religion. In the face of the cliff there is a pair of sculptures named ‘Toar’ and ‘Limuumut’ ancestors are believed to be residents of Minahasa.


How to get there:

To reach this location, it takes a two hours’ drive from Manado via Tomohon. Do note that the roads along the Soputan mountain are steep and winding. 

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