Bima-Jena Teke Zulkarnaen

Bima-Jena Teke Zulkarnaen


Sultan Bima H. Ferry Zulkarnain died on 26 Desember 2013

Present Sultan:  Ferry Zulkarnaen, Sultan Bima XVI.

The sultan died on 26 December 2013. Source: kerajaan indonesia

Bima is on the island of Sumbawa.

The present sultan was installed in july 2013.
The last Sultan, his father, died in may 2001. At the time of his dead, he wasn’t yet sultan, so he was installed “post mortem” in june 2001. This made it possible for his son, to be installed as sultan.

Sultan Bima H. Ferry Zulkarnain died on 26 Desember 2013

For the report of the installation see: link
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Sejarah: link

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Bimold dynasties, kerajaan, sumbawa, Bima, Jena Teke Zulkarnaen a is on the island of Sumbawa. It is rule,that a new sultan only can be installed, when his father already was sultan. But his father died 2-5-2001 and he was installed as future sultan 7-6-2001.So on the grave of his father Sultan Abdul Kahir they made this deceased royal sultan and then later they could make him Jena Teke. Because he don’t know enough of the rtadition,he still must learn and isn’t a sultan yet.But his people chose him in july 2005 as Bupati, districtchief of Bima.
He is supported by his aunt Ina Ka’u (princess) Siti Mariam Rachmat Salahuddin.
She is the keeper of tradition and history and with one other woman in the Bugis area on Sulawesi she is the example of the savers of the traditional culture.

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