North Sumatra Batu Gajah Nature Reserve

 North Sumatra

Batu Gajah Nature Reserve


Longitude (DD) 98.95124908
Latitude (DD) 2.98456241
Designation Nature Reserve
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1924
IUCN Category Not Known
Documented Total Area (ha) 1

ature Reserve “Batu Gajah” is one of tourist objects that is recommended by to be visited. This place has a lot of history left by the Dutch colonial government during the colonial period in Indonesia, especially in Simalungun areas. Supposedly this place was made by the Dutch government at that time as the base defense.

The place was once a place of worship for Hindu devotees who came from India.  At that location there are some unique carvings made of natural stones that resemble animals like Elephants, Turtles, Horses, Frogs, Snakes, and there are also carvings of ships. Also mentioned that the place was sacred ground and prohibition (haunted) by the Kings Simalungun and in the time of Dutch colonial government, the place designated as a restricted area or Natuurmonument in 1924 with the issuance of certified mail Zelfbestuur Besluit 1924 No. 24 , dated 16 of  April 1924.

In the certificate explained that the area with area 0.80 ha determined to be the center of the Nature Reserve. Currently, Batu Gajah is located in working area of the Conservation Area Section II Rantau Prapat, Sumatera Utara KSDA Hall II.

“Batu Gajah” is a perfect site for who wants to research about the history of how exactly the manufacture of stone carving at this location. It is flanked by two streams, Bah Kisat and Bah Sepinggan which were suspected as storage areas of historic objects that have historical value of religious seen from structured-stones shaped like animals: Batu Gajah (stone that resembles an elephant) as much as 2 pieces, Batu Katak (stone that resembles a frog) as much as 1 piece, Batu Ulok (Ulok derived from Tapanuli area which means snake) as much as 1 piece, Stone mortar as much as 1 piece and 1 piece of the Rock.

For visitors who come to this place are advised to be more careful when walking down the path, because the road to the top is very narrow, steep, rugged and the rocks are slippery and fragile, especially during the rainy season. To avoid the rainy season advises to visit this place starting in March to October.

Batu Gajah is located in Dolokpanribuan – Tiga Dolok, precisely located in Dusun Pematang Desa Negeri Dolok, Subdistrict Dolok Panribuan, Simalungun District of North Sumatra Province. Batu Gajah is one of nature reserves in Simalungun regency, North Sumatra – Indonesia.

To reach the location of Nature Reserve Batu Gajah can be reached by following route:
1.    Medan – Tebing Tinggi – Pematang Siantar – Dolok Panribuan (Tiga Dolok), this route is reached by a distance of 153 km with travel time for approximately 3 to 4 hours.
2.    Medan – Berastagi – Kabanjahe – Merek – Tiga Runggu – Parapat – Dolok Panribuan (Tiga Dolok), this route is reached by a distance of 202 km with travel time for approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Cost/ Ticket
No requires expensive funds to visit this site, besides the fee of transportation towards this nature reserve, of course. Approximately Rp. 50,000, – it’s enough to pay a guide service or a caretaker that is suggested by the local community.

Accommodations and Facilities
Visitors would not find any other formal facilities at this place. There is only a nameplate made by local governments. Visitors should ask local people who could give an explanation about the place. (rewritten by: Maria S/Gobatak)



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