South East Sulawesi Tanjung Batikolo Wildlife Reserve

South East Sulawesi

Tanjung Batikolo Wildlife Reserve

Latitude : 4 27 0 S Logitude : 122 46 12 E
Altitude : 0 to 100 metres
Tanjung Batikolo is a small (5,500 ha) peninsular near Kendari in SE Sulawesi province. The area is forested and includes a small area of beach forest.
Visit Kendari and ask at the local KSDA office or contact PT PEI.
* Kendari
o Several possibilities
KSDA, Jl.Laute 7, Kendari.
Local Touroperator PT PEI (Pengembangan Ekowisata Indonesia)
Jalan Bunga Kamboja No. 60
93121 Kendari
South East Sulawesi, Indonesia
Tel : (+62) 0401 27995
E-mail : PEI@Kendari.Wasantara.Net.Id

* Booted macaque – Macaca ochreata
* Lowland anoa – Bubalus depressicornis

* Maleo – Macrocephalon maleo

a. Legal basis, the location, and spacious
Cape Wildlife Batikolo determined based on the Decree. Minister of Forestry
Number 425/Kpts-II/1995 dated August 16, 1995. Previous appointment
with the Minister of Agriculture No. 844/kpts/Um/11/1980 dated 25
November 1980, consider recommendation of Governor KDH Tk. Sulawesi
Southeast No. Pta. 4/1/11 dated January 16, 1973, and the letter of the Director General of Forestry No.
3688/DJ/I/1980 dated October 25, 1980. Basic or appointment background
is because the Tg forest. Batikolo is representative of forest ecosystems
tropical rain forest vegetation type non Dipterocarpaceae, forest grove,
coastal forests. and mangrove forests, as well as a habitat for many species of plants
and satwaliar protected.
Is geographically located between 4 -ª 29 ‘- 4 -ª 35 LS and 122 -ª 41’ – 122 -ª 45 ‘E, is
administrative government including the region-Rumba Rumba village, district
Lainea, Kab. Kendari. While the administrative forestry including the
region and RPH RPH Lainea Polewali Cape, South BKPH Laiwoi. KPH
Tg BC vast. Batikolo is 4016 ha, with the boundaries of the following areas
north of the Gulf Batikolo. East of the Strait of Buton. next
Kolono South Bay, and on the western side adjacent to the Village
Polewali. The length limit -ª 42,175 km with 421 total plate boundary pieces
b. Potential
BC Tarnjung Batikolo located at an altitude of 0 to 400 m (asl), with topography
flat to mountainous. Slope from 15 to 45%. Type of brown soil and podzolik
yellowish red. Type C climate, the rainy season usually falls in the month
January to June, while the dry season in July and December. Rainfall
annual rainfall of 2815 mm / year with a humidity of 80.3%. Temperature
The highest reaches 33 -ª C and the lowest temperature 23 -ª C.
Existing ecosystem types are mangrove forests, coastal forest, scrub forest, forest
lowland tropical rain with a mixture of non Dipterocarpaceae vegetation.
Plant species encountered, among others banyan (Ficus benyamina), spinach (Intsia
bijuga), kalapi (Kalappia celebica), gito-gito (Diospyros pilosantera). ponto (Litsea
firm) and eha (Castanopsis buruana).
The diversity of ecosystem types and type of existing vegetation to support
satwaliar existence, among them the anoa (Anoa depressicornis). deer (Cervus
timorensis), Mark-Mark (Phelanger sp), black puppy Sulawesi (Macaca ochreata), maleo
(Macrochepalon maleo), lizard (Varanus sp) den several bird species such as
perkici green, and betel Sulawesi.
The nearest settlement is the village-Rumba Rumba, most of the population
their livelihood as farmers, fishermen and traders.
In a conservation area managed by the Resort KSDA Tg. Batikoio (3 personnel) with
management facilities in the form of cottage Batikolo work, the path in the region
along the 6 km, and the cabin is working on Amolengo -ª 8 km.
BC Tg. Batikolo can be achieved from Kendari to travel overland through
Punggaluku – Ambasea – far Batikolo -ª 140 km with a long journey from 2.5 to 3
Watch. Or travel by sea from the port to the location with Kendari
johnson use that can be completed within 3 – 4 hours. When requests
The best is the month of July-August is the dry season. Activities
which may be done in the area of activity for the benefit of
research and development, science, education, tourism limited, and
other activities that support the cultivation.
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Jln La Ute No. 7 Kendari
Phone / Fax 0401 326716

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