Banten, Sawarna Beach

Banten, Sawarna Beach

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About 20 years ago, the name of Sawarna Beach was nearly unheard of. Being in the middle of vast rice fields and hidden behind the dense forests along two kilometers of the main entrance, people hesitated to travel to the area. 

In early 2000s, this beach became popular after tourists visiting the place uploaded photos of the area on their social media platforms. 

“Now, nearly 1,000 domestic tourists come here every week. There are about 40 simple lodges offered by the residents. Everything is simple, no industrial business yet. We are trying to maintain this simplicity,” said Sawarna Village chief Suhanda. 

The beach located in Banten province, some 230 kilometers away from Jakarta, consists of beautiful white sand sprawled across the coast. The most amazing scenery can be viewed from the Cariang Hill, which is 1.5 kilometers away from the beach. Aside from the glistening white sands, tourists can enjoy an incredible view of the mountain landscapes, tropical forest with a collection of rare plants, rivers, rice fields, hills, cliffs, caves and just its simplicity.

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