Bali, Sanur, Atlantis Bali Diving

Bali, Sanur, Atlantis Bali Diving


Operating throughout Asia for nearly 10 years in the Maldives, Philippines and Bali since 1996, Atlantis is conveniently located in Sanur Bali. Close to many tourist destination in town, we run one of the biggest dive center operation that manages only real small groups. Our professional and friendly staff offers you the best service and the most sensational Bali dive experience . Diving for us is not a job – we love what we do, so allow us to share with you our passion…


  • Atlantis is a PADI Five Star dive Center
  • Atlantis Instructors are a mixed of Western & Indonesian PADI trained instructors
  • Safety Diving is a primary priority
  • Catering to divers who appreciate diving in small groups
  • Offers daily tours to a vast array of dive sites in Bali – Kuta, Nusa Dua, Legian, Amed, ..
  • Offering PADI Certifications and Training, including IDC Internship Bali.
  • Language medium of communications are in English, French, German, Brazilian and Indonesian.
  • Catering to divers of all levels and experience
  • Innovative, flexible company offering tailor-made tours to meet everyone’s desires.
  • Professional and Friend Staff
  • Newest Equipments and Its own Transportation
  • Pick up services
  • and more…


Atlantis has been providing professional Bali Scuba diving service since 1996, not just in Bali but also Maldives and Philippines . Atlantis Bali Diving office is based in Sanur, a convenient area within short proximity to many tourists’ attractions in Denpasar City and Ubud. With our continuous efforts to provide services for many divers, novice and pro, our reputation has made us one of the biggest Bali dive centers . To ensure the maximum success in every lesson, dive safari, or Bali scuba diving, we accommodate only small groups so that we can give our maximum attention, accompaniment, and assistance. Our staffs & diving instructors are friendly and always keen to offer the best service to provide an unforgettable diving experience for our customers and regular Bali diving clients.


For us Bali diving is blend of job, passion, and competence. Diving Bali has been choice for many international divers, especially due to the safety, diving sites, and trained instructors from Indonesia and overseas. Bali is the right spot for safety diving and it is easy to arrange daily tours to Bali dive sites such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Legian, Amed, and many more with PADI trained instructors using the newest equipments and comfortable transportation. We cater all divers from all sorts of levels, experienced, un experienced, beginners and advance divers, man, women or even children. Whatever your nationality, the communication won’t be a problem, as the instructions can be given in various languages such as English, French, Germany , Brazilian, Spanish, or Indonesia .


Being one of the LARGEST and longest running dive centers in Bali , Atlantis is renowned for its professionalism, quality customer service and excellent reputation with the satisfied customers who come back to dive with us every year/and season. As Atlantis is located in Bali , it is fortunate to have a nice climate which makes it possible to dive throughout the whole year. Our Bali diving daily trips and Bali dive Safaris cover the whole dive sites of Bali, including Kuta dive, Sanur dive, Amed dive, Tulamben dive and more, where we also provide all our customers with a hotel/accommodation pick up service in our air-conditioned vehicles.


We have professionals that fully know the Bali dive sites. Professional mix of western and Indonesian instructors will assist in you diving the Bali waters There are many dive spots in Bali that are safe and interesting to dive at. Our instructors will recommend spots according to your level of experience and will prepare you accordingly for each dive sites.


For the best Bali dive and adventure travel experience , whether you decide to daily dive Bali, dive safaris or internships, Atlantis can also arrange your travel plans and compliment each Bali diving vacation with Bali adventure excursions and hotel/accommodation packages that will guarantee affordable rates, and more than just a vacation or getaway but also exceeding your expectations who we know seek “above the ordinary” tour & dive experiences in Bali one of the world’s top diving destination.

Atlantis also offers tour packages to interesting “must see” areas in Bali . We have different combination of Bali Scuba diving holiday + tour packages tailored to our divers. Our suggested package to our customers who desires fun diving and fun Bali adventure is the 10 days 9 nights diving Bali package which includes Bali dive activity and Bali tour adventure programs, transport and Bali hotels accommodation . Contact us for more options that are not mention on our website (contact).


Atlantis also caters IDC internships for divers. This program is aimed specifically for those who seek to achieve the Master Diver, Dive master or Instructor program. Our IDC Internship Bali meets the PADI international IDC internship qualification. Our program is compiled into a 2 month course internship program. All IDC internship students will learn how to work as a team in a fun and relaxing situation which enables all Bali diving lessons to be understood. Through this effective learning, all IDC internship material will be implemented into the real diving situations. Moreover, you learn how to repair diving Bali diving equipment, compressor and other Bali dive operational aspects.


Bali Scuba Dive and exploring under-sea world

Bali has been renowned throughout the world for its heavenly sites to do Bali scuba dive and exploring under-sea world. Most tourists love doing Bali scuba diving, Bali diving, snorkeling, swimming, or enjoying their evening at the beach side. There are at least five best spots to do water sports in Bali. Try to explore the North West side of Bali, at Menjangan Island (the Marine national park) since it is famous as the nicest place in Bali for snorkeling and diving. With its clear water and pretty view, you will be pampered by two parts; the first part is for the fish and the left is the live corals where sea cucumbers, clown fish, starfish, sea urchins are barely noticeable.

Scuba Diving in Bali, for Beginners and Non Biginners

Your journey hasn’t been complete before you visit the South Bali, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. Even though they just have a small area for snorkeling you can still do Bali scuba dive enjoyably. Nusa Lembongan offers you quite small spots with lots of fish. Nusa Penida doesn’t offers snorkel, dive anf scuba dive Bali for beginners. Currents at Nusa Penida are so strong that disable beginners to learn diving, and diver should more focus on the stream. Visit North – North East, Tulamben and you will see its famous wreck Liberty. People visit this place for snorkeling, diving and enjoying black and volcanic sands. Swimming to the wreck straight from the beach will be a good deal here.

Scuba Dive Bali attractive sceneries

Other perfect alternatives for those who love scuba diving, diving, snorkeling, or doing other water sports are North east – Amed and East – Blue Lagoon. North east – Amed offers you a Japanese Wreck and a few best places to do scuba diving Bali, snorkeling Bali, and diving Bali. You are ought to go early for Bali scuba dive, since the wave will be getting stronger once it reaches 9.30, chance is that you may not see anything. As the sand is black, it will look murky once the currents stir up. East – Blue Lagoon is also recommendable. It offers attractive under-sea view where you can see a lot of dead corals though only a bit fish over here. People usually do snorkeling on this area, not diving.

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