Bali, Joged Dance

Bali, Joged Dance


The jogged dance is a social society dance which have been exist since previous era, its creation also not known exactly. This social dance in previous era, is identical with harvest party or event entertainment of other society, because staging of jogged dance very sticky to the heart of its audience, because of the audience can dance and along with the dancer.

This Jogged dance usually staging when there is a party to celebrate a successfully of harvest which held by all the farmers. Women dancing is accompanied by simply music, then ask the men to dance along with them. Word of Jogged mean is shake, dance, wobbly. Jogged itself identical to hip wobble. Hip wobble become a special feature of this Jogged dance, but in equity boundary for sure.

In developing era made this Jogged dance encounter advance development also. The more event using jogged dance as an entertainment, because this jogged dance very socialist and made as a relationship dance. For wedding party, thanks event, even for dinner in the hotel using this jogged dance.

The dancer with simple dress and shawl which tight on hip also fan as an accessories adding a bustle of this dance. The dancer will invite her partner to dance with wearing to him her shawl or touching him with her fan.

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