Lombok Bangko-Bangko Nature Recreation Park



Bangko-Bangko Nature Recreation Park


Longitude (DD) 115.85522879
Latitude (DD) -8.75736873
Designation Nature Recreation Park
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1992
IUCN Category Not Known
Documented Total Area (ha) 2169
This area had no facilities, except the entrance. This place can be achieved with 2-wheel drive or 4 of mataram -ª 2 hours.
Nature Park-Bangko Bangko is located in the village Sekotong Sub-district, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Topography in the area of Nature Park-BANGKO Bangko varies from flat, undulating and hilly with elevation (0-400 m) above sea level.

Plant life

In general, the type of vegetation in the Nature Park, Bangko Bangko consists of two types of vegetation fraction is the beach and vegetation lowland rain forest.

Vegetation includes coastal from Bruguiera family, Pandanaceae, Soneratiaceae and Rubiaceae, while the rain forest vegetation includes lowland species such as Bajur (Pterospermum javanicum), Kesambi (Schleicera oleosa), Waru (Hibiscus tiliaceus).

Species contained in the Natural Park-BANGKO Bangko include: types of birds such as forest Chicken (Gallus varius), Scaly-breasted falcon (Heliantus Indus) and Koakiau (Philemon buceroides). Types of mammals including gray monkey (Macaca fascicularis), Sunda and Warthog.

Tourism appeal in the area of Natural Park is the Bangko-BANGKO beach conditions vary from flat, undulating and hilly with natural stones that looked solid and the white sand beaches that adorn the western region dibagian.

Bangko Bangko is the location of the famous Desert Point surf break in SW Lombok. Surfers and other visitors arriving from Bali and intending to get to Bangko Bangko, can find accomodation at the village of Tembowong, which is 11km west of Taun. The Putri Duyung Homestay (0812 – 3752459) offers simple cold water mandi rooms with traditional toilet for a bargain price. This is also a good stop off point if you are looking to explore Gili Gede, another island offshore. Boats can be arranged for a day, prices negotiable.

Pelangan is a small village 2km west of Tembowong. This is the main village in the area. To many visitors to Lombok, Mataram feels like a -µone-horse-town’ so Pelangan isn’t going to be -µexcitement city’. You can find local shops and 2kms to the west is Hotel Bola Bola Paradis (086812 – 104250), featuring affordable rooms with fan and cold water. A small local road heading south, 6km away offers access to the tranquil south coast.

West from Pelangan the coast is thick with mangroves. Siung Bay is the next point of interest, located 7kms away. The drive from Siung Bay to Labuhan Poh is particlarly beautiful with white sand islands and sparking blue water.

Selegang is located 3kms west off Labuhan Poh, offers a flatter landscape, with a few local houses. The tarmac stops here, and the continuing road isn’t in great shape as is the case for many areas in Lombok. A further 3kms is Bangko Bangko complete with a white sand bay dotted witth local fishermen’s residences. Around the coast from Bangko Bangko is the village of Pandana. Its possible to hire boats to get out to the surf break from here, just as surfers do at Kuta Reef.

This extreme SW section of Lombok is dry and desolate. People will tell you they hardly notice any mosquitoes, but many people come back with malaria. The area has few amenities and is only busy when surfers are in town.

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