West Kalimantan Baka-Bukit-Raya-National-Park Introduction

West Kalimantan



Formerly two different nature reserves, Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya now forms one transborder national park of 180,000 ha named after two of the higest peaks in Kalimantan, Bukit Baka (1617 m) and Bukit Raya (2278 m).
The park straddles the borders between West and Central Kalimantan provinces and comprises a part of the Schwaner mountain range. The altitude range of the park is about 240 – 2,278 m and as such habitats range from lowland rainforest, through hill and mountain forest, to moss forests at the highest altitudes. Traditional Ot Danum-Dayak still inhabit the park and live according to their old traditions.
Recently, the Kalaweit Research Station has been established by the French Society of Conservation Etho-Passion. The station’s main goal is to coordinate conservation activities in Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya. These activities entail the management of the three programs:
* Gibbon Rehabilitation Program
* Conservation Education Program, and
* Sensibilization of local communities
The Kalaweit program is a new conservation program operating under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Forestry and Estate Crops of the Republic of Indonesia. The research station will be ready to welcome researchers in April 2000.
Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya National Park is an other poorly accessible park on Kalimantan. There are two routes to the park. The first is timeconsuming and relatively cheap, whereas the second possibility will cost you more money but will save you time. A third possibility is to access the park from Palangkaraya, but this route will take a couple of days.
1. Take a bus from Bayu Layang station in Pontianak to Sintang (7-12 hr). From Sintang catch a bus or boat to Nanga Pinoh and from there continue by boat to Popai. In Popai you’ll find the headquarters of Pt. Sari Bumi Kusumah, a timber company. Popai is still 35 km from the entrance of the park but you can get a lift on one of the trucks of the timber company or the local KSDA centre.
2. Take the plane from Pontianak to Nanga Pinoh. From Nanga Pinoh: see above.
Permits and information are available at the park’s office in Sintang, where one should go for permits and is given a free guidebook.
Simple accommodation can be arranged at the timber company in Popai.
Kalaweit Research Station
E-mail: Mr. Aurelien Brule
Jalan Demang Salilah I No 11, Komplex Unpar
Palangka Raya, Kalteng, Indonesia

Kantor Unit Taman Nasional Bukit Baka – Bukit Raya
Jl. Dr. Wahidin S. No.75 Telp./Fax.(0565)23521
Sintang 787611
Kalimantan Barat

Kantor Resort Tumbang Hiran
Taman Nasional Bukit Baka – Bukit Raya
Desa Tumbang Hiran, Kecamatan Marikit 74456
Kabupaten Kotawaringin Timur
Kalimantan Tengah

KSDA, Jl. Abdurrachman Saleh 33, Pontianak. KSDA, Jl. Yos Sudarso No.5 Kotak Pos 32, Palangkaraya.
General:Formerly two different nature reserves, Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya now is one national park of 180,000 ha. The park lies at the border of East and Central Kalimantan provinces and comprises a part of the Schwaner mountains. Bukit Raya (2278 m) is the highest mountain in the area.
In the park you’ll find mountain forest and tropical rainforest. The traditional Ot Danum-Dayak still live in these forests.
Access:Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya National Park is an other poorly accessible park on Kalimantan. There are two routes to the park. The first is time-consuming and relatively cheap, whereas the second possibility will cost you more money but will save you time. A third possibility is to access the park from Palangkaraya, but this route will take a couple of days.
1.Take a bus from Bayu Layang station in Pontianak to Sintang (7-12 hr). From Sintang catch a bus or boat to Nanga Pinoh and from there continue by boat to Popai. In Popai you’ll find the headquarters of Pt. Sari Bumi Kusumah, a timber company. Popai is still 35 km from the entrance of the park but you can get a lift on one of the trucks of the timber company or the local KSDA centre. 2.Take the plain from Pontianak to Nanga Pinoh. From Nanga Pinoh: see above.
Permits and information are available at the KSDA office in Pontianak or Palangkaraya.
Accomodation:Basic accomodation can be arranged at the timber company in Popai.
* Acanthaceae
o Dyschoriste oligosperma (Steen.) Bremek.*
o Justicia sp.*
o Ptyssiglottis frutescens (Hook. f.) Stapf
o Staurogyne spp.
o Strobilanthes spp.
* Actinidiaceae
o Saurauia agamae Merr.
o Saurauia glabra Merr.
o Saurauia longistylus Merr.
o Saurauia reinwardtiana Bl.
o Saurauia cf. ridleyi Merr.
o Saurauia spp.
* Adiantaceae
o Adiantum spp.
o Taenitis blechnoides (Willd.) Sw.
* Alangiaceae
o Alangium javanicum (Bl.) Wang
* Anacardiaceae
o Bouea oppositifolia (Roxb.) Meissn.*
o Buchanania sessilifolia Bl.
o Campnosperma auriculatum (Bl.) Hook. f.
o Dracontomelon dao (Blanco) Merr. & Rolfe
o Gluta sabahana Ding Hou*
o Gluta wallichii (Hook. f.) Ding
o Gluta spp.
o Koordersiodendron pinnatum (Blanco) Merr.*
o Mangifera longipetiolata King
o Mangifera quadrifida Jack*
o Mangifera spp.
o Melanochyla caesia (Bl.) Ding Hou
o Melanochyla castaneifolia Ding Hou
o Melanochyla fulvinervis (Bl.) Ding Hou
o Pentaspadon motleyi Hook. f.
o Rhus cf. nodosa Bl.
o Semecarpus glaucus Engl.
o Semecarpus heterophyllus Bl.
o Semecarpus rufovelutinus Ridl.
* Anisophylleaceae
o Anisophyllea disticha (Jack) Baill.
o Anisophyllea sp.
* Annonaceae
o Anaxagorea borneensis (Becc.) J. Sinclair
o Anaxagorea spp.
o Artabotrys gracilis King
o Artabotrys trichopetalus Merr.
o Artrabotrys spp.
o Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook. f. et Thomson
o Cyathocalyx magnifica Diels
o Desmos dumosa (Roxb.) Stafford
o Desmos spp.
o Enicosanthum macranthum (King) J. Sinclair
o Fissistigma latifolia Hook. f. & Thomson
o Friesodielsia spp.
o Goniothalamus clemensii Ban
o Goniothalamus dolichopetalus Merr.
o Goniothalamus ridleyi King
o Goniothalamus spp.
o Meiogyne spp.
o Mezzettia spp.
o Miliusa sp.*
o Mitrephora cf. korthalsiana Miq.
o Mitrephora cf. pisocarpa (Bl.) Endl.
o Monocarpia euneura Miq.
o Monocarpia spp.
o Orophea sp.*
o Polyalthia glauca (Miq.) F. Muell
o Polyalthia cf. microtus Miq.
o Polyalthia cf. rumphii (Bl.) Merr.
o Polyalthia sumatrana (Miq.) Kurz
o Polyalthia cf. xanthopetala Merr.
o Polyalthia spp.
o Popowia pisocarpa (Bl.) Endl.
o Popowia spp.
o Pseuduvaria reticulata (Bl.) Merr.
o Stelechocarpus sp.*
o Trivalvaria spp.
o Uvaria cauliflora Ridl.
o Uvaria spp.
o Xylopia malayana Hook. f. & Thomson
o Xylopia spp.
* Apocynaceae
o Alstonia angustiloba Miq.
o Alstonia macrophylla Wall. Ex G. Don.*
o Anodendron axillare Merr.
o Chilocarpus costatus Miq.
o Leuconotis eugenifolius (Wall. ex G. Don) DC.
o Parameria laevigata (Juss.) Moldenke
o Parsonsia alboflavescens (Dennst.) Mabberly
o Strophanthus singaporianus (Wall. ex G. Don) DC.
o Tabernaemontana macrocarpa Jack
o Urceola sp.
o Willughbeia spp.
o Wrightia cf. laevis Hook. f.
* Aquifoliaceae
o Ilex spp.
o Ilex stapfiana Loes.
* Araceae
o Aglaonema sp.*
o Alocasia cf. heterophylla Merr.*
o Alocasia denudata Engl. & Krause*
o Amorphophallus sp.
o Amydrium sp.*
o Anadendrum microstachyum (de Vriese & Miq.) Backer & Alderwer
o Anadendrum sp.
o Bucephalandra motleyana Schott.*
o Homalomena sp.
o Pedicellarum paiei M. Hotta
o Piptospatha spp.
o Pothos spp.
o Rhaphidophora spp.
o Schismatoglottis sp.*
o Scindapsus sp.*
* Araliaceae
o Osmoxylon borneense Seem.*
o Schefflera acutissima (Miq). Vig.
o Schefflera petiolosa (Miq.) Vig.
o Schefflera spp.
* Araucariaceae
o Agathis borneensis Warb.
* Aristolochiaceae
o Aristolochia minutiflora Ridkl, ex Gamble*
o Aristolochia sp.
o Thottea macrophylla Becc.*
o Thottea penitilobata Ding Hou*
o Thottea sp.
* Asclepiadaceae
o Dischidia sp.*
o Dorystephania borneensis Steen.*
o Hoya spp.
* Aspleniaceae
o Asplenium borneense Hook.
o Asplenium nidus L.
o Asplenium pellucidum Lam.
o Asplenium tenerum cf. Forst.
o Asplenium spp.

* Balanophoraceae
o Balanophora cf. papuana Schltr.
* Begoniaceae
o Begonia spp.
* Bombacaceae
o Coelostegia spp.
o Durio acutifolius (Mast.) Kosterm.
o Durio beccarianus Kosterm. & Soegeng
o Durio graveolens Becc.
o Durio griffithii (Mast.) Bakh.
o Durio kutejensis (Hassk.) Becc.
o Durio oxleyanus Griff.
o Neesia sp.
* Boraginaceae
o Tournefortia sp.*
* Burmanniaceae
o Burmannia bifaria J.J. Sm.*
o Burmannia longifolia Becc.*
o Thismia lauriana Jarvie
o Thismia ophiuris Becc.*
* Burseraceae
o Canarium denticulatum Bl.
o Canarium cf. dichotomum (Bl.) Miq.*
o Canarium latistipulatum Ridl.
o Canarium littorale Bl.
o Canarium merrillii H. J. Lam
o Canarium pilosum Benn. subsp. pilosum*
o Canarium pseudopatentinervum H. J. Lam
o Canarium spp.
o Dacryodes costata H. J. Lam
o Dacryodes incurvata (Engler) H. J. Lam
o Dacryodes laxa H.J. Lam*
o Dacryodes rostrata H. J. Lam*
o Dacryodes rugosa (Bl.) H. J. Lam
o Santiria apiculata Benn.
o Santiria laevigata Bl.
o Santiria oblonga Benn.
o Santiria tomentosa Bl.

* Capparaceae
o Stixis scortechinii (King) M. Jacobs
* Cecropiaceae
o Poikilospermum aff. cordifolium (Barg.-Petr.) Merr.
o Poikilospermum microstachys (Barg.-Petr.) Merr.
o Poikilospermum scortechinii (Miq.) Chew
o Poikilospermum suaveolens (Bl.) Merr.
o Poikilospermum subtrinervium (Miq.) Chew
o Poikilospermum spp.
* Celastraceae
o Bhesa paniculata Arnott
o Celastrus monospermoides*
o Euonymus casteneifolius Ridl.*
o Kokoona sp.
o Lophopetalum beccarianum Pierre
o Lophopetalum multinervium Ridl.*
o Lophopetalum sessilifolium Ridl.
o Lophopetalum subobovatum King
o Microtropis valida Ridl.*
o Microtropis sp.
o Salacia chinensis L.*
o Salacia laurifolia Stapf
o Salacia cf. nitidissima Merr.
* Cheiropleuriaceae
o Cheiropleuria bicuspis (Bl.) Presl
* Chloranthaceae
o Chloranthus officinalis Bl.
* Chrysobalanaceae
o Atuna excelsa (Jack) Kosterm.
o Atuna nannodes (Kosterm.) Kosterm.
o Licania splendens (Korth.) Prance*
o Parastemon urophyllus (A. DC) A. DC *
o Parinari oblongifolia Hook f.*
* Combretaceae
o Combretum sundaicum Miq.
o Terminalia sp.*
* Commelinaceae
o Amischotolype mollis Hassk.
o Amischotolype mollisima (Bl.) Koord.
o Amischotolype sp.
o Commelina spp.
o Pollia sp.*
* Compositae
o Ageratum conyzoides*
o Blumea balsamifera DC.
o Blumea chinensis DC.
o Cosmos sp.
o Erechtites valerianifolia DC.
o Senecio sp.
o Vernonia cinerea (L.) Less.
* Connaraceae
o Agelaea borneensis (Hook. f.) Merr.
o Cnestis palala Merr. subsp. diffusa Andreas*
o Cnestis sp.
o Connarus cf. odoratus Hook. f.
o Connarus platantha Griff.*
o Connarus semidecandrus Jack
o Connarus sp.
o Rourea acutipetala (Miq.) Leenh.
o Rourea mimosoides (Vahl) Planch.
o Rourea rugosa Planch.
* Convallariaceae
o Peliosanthes spp.
* Convolvulaceae
o Erycibe cf. borneensis (Merr.) Hoogland
o Erycibe glomerata Bl.
o Erycibe sp.
o Jacquemontia tomentella (Miq.) Hallier f.
o Merremia cf. peltata (L.) Merr.
* Cornaceae
o Aralidium pinnatifidum Miq.
o Mastixia cuspidata Bl.
o Mastixia rostrata Bl.
* Costaceae
o Costus spp.
* Crypteroniaceae
o Crypteronia sp.*
* Cucurbitaceae
o Momordica sp.*
o Trichosanthes spp.
* Cyatheaceae
o Cyathea moluccana R. Br.
* Cyperaceae
o Carex cruciata Wahlenb.*
o Carex filicina Nees*
o Carex indica L.*
o Carex perakensis Clarke*
o Carex verticillata Zoll.*
o Cyperus cyperinus (Retz.) Valack.
o Cyperus diffusus Vahl
o Cyperus haspan L.
o Cyperus iria L.
o Cyperus spp.
o Fimbristylis sp.
o Gahnia javanica Zoll. & Mor.
o Hypolytrum nemorum (Vahl) Spreng.
o Lipocarpha chinensis (Osbeck) Kern
o Mapania cuspidata (Miq.) Uitt.*
o Mapania debilis C.B. Clarke*
o Mapania enodis (Miq.) Clarke*
o Mapania foxworthii Merr.*
o Mapania graminea Uitt.*
o Mapania latifolia Uitt.*
o Mapania longiflora Clarke*
o Mapania lorea Uitt.*
o Mapania monostachya Uitt.*
o Mapania palustris F.-Vill.*
o Mapania richardsii Uitt.*
o Mapania squamata (Kz.) C.B. Clarke*
o Mapania tenuiscapa Clarke*
o Paramapania radicans (Clarke) Uitt.*
o Paramapania sp.
o Scleria cf. laevis Retz.
o Scleria purpurascens Steud.*

* Daphniphyllaceae
o Daphniphyllum sp.*
* Davalliaceae
o Davallia spp.
o Humata spp.
* Dennstaedtiaceae
o Lindsaea spp.
* Dichapetalaceae
o Dichapetalum gelonioides (Roxb.) Engl.
o Dichapetalum griffithii (Hook. f.) Engl.*
o Dichapetalum setosum Leenh.
* Dilleniaceae
o Dillenia beccariana Martelli
o Dillenia borneensis Hoogl.
o Dillenia excelsa (Jack) Gilg.
o Dillenia indica L.
o Tetracera akara (Burm. f.) Merr.
o Tetracera glaberrima Martelli*
o Tetracera scandens (L.) Merr.*
o Tetracera sp.
* Dioscoreaceae
o Dioscorea spp.
* Dipteridaceae
o Dipteris lobbiana (Hook. f.) Moore
o Dipteris spp.
* Dipterocarpaceae
o Anisoptera grossivenia Slooten
o Anisoptera laevis Ridl.
o Dipterocarpus confertus Slooten
o Dipterocarpus humeratus Slooten
o Dipterocarpus kunstleri King
o Dipterocarpus lamellatus Hook. f.
o Dipterocarpus oblongifolius Bl.
o Dipterocarpus pachyphyllus Meijer
o Dipterocarpus stellatus Vesque
o Hopea dryobalanoides Miq.
o Hopea nervosa King*
o Hopea pachycarpa (Heim) Sym.*
o Hopea sp.
o Shorea amplexicaulis Ashton
o Shorea bracteolata Dyer
o Shorea centipeda Ashton*
o Shorea fallax Meijer*
o Shorea faquetiana Heim.*
o Shorea hopeifolia (Heim) Symington
o Shorea johorensis Foxw.
o Shorea laevis Ridl.
o Shorea cf. lamellata Foxw.
o Shorea leprosula Miq.*
o Shorea longiflora (Brandis) Symington
o Shorea macrophylla (de Vriese) Ashton
o Shorea multiflora (Burck) Symington
o Shorea obscura Meijer*
o Shorea cf. ovata Dyer*
o Shorea palembanica Miq.*
o Shorea parvifolia Dyer
o Shorea parvistipulata Heim
o Shorea pinanga Scheff.
o Shorea platyclados Slooten ex Foxw.
o Shorea scabrida Symington
o Shorea seminis (de Vreise) Sloot.*
o Shorea splendida (de Vriese) Ashton
o Shorea virescens Parijs
o Shorea spp.
o Vatica endertii Slooten
o Vatica micrantha Slooten
o Vatica oblongifolia Hook f.
o Vatica sarawakensis Heim
o Vatica sp.
* Dracaenaceae
o Dracaena spp.
* Dryopteridaceae
o Dryopteris sp.
o Tectaria angulata (Willd.) C. Chr.
o Tectaria maingayi (Baker) C. Chr.

* Ebenaceae
o Diospyros cf. boerlagi Koord.
o Diospyros borneensis Heim
o Diospyros cauliflora Bl.
o Diospyros diepenhorstii Miq.
o Diospyros lanceifolia Roxb.
o Diospyros macrophylla Bl.
o Diospyros cf. malayana Bakh.
o Diospyros neurosepala Bakh.
o Diospyros penangiana King & Gamble
o Diospyros pendula Hasselt ex Hassk.
o Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco
o Diospyros sumatrana Miq.
o Diospyros spp.
* Elaeocarpaceae
o Elaeocarpus cupreus Merr.
o Elaeocarpus nitidus Jack
o Elaeocarpus polystachyus Wall.
o Elaeocarpus rugosa Roxb.
o Elaeocarpus cf. stipularis Bl.
o Elaeocarpus tectorius (Lour.) Poir.
* Ericaceae
o Costera borneensis J. J. Sm.
o Costera ovalifolia J.J.Sm.*
o Diplycosia kemulensis J.J.Sm.*
o Diplycosia punctulata Stapf
o Diplycosia scabrida Becc.*
o Rhododendron borneense (J. J. Sm.) Argent, A. L. Lamb & Phillipps
o Rhododendron brookeanum Low ex Lindley*
o Rhododendron durioniifolium Becc.*
o Rhododendron exuberans (Sleumer) Argent
o Rhododendron fortunans J. J. Sm.
o Rhododendron lanceolatum Ridley*
o Rhododendron longiflorum Lindl.
o Rhododendron nervulosum Sleumer*
o Rhododendron nieuwenhuisii J.J. Sm.*
o Rhododendron quadrasianum Vidal*
o Rhododendron verticillata Lowe ex Lindl.
o Vaccinium bancanum Miq.
o Vaccinium claoxylon J.J.Sm.*
o Vaccinium clematis Merr.*
o Vaccinium aff. filiforme (J. J. Sm.) Sleumer
o Vaccinium kemulense Sleumer
o Vaccinium laurifolium Miq.
o Vaccinium cf. megaphyllum Sleumer*
o Vaccinium spp.
* Escalloniaceae
o Polyosma spp.
* Euphorbiaceae
o Actephila sp.*
o Agrostistachys borneensis Becc.*
o Agrostistachys leptostachya Pax & K. Hoffm.
o Agrostistachys longifolia Benth. ex Hook. f.
o Antidesma cf. cordatum Airy Shaw
o Antidesma cuspidatum Muell. Arg.
o Antidesma hosei Pax & K. Hoffm.
o Antidesma leucopodum Miq.
o Antidesma macrothyrsa Miq.
o Antidesma montanum Bl.
o Antidesma neurocarpum Miq.
o Antidesma pendulum Hook. f.
o Antidesma phanerophlebium Merr.*
o Antidesma rarispina Whitmore*
o Antidesma salicinum Ridl.*
o Antidesma stipulare Bl.
o Antidesma tomentosa Bl.*
o Antidesma venenosum J. J. Sm.
o Antidesma spp.
o Aporusa antennifera (Airy Shaw) Airy Shaw
o Aporusa benthamina Hook. f.
o Aporusa confusa Gage
o Aporusa cf. elmeri Merr.
o Aporusa cf. frutescens Bl.
o Aporusa grandistipulata Merr.
o Aporusa granularis Airy Shaw
o Aporusa illustris Airy Shaw
o Aporusa isabellina Airy Shaw*
o Aporusa latifolia King ex Hook. f.*
o Aporusa lucida (Miq.) Airy Shaw
o Aporusa nitida Merr.
o Aporusa prainiana King*
o Aporusa sarawakensis Schot
o Aporusa subcaudata Merr.
o Aporusa spp.
o Baccaurea angulata Merr.
o Baccaurea javanica (Bl.) Muell. Arg.
o Baccaurea lanceolata Muell. Arg.
o Baccaurea macrocarpa (Miq.) Muell. Arg.
o Baccaurea parviflora (Muell. Arg.) Muell. Arg.
o Baccaurea racemosa (Reinw.) Muell. Arg.
o Baccaurea reticulata Hook. f.
o Baccaurea stipulata J. J. Sm.
o Baccaurea sumatrana (Miq.) Muell. Arg.
o Baccaurea trigonocarpa Merr.
o Blumeodendron borneense cf. Pax & K. Hoffm.
o Blumeodendron tokbrai J. J. Sm.
o Breynia cernua (Poir.) Muell. Arg.
o Breynia coronata Hook. f.
o Claoxylon longifolium (Bl.) Endl. ex Hassk.
o Claoxylon velutinum Hook. f.
o Cleistanthus antennifera Max
o Cleistanthus bridelifolia C. B. Rob.
o Cleistanthus cholocarpus Airy Shaw
o Cleistanthus maingayi Hook. f.
o Cleistanthus myrianthus (Hassk.) Kurz
o Cleistanthus pseudopodocarpus Jabl.
o Cleistanthus pubens Airy Shaw
o Cleistanthus sumatranus (Miq.) Muell.
o Cleistantus spp.
o Croton argyratus Bl.
o Croton caudatus Geisel.
o Croton spp.
o Dimorphocalyx muricatus (Hook. f.) Airy Shaw
o Dimorphocalyx murinus Elmer
o Drypetes crassipes Pax & K. Hoffm.
o Drypetes longifolia (Bl.) Pax & K. Hoffm.
o Drypetes sp.
o Elateriospermum tapos (Bl.) Pax & K. Hoffm.
o Endospermum diadenum (Miq.) Airy Shaw
o Glochidion glomerulatum (Miq.) Boerl.
o Glochidion aff. kunstlerianum Gage
o Glochidion cf. lutescens Bl.
o Glochidion cf. rubrum Bl.
o Glochidion superbum Baill.
o Glochidion cf. trusanicum Airy Shaw
o Glochidion spp.
o Homalanthus populneus (Geisel.) Pax
o Macaranga aetheadenia Airy Shaw
o Macaranga beccariana Merr.
o Macaranga conifera (Zoll.) Muell. Arg.
o Macaranga costulata Pax & K. Hoffm.
o Macaranga hosei King ex Hook. f.
o Macaranga hullettii King ex Hook. f.
o Macaranga hypoleuca (Reichb. f. & Zoll.) Muell. Arg.
o Macaranga lamellata Whitmore
o Macaranga lowii King ex Hook. f.
o Macaranga motleyani (Muell. Arg.) Muell. Arg.
o Macaranga cf. triloba (Bl.) Muell. Arg.
o Macaranga winkleri Pax & K. Hoffm.
o Mallotus brevipetiolata Airy Shaw
o Mallotus eucaustus Airy Shaw
o Mallotus laevigatus (Muell. Arg.) Airy Shaw
o Mallotus macrostachys (Miq.) Muell. Arg.
o Mallotus oblongifolius (Miq.) Muell. Arg.
o Mallotus paniculatus (Lam.) Muell. Arg.
o Mallotus penangensis Muell. Arg.
o Mallotus cf. wrayi King ex Hook. f.
o Mallotus spp.
o Neoscortechinia kingii (Hook. f.) Pax & Hoffm.
o Neoscortechinia philippinensis (Merr.) Welzen
o Omphalea bracteata (Blanco) Airy Shaw
o Pimelodendron griffithianum (Muell. Arg.) Benth.
o Pimelodendron unicata
o Phyllanthus chamapeuce Ridl.*
o Ptychopyxis grandis Airy Shaw
o Sebastiania borneensis Pax
o Suregada glomerata (Bl.) Baill.
o Trigonopleura malayana Hook. f.*
o Trigonostemon sumatranus Pax & K. Hoffm.

* Fagaceae
o Castanopsis densinervia Soepadmo
o Castanopsis foxworthyi Schottky
o Castanopsis fulva Gamble
o Castanopsis microphylla Soepadmo
o Castanopsis motleyana King
o Castanopsis oviformis Soepadmo
o Castanopsis psilophylla Soepadmo
o Lithocarpus cf. burkillii A. Camus
o Lithocarpus cantleyanus (King ex Hook. f.) Rehder
o Lithocarpus conocarpus (Oudem) Rehder
o Lithocarpus coopertus (Blanco) Rehd.*
o Lithocarpus ewyckii (Korth.) Rehder
o Lithocarpus ferrugineus Soepadmo
o Lithocarpus cf. kunstleri (King ex Hook. f.) A. Camus
o Lithocarpus leptogyne (Korth.) Soepadmo
o Lithocarpus lucidus (Roxb.) Rehder
o Lithocarpus nieuwenhuisii (Seemen) A. Camus
o Lithocarpus wallichianus (Lindl. ex Hance) Rehder
o Lithocarpus spp.
o Quercus argentata Korth.
o Quercus kerangascensis Soepadmo*
* Flacourtiaceae
o Casearia capitellata Bl.
o Casearia rugulosa Bl.*
o Casearia sp.
o Flacourtia inermis Roxb.*
o Flacourtia rukam Zoll. & Moritzi
o Flacourtia unicata
o Homalium foetidum (Roxb.) B. & K.*
o Hydnocarpus borneensis Sleumer
o Hydnocarpus kunstleri (King) Warb.*
o Hydnocarpus pentagyna Slooten
o Hydnocarpus polypetala (Slooten) Sleumer
o Hydnocarpus scortechinii King
o Hydnocarpus subfalcata Merr.
o Hydnocarpus sp.
o Osmelia philippina (Turcz.) Benth.*
o Ryparosa acuminata Merr.
o Ryparosa kostermansii Sleumer
o Ryparosa scortechinii King
o Ryparosa sp.
o Scolopia spinosa (Roxb.) Warb.
* Flagellariaceae
o Flagellaria indica L.*

* Gentianaceae
o Cotylanthera tenuis Bl.*
* Gesneriaceae
o Aeschynanthus spp.
o Agalmyla sp.*
o Boeica sp.*
o Cyrtandra cf. prostrata Kraenzl.
o Cyrtandra spp.
o Didymocarpus crinita Jack
o Didymocarpus spp.
* Gnetaceae
o Gnetum cf. cuspidatum Bl.
o Gnetum gnemon L.
o Gnetum leptostachyum Bl.
o Gnetum spp.
* Gramineae
o Centotheca lappacea Desv.
o Coelorhachis glandulosa (Trin.) Ridley*
o Cyrtococcum accrescens (Trin.) Stapf.
o Cyrtococcum oxyphyllum (Steud.) Stapf*
o Dinochloa sp.*
o Eragrostis sp.
o Hymenachne indica Beuse
o Isachne kunthiana (Steud.) Miq.*
o Leptaspis urceolata R. Br.
o Lophaterum gracile Brogn.*
o Microstegium spectabile (Trin.) A. Camus*
o Miscanthus floridulus (Labill.) Warb. ex K. Schum. & Lauterb.
o Panicum sarmentosum Roxb.*
o Paspalum conjugatum Berg.
o Sorghum vulgare Pers.*
o Themeda cf. intermedia Hack.
* Guttiferae
o Calophyllum pulcherrimum Wall. ex Planch. et Triana
o Calophyllum venulosum Zoll.
o Calophyllum spp.
o Cratoxylum formosum (Jack) Dyer
o Garcinia cf. bancana (Miq.) Miq.
o Garcinia cf. brevirostris Scheff.
o Garcinia dioica Bl.
o Garcinia gaudichaudii Planch. & Triana
o Garcinia agg. lateriflora Bl.
o Garcinia cf. lateriflora Bl.
o Garcinia cf. maingayi Hook. f.
o Garcinia cf. mangostana L.
o Garcinia cf. rostrata (Hassk.) Miq.
o Garcinia urophylla Scort. ex King
o Garcinia spp.
o Kayea cf. congestiflora P. F. Stevens
o Kayea oblongifolia Ridl.
o Mammea acuminata Kosterm.
o Mammea anastomosans (Miq.) Kosterm.
o Mammea teijsmannii P. F. Stevens
o Mammea sp.
o Mesua spp.

* Hanguanaceae
o Hanguana malayana (Jack) Merr.
* Hymenophyllaceae
o Hymenophyllum emarginatum Sw.*
o Hymenophyllum spp.
o Trichomanes christii Copel.*
o Trichomanes obscurum Bl.*
o Trichomanes superbum Moore*
o Trichomanes spp.
* Hypnaceae
o Ectropothecium sp.
* Hypnodendraceae
o Hypnodendron sp.
* Hypoxidaceae
o Curculigo spp.

* Icacinaceae
o Gonocaryum crassifolium Ridl.
o Phytocrene racemosa Sleumer
o Sarcostigma tomentosa Teijsm. & Binn.
o Stemonurus malaccensis (Mast.) Sleumer
* Illiciaceae
o Illicium tenuifolium (Ridl.) A. C. Sm.
* Ixonanthaceae
o Ixonanthes petiolaris Bl.*

* Labiateae
o Gomphostemma sp.*
* Lauraceae
o Actinodaphne borneense Meisn.
o Actinodaphne glomerata (Bl.) Nees
o Beilschmiedia pulverulenta Kosterm.
o Beilschmiedia spp.
o Cinnamomum javanicum Bl.
o Cinnamomum spp.
o Cryptocarya spp.
o Dehaasia incrassata (Jack) Kosterm.
o Dehaasia spp.
o Endiandra spp.
o Eusideroxylon zwageri Teijsm. & Binn.
o Lindera sp.*
o Litsea aff. fulva (Bl.) Vill.
o Litsea grandis (Wall. ex Nees) Hook. f.
o Litsea oppositifolia Gibbs
o Litsea cf. singaporensis Gamble
o Litsea spp.
o Nothaphoebe sarawakensis Gamble
o Persea sp.*
* Lecythidaceae
o Barringtonia lanceolata (Ridl.) Payens
o Barringtonia cf. macrocarpa Hassk.
o Barringtonia reticulata (Bl.) Miq.
o Barringtonia cf. scortechinii King
* Leeaceae
o Leea aequata L.
o Leea amabilis Veitch ex Musters*
o Leea indica (Burm. f.) Merr.
o Leea cf. indica (Burm. f.) Merr.
o Leea rubra Bl.
o Leea spp.
* Leguminosae – Caesalpinioideae
o Bauhinia kokkiana (Korth.) Benth.
o Bauhinia cf. moultonii (Merr.) de Witt
o Bauhinia semibifida (Roxb.) Benth.
o Bauhinia sp.*
o Crudia reticulata Merr.
o Crudia tenuipes Merr.
o Crudia sp.
o Koompassia excelsa (Becc.) Taub.
o Saraca declinata (Jack) Miq.
o Saraca sp.
o Sindora leiocarpa Backer ex de Wit*
o Sindora sp.
* Leguminosae – Mimosoideae
o Archidendron triplinervium (Kosterm.) I. C. Nielson
o Parkia sp.
o Pithecellobium spp.
* Leguminosae – Papilionoideae
o Callerya nieuwenhuisii (J. J. Sm.) Schot
o Dalbergia hoseana Prain
o Fordia brachybotrys Merr.
o Fordia coriacea Dunn*
o Mastersia bakeri (Kds.) Back.*
o Mucuna sp.*
o Pterocarpus indicus Willd.*
o Spatholobus cf. macroptera Miq.
o Whitfordiodendron nieuwenhuisii (J.J. Sm.) Merr.*
* Leucobryaceae
o Leucobryum aduncum Dozy & Molk.
o Leucobryum arfakianum C. Muell. ex Geh.
o Leucobryum chlorophyllosum C. Muell.
o Leucobryum juniperoideum (Brid.) C. Muell.
o Leucobryum sanctum (Brid.) Hampe
o Leucobryum spp.
* Linaceae
o Philbornea magnifolia (Stapf) Hall. f.*
* Loganiaceae
o Fagraea auriculata Jack
o Fagraea kalimantensis Leenh.*
o Fagraea macroscypha Baker
o Fagraea racemosa Wall.*
o Fagraea tacacalpa Leenh.
o Fagraea sp.
o Strychnos axillaris Colebr.
o Strychnos ignatii P. J. Bergius
o Strychnos spp.
* Lomariopsidaceae
o Bolbitis sp.
* Loranthaceae
o Helixanthera sp.*
o Lepeostegeres sp.*
o Loxanthera speciosa Bl.*
o Macrosolen sp.*
o Scurrula sp.
o Trithecanthera xiphostachys Tiegh.*
o Trithecanthera spp.
* Lycopodiaceae
o Lycopodium phlegmaria L.
o Lycopodium pinifolium Bl*
o Lycopodium spp.
* Lythraceae
o Duabanga moluccana Bl.
o Lagerstroemia sp.

* Magnoliaceae
o Elmerrillia tjampacca L.*
o Magnolia candollii (Bl.) H. Keng
o Magnolia carsonii Dandy ex Noot. var. drymifolia Noot.*
o Magnolia gigantifolia (Miq.) Noot.
o Magnolia cf. villosa (Miq.) H. Keng
o Michelia sp.
* Malpighiaceae
o Hiptage sp.
* Marantaceae
o Donax canniformis K. Schum.*
o Donax spp.
o Phacelophrynium sp.
o Phrynium sp.
* Melastomataceae
o Anerincleistus dajakorum (Schwartz) C. Hansen
o Anerincleistus setulosus Schwartz
o Anerincleistus sp.
o Blastus sp.*
o Creochiton sp.
o Diplectria beccariana (Cogn.) Kuntze
o Diplectria divaricata (Willd.) Kuntze
o Dissochaeta annulata Hook. f. ex Triana
o Dissochaeta gracilis Bl.
o Dissochaeta hirsuta Hook. f. ex Triana
o Dissochaeta rostrata Korth. var. porphyrocarpa (Ridl.) Maxwell*
o Driessenia glanduligera Stapf
o Driessenia sp.*
o Macrolenes stellulata (Jack) Bakh. f.
o Macrolenes sp.
o Medinilla alternifolia Bl.*
o Medinilla corallina Cogn.
o Medinilla crassifolia (Reinw. ex Bl.) Bl.
o Medinilla formanii Regalado
o Medinilla homaeandra (Stapf) Nayar*
o Medinilla lorata Stapf
o Medinilla macrophylla Bl.
o Medinilla muricata Bl.
o Medinilla myrmecorhyza Regalado
o Medinilla sessiliflora Regalado
o Medinilla subauriculata Regalado
o Medinilla spp.
o Melastoma imbricatum Wall.
o Melastoma polyanthum Bl.
o Melastoma spp.
o Memecylon acuminatissimum Bl.
o Memecylon borneense Merr.
o Memecylon excelsum Bl.
o Memecylon lilacinum Zoll. & Mor.
o Memecylon longifolium Cogn.
o Memecylon paniculatum Jack
o Memecylon scolopacinum Ridl.
o Memecylon spp.
o Ochthocharis sp.
o Pachycentria constricta (Bl.) Bl.*
o Pachycentria sp.*
o Phyllagathis vel. aff. atroviolacea C. Hansen
o Phyllagathis sp.
o Plethiandra robusta (Cogn.) M. P. Nayar
o Pogonanthera pulverulenta (Jack) Bl.
o Pternandra azurea (Bl.) Burkill
o Pternandra cogniauxii M. P. Nayar
o Pternandra multiflora Cogn.
o Pternandra rostrata (Cogn.) M. P. Nayar
o Pternandra spp.
o Sonerila spp.
* Meliaceae
o Aglaia angustifolia Miq.*
o Aglaia cf. cordata Hiern
o Aglaia elliptica Bl.*
o Aglaia cf. gamopetala Merr.
o Aglaia cf. leptantha Miq.
o Aglaia luzoniensis (Vidal) Merr. & Rolfe
o Aglaia macrocarpa (Miq.) Pannell
o Aglaia odoratissima Bl.
o Aglaia palembanica Miq.*
o Aglaia cf. rimosa (Blanco) Merr.
o Aglaia tomentosa Teijsm. & Binn.
o Aglaia spp.
o Aphanamixis borneensis (Miq.) Harms
o Chisocheton cf. macrophyllus King
o Chisocheton patens Bl.
o Chisocheton sarawakensis (DC) Harms*
o Chisocheton spp.
o Dysoxylum cf. cauliflorum Hiern
o Dysoxylum densiflorum (Bl.) Miq.*
o Dysoxylum elliptica Bl.
o Dysoxylum grande Hiern
o Dysoxylum spp.
o Sandoricum borneense Miq.
o Sandoricum spp.
o Walsura pinnata Hassk.
* Meliosmaceae
o Meliosma cf. ferruginea Bl.
o Meliosma sumatrana (Jack) Walp.
o Meliosma spp.
* Menispermaceae
o Arcangelisia flava (L.) Merr.
o Stephania sp.
o Tinomiscium petiolare Hook. f. & Thomson
* Monimiaceae
o Kibara sp.
o Matthaea sancta Bl.
* Moraceae
o Artocarpus anisophyllea Miq.
o Artocarpus elasticus Reinw.
o Artocarpus cf. kemando Miq.
o Artocarpus lancaeifolia Roxb.
o Artocarpus odoratisimus Blanco
o Artocarpus spp.
o Ficus cf. annulata Bl.
o Ficus aurata Miq.
o Ficus consociata Bl.
o Ficus cryptopus Corner
o Ficus deltoidea Jack
o Ficus depressa Bl.
o Ficus drupacea Thunb.
o Ficus fulva Reinw. ex Bl.
o Ficus cf. geocharis Corner
o Ficus globosa Bl.
o Ficus grandiflora Corner
o Ficus grossularioides Burm. f.
o Ficus hemsleyana King
o Ficus heterocarpa Bl.
o Ficus heteropleura Bl.
o Ficus lepicarpa Bl.
o Ficus macrostyla Corner
o Ficus midotis Corner
o Ficus miquellii King
o Ficus obscura Bl.
o Ficus paracamptophylla Corner
o Ficus cf. pellucida Griff.
o Ficus pisocarpa Bl.
o Ficus racemosa L.
o Ficus retusa L.
o Ficus rubromidotis Corner
o Ficus cf. sinuata Thunb.
o Ficus sundaica Bl.
o Ficus treubii King
o Ficus unicata Becc.
o Ficus urnigera Miq.
o Ficus variegata Bl.
o Ficus spp.
o Maclura cochinchinensis (Lour.) Corner*
* Musaceae
o Musa sp.*
* Myricaceae
o Myrica javanica Bl.*
* Myristicaceae
o Gymnacranthera contracta Warb.
o Gymnacranthera forbesii (King) Warb.
o Gymnacranthera spp.
o Horsfieldia borneensis W. J. de Wilde
o Horsfieldia fragillima Airy Shaw*
o Horsfieldia glabra (Bl.) Warb.
o Horsfieldia grandis (Hook. f.) Warb.
o Horsfieldia kinabaluensis Sinclair*
o Horsfieldia latifolia Warb.
o Horsfieldia cf. obscura W. J. de Wilde
o Horsfieldia percoriacea J. Sinclair
o Horsfieldia polyspherula (Hook. f.) J. Sinclair
o Horsfieldia punctatifolia Sincl.*
o Horsfieldia reticulata Warb.
o Horsfieldia spp.
o Knema ashtonii J. Sinclair
o Knema conferta (King) Warb.*
o Knema curtisii (King) Warb.
o Knema cf. glauca (Bl.) Warb.
o Knema glaucescens Jack*
o Knema hirtella W. J. de Wilde
o Knema kinabaluensis Sincl.*
o Knema korthalsii Warb.*
o Knema latericia Elmer
o Knema latifolia Warb.
o Knema lunduensis (Sinclair) W. J. de Wilde*
o Knema luteola W. J. de Wilde
o Knema mogeana W. J. de Wilde
o Knema pallens W. J. de Wilde*
o Knema percoriacea J. Sinclair
o Knema pulchra (Miq.) Warb.*
o Knema riangensis de Wilde*
o Knema sericea W. J. de Wilde
o Knema stenophylla (Warb.) Sinclair
o Knema subhirtella W. J. de Wilde
o Knema spp.
o Myristica cf. borneensis Warb.
o Myristica iners Bl.
o Myristica maxima Warb.
o Myristica spp.
* Myrsinaceae
o Ardisia borneensis aff. Scheff.
o Ardisia colorata Roxb.
o Ardisia copelandii Merr.
o Ardisia crassifolia Mez
o Ardisia fuliginosa*
o Ardisia lamponga Miq.
o Ardisia lanceolata Roxb.
o Ardisia microsoropsis B. C. Stone
o Ardisia monticola Ridl.
o Ardisia pachysandra (Wall.) Mez
o Ardisia pterocaulis Miq.
o Ardisia aff. sarawakensis Merr.
o Discocalyx sp.*
o Embelia coriacea Wall
o Embelia effusa Mez
o Embelia pergamacea A. DC.
o Embelia sp.
o Labisia pumila (Bl.) Fern.-Vill.
o Labisia sp.
o Maesa sp.
* Myrtaceae
o Acmena acuminatissima (Bl.) Merr. & Perry
o Leptospermum flavescens*
o Rhodamnia sp.*
o Syzygium eu-hemsleyana King
o Syzygium antisepticum (Bl.) Merr. & L. M. Perry
o Syzygium hirtum (Korth.) Merr. & L. M. Perry
o Syzygium leptostemon (Korth.) Merr. & L. M. Perry
o Syzygium pycnanthum Merr. & L. M. Perry
o Syzygium urceolatum (Korth.) Merr. & L. M. Perry
o Syzygium spp.
o Tristaniopsis whiteana (Griff.) P. G. Wilson & J. T. Waterh.
o Xanthomyrtus sp.*

* Nepenthaceae
o Nepenthes ephippiata Danser*
o Nepenthes reinwardtiana Miq.
o Nepenthes spp.
* Nymphaeaceae
o Barclaya sp.*

* Ochnaceae
o Brackenridgea sp.
o Euthemis leucocarpa Jack
o Gomphia serrata (Gaertn.) Kanis.
o Gomphia sp.
o Sauvagesia serrata Korth.
* Olacaceae
o Anacolosa frutescens (Bl.) Bl.
o Ochanostachys amentacea Mast.
o Scorodocarpus borneensis (Baill.) Beccari
o Strombosia ceylanica Gardner
o Strombosia javanica Bl.
* Oleaceae
o Chionanthus cuspidatus Bl.
o Chionanthus oligantha (Merr.) Kiew
o Chionanthus cf. pluriflorus (Knobl.) Kiew
o Chionanthus spp.
o Jasminum spp.
* Oleandraceae
o Nephrolepis exaltata Schott.
o Oleandra sp.
* Ophioglossaceae
o Ophioglossum pendulum L.
* Opiliaceae
o Champereia manillana (Bl.) Merr.
* Orchidaceae
o Acriopsis javanica Reinw. ex Bl.
o Adenoncos sp.
o Agrostophyllum spp.
o Apostasia wallichii R. Br.
o Appendicula spp.
o Arundina graminifolia (D. Don) Hochr.
o Bromheadia finlaysoniana Reichb. f.
o Bromheadia sect. Aporodes
o Bulbophyllum binnendijkii J. J. Sm.*
o Bulbophyllum conspectum J. J. Sm.*
o Bulbophyllum cf. endertii
o Bulbophyllum flavescens (Bl.) Ridl.*
o Bulbophyllum triflorum Bl.
o Bulbophyllum spp.
o Calanthe spp.
o Chelonistele craticulaebis J.J.Sm.*
o Chelonistele dentifera de Vogel
o Chelonistele sulphurea (Bl.) Pfitzer
o Claderia viridiflora Hook. f.
o Coelogyne craticulilabris Carr
o Coelogyne endertii J. J. Sm.
o Coelogyne cf. endertii cf. J. J. Sm.
o Coelogyne macroloba J.J.Sm.*
o Coelogyne rochusenii de Vriese*
o Coelogyne septemcostatum J. J. Sm.
o Coelogyne spp.
o Corymborkis veratrifolia (Reinw.) Bl.
o Dendrobium amblyogenium Schlechter*
o Dendrobium hosei Ridl.*
o Dendrobium spp.
o Dendrochilum sp.
o Dipodium sp.*
o Epigeneium treacherianum (Rchb. f. ex Hook. f.) Summerh.
o Epigeneium sp.
o Eria ferox Bl.
o Eria spp.
o Flickingeria sp.
o Geesinkorchis sp.*
o Grammatophyllum speciosum Bl.*
o Lecanorchis spp.
o Liparia spp.
o Malaxis spp.
o Malleola sp.
o Myrmechys sp.*
o Nephelaphyllum cf. trapoides J. J. Sm.
o Oberonia sp.
o Phalaenopsis sp.
o Plocoglottis spp.
o Podochilus spp.
o Pomatocalpa cf. kunstleri (Hook. f.) J. J. Sm.
o Pomatocalpa spp.
o Robiquetia sp.
o Schoenorchis sp.
o Thelasis sp.
o Thrixspermum spp.
o Trichotosia spp.
o Tropidia spp.
o Vanda sp.*
o Vrijdagzynea sp.*
* Oxalidaceae
o Dapania racemosa Korth.*
o Sarcotheca macrophylla Bl.*

* Palmae
o Areca spp.
o Calamus laevigatus Mart.
o Calamus paspalanthus Becc.
o Calamus spp.
o Daemonorops fissa Bl.
o Daemonorops micracanthus (Griff.) Becc.
o Daemonorops microstachys Becc.
o Daemonorops ruptilis Becc.
o Daemonorops spp.
o Iguanura macrostachya Becc.
o Korthalsia rostrata Bl.
o Korthalsia spp.
o Licuala arbuscula Becc.
o Licuala spinosa Wurmb.
o Licuala sp.
o Livistona sp.
o Pinanga spp.
* Pandaceae
o Galearia filiformis (Bl.) Boerl.
o Galearia fulva Miq.
* Pandanaceae
o Freycinetia spp.
o Pandanus spp.
* Passifloraceae
o Adenia cf. macrophylla (Bl.) Koord.
* Pentaphragmataceae
o Pentaphragma sp.
* Phyllocladaceae
o Phyllocladus spp.
* Piperaceae
o Piper arborescens Roxb.
o Piper muricatum Bl.
o Piper cf. ramipilum C. DC
o Piper semankianum C. DC
o Piper cf. velutibracteum C. DC
o Piper spp.
* Podocarpaceae
o Dacrydium spp.
o Nageia sp.*
o Podocarpus spp.
* Polygalaceae
o Epirixanthes sp.*
o Xanthophyllum cf. adenotus Korth. ex Miq.
o Xanthophyllum affine Korth. ex Miq.
o Xanthophyllum ellipticum Korth. ex Miq.
o Xanthophyllum ferrugineum v.d. Meijden*
o Xanthophyllum cf. flavescens Roxb.
o Xanthophyllum griffithi A. W. Benn.
o Xanthophyllum obscurum Benn.*
o Xanthophyllum purpureum Ridl.
o Xanthophyllum vitellinum (Bl.) D. Dietr.
o Xanthophyllum spp.
* Polypodiaceae
o Aglaomorpha sp.
o Crypsinus stenophyllus (Bl.) Holttum
o Drynaria sp.
o Lecanopteris sp.
o Lemmaphyllum accedens (Bl.) Donk
o Loxogramme sp.
o Microsorum nigrescens (Bl.) Copel.
o Paragramma longifolia (Bl.) Moore
o Platycerium sp.
o Polypodium sp.
o Selliguea spp.
* Proteaceae
o Helicia cf. attenuata (Jack) Bl.
o Helicia petiolaris Benn.
o Helicia sp.
o Heliciopsis artocarpoides (Elmer) Sleumer
o Heliciopsis velutina (Prain) Sleumer
o Heliciopsis sp.
* Psilotaceae
o Psilotum sp.

* Rafflesiaceae
o Rafflesia sp.
* Rhamnaceae
o Alphitonia sp.*
o Ziziphus cf. borneensis van Steenis
o Ziziphus cf. horsfieldia Miq.
o Ziziphus spp.
* Rhizogoniaceae
o Pyrrhobryum spp.
* Rhizophoraceae
o Carallia brachiata (Lour.) Merr.
o Gynotroches axillaris Bl.
* Rosaceae
o Prunus arborea (Bl.) Kalkm.
o Prunus beccarii (Ridl.) Kalkman*
o Prunus cf. grisea (Bl. ex C. Muell.) Kalkm.
o Prunus javanica (T. & B.) Miq.*
o Rubus clementis Merr.
o Rubus elongatus Sm.
o Rubus moluccanus L.
* Rubiaceae
o Acranthera spp.
o Aidia spp.
o Argostemma cf. brachyantherum Stapf.
o Argostemma cf. uniflorum Benn.
o Argostemma spp.
o Canthium conferta Kurz.
o Canthium didyma Kurz.
o Chassalia curviflora Thw.
o Chassalia spp.
o Coptophyllum sp.*
o Coptosapelta cf. montanum Korth.
o Coptosapelta tomentosa (Bl.) Val.
o Coptosapelta sp.
o Diplospora malaccensis Hook.f.
o Diplospora sp.
o Gaertnera vaginalis (DC) Merr.
o Gaertnera sp.
o Gardenia torsteriana Miq.
o Gardeniopsis longifolia Miq.
o Geophila sp.*
o Hedyotis auricularia L.
o Hedyotis caerulea Wight*
o Hedyotis congesta Wall.
o Hedyotis philippensis (Willd.) Merr. ex C.B. Rob.
o Hedyotis verticillata (L.) Lam.
o Hedyotis sp.
o Hydnophytum formicarum Jack
o Hypobathrum spp.
o Ixora cf. caudata Bremek.
o Ixora elliptica R. Br. et Ridl.
o Ixora javanica DC.
o Ixora miquellii Brem.
o Ixora spp.
o Kailarsenia sp.*
o Lasianthus borneensis Merr.
o Lasianthus cf. constrictus Wight
o Lasianthus cf. ellipticus Wight
o Lasianthus griffithianum Hook. f.
o Lasianthus griffithii Wight
o Lasianthus inaequalis Bl.
o Lasianthus maingayi Hook.f.
o Lasianthus scabridus King & Gamble
o Lasianthus stipularis Bl.
o Lasianthus spp.
o Lecananthus cf. erubescens Jack.
o Lecananthus spp.
o Lucinaea spp.
o Maschalocorymbus sp.
o Maschalodesma sp.*
o Morinda sp.
o Mussaenda villosa Wall.
o Myrioneuron sp.
o Myrmeconauclea strigosa (Korth.) Merr.
o Nauclea calycina Bartl. Ex D. C.
o Nauclea excelsa Merr.
o Nauclea subdita (Korth.) Steud.
o Nostolachma sp.*
o Ophiorrhiza spp.
o Paederia foetida L.
o Paederia sp.
o Pavetta cf. multiflora Bremek.
o Pavetta sylvatica Bl.
o Pleiocarpidia cf. euneandra (Wight) K. Schum
o Pleiocarpidia polyneura (Miq.) Brem
o Porterandia cf. anisophyllea (Roxb.) Ridl.
o Porterandia cf. callapifolia (Roxb.) Ridl.
o Porterandia catappifolia (Var.) Ridl.
o Praravinia spp.
o Prismatomeris beccariana (Baill.) Johnson
o Prismatomeris cf. glabra (Korth.) Val.
o Psychotria aurantiaca Wall.
o Psychotria cf. crassifolia Miq.
o Psychotria divergens Bl.
o Psychotria cf. laxiflora Bl.
o Psychotria cf. leptothyrsa Miq.
o Psychotria nieuwenhuizii Val.
o Psychotria viridiflora Reinw. ex Bl.
o Psychotria spp.
o Randia jambosoides (Val.) Ridsl
o Randia grandis (Korth.) Val. ex Winkler*
o Rennellia elliptica Korth.
o Rennellia spp.
o Rothmannia grandis (Korth.) Val.*
o Saprosma arborea Bl.
o Steenisia spp.
o Stichianthus minutiflorous Val.
o Stichianthus sp.
o Streblosa microcarpa Ridl.
o Streblosa undulata Korth.
o Streblosa spp.
o Tarenna cumingiana Elm.
o Tarenna winkleri Val.
o Tarenna spp.
o Timonius spp.
o Tricalysia singularis Korth.
o Trukia sp.
o Uncaria cf. acida (Hunt) Roxb.
o Uncaria cordata Merr.
o Uncaria sclerophylla Roxb.
o Uncaria sp.
o Urophyllum grabrum Wall.
o Urophyllum cf. griffithianum Hook. f.
o Urophyllum cf. hirsutum Hook.f.
o Urophyllum cf. streptopodium Wall.
o Urophyllum trifurcatum Pearson
o Urophyllum spp.
o Xanthophytum sp.*
* Rutaceae
o Clausena sp.*
o Euodia latifolia DC
o Euodia sp.
o Glycosmis chlorosperma (Bl.) Spr.
o Glycosmis sp.
o Luvunga crassifolia Tanaka
o Luvunga sp.
o Micromelum minutum Forst.
o Tetractomia tetrandrum (Roxb.) Merr.
o Tetractomia sp.

* Santalaceae
o Dendromyza sp.*
o Scleropyrum spp.
* Sapindaceae
o Allophylus cobbe (L.) Raeusch.
o Dimocarpus fumatus (Bl.) Leenh.
o Dimocarpus longan Lour.
o Guioa pleuropteris (Bl.) Radlk.
o Lepisanthes amoena (Hassk.) Leenh.
o Lepisanthes cf. divaricata (Radkl.) Leenh.
o Lepisanthes fructicosa Leenh.*
o Lepisanthes aff. lappaceum L.
o Lepisanthes tetraphylla (Vahl.) Radlk
o Lepisanthes spp.
o Litchi chinensis Sonner*
o Nephelium eriopetalum Miq.*
o Nephelium maingayi Hiern.*
o Nephelium cf. mutabile Bl.
o Nephelium reticulatum Radlk.
o Nephelium unicatum Radkl. ex Leenh.
o Nephelium spp.
o Pometia pinnata Forst.
o Xerospermum laevigatum Radlk.*
o Xerospermum noronhianum (Bl.) Bl.
* Sapotaceae
o Madhuca malacensis Lam.
o Madhuca palembanica (Miq.) Assem & Kosterm.*
o Madhuca spp.
o Palaquium sericeum H. J. Lam*
o Palaquium gutta Baill.*
o Palaquium rostrata Burcke*
o Palaquium spp.
o Payena gigas van Bruggen
* Schisandraceae
o Kadsura sp.*
* Scrophulariaceae
o Brookea dasyantha Benth.
o Lindernia sp.*
* Selaginellaceae
o Selaginella magnifica Warb.*
o Selaginella spp.
* Simaroubaceae
o Brucea javanica (L.) Merr.*
o Brucea sp.
o Eurycoma longifolia Jack
* Smilacaceae
o Smilax spp.
* Solanaceae
o Lycianthes sp.*
* Sterculiaceae
o Abroma sp.*
o Byttneria cf. maingayi Hook. f.
o Heritiera borneensis (Merr.) Kosterm.
o Heritiera sp.*
o Leptonychia caudata Burett
o Scaphium cf. macropodum Beumee ex K. Heyne
o Sterculia coccinea Roxb.
o Sterculia cf. lancaviensis Ridl.
o Sterculia membranacea Merr.
o Sterculia rubiginosa Vent.
o Sterculia stipulata Korth.
o Sterculia translucens Stapf.
* Symplocaceae
o Symplocos cerasifolia Wall.*
o Symplocos cochinchinensis (Lour.) S. Moore
o Symplocos crassipes Clarke*
o Symplocos goodeniacea Noot.*
o Symplocos laeteviridis Stapf.
o Symplocos rayae Noot.*
o Symplocos riangensis Noot.*
o Symplocos spp.

* Taccaceae
o Tacca sp.*
* Tetrameristaceae
o Tetramerista glabra Miq.*
* Theaceae
o Adinandra acuminata Korth.
o Adinandra spp.
o Eurya cf. acuminata DC.
o Gordonia marginata (Korth.) Endl. ex Walp.
o Gordonia sp.
o Pyrenaria pahangensis H. Keng
o Pyrenaria cf. tawauensis H. Keng
o Pyrenaria spp.
o Ternstroemia coriacea Scheff.
* Thelypteridaceae
o Pronephrium asperum (Presl.) Holtt.
o Pronephrium sp.
* Thymelaeaceae
o Amyxa pluricornis (Radlk.) Domke*
o Aquilaria beccariana Tiegh.
o Gonystylus borneensis (Tiegh.) Gilg.
o Gonystylus brunnescens Airy Shaw
o Gonystylus costalis Airy Shaw
o Gonystylus maingayi Hook. f.
o Gonystylus velutinus Airy Shaw
o Gonystylus spp.
o Wikstroemia ovata C. A. Mey.
* Tiliaceae
o Brownlowia sp.*
o Diplodiscus sp.*
o Grewia spp.
o Jarandersonia cf. rinoreoides Kosterm.
o Microcos cf. antidesmaefolia King.
o Microcos cf. fibrocarpa Burrett.
o Microcos spp.
o Pentace triptera Mast. in Hook. f.*
* Trigoniaceae
o Trigoniastrum hypoleucum Miq.
* Triuridaceae
o Sciaphila sp.*

* Ulmaceae
o Gironniera hirta Ridl.
o Gironniera nervosa Planch.
o Gironniera subaequalis Planch
o Gironniera sp.
o Trema orientalis Bl.
* Urticaceae
o Elatostema integrifolium cf. (D. Don) Wedd.
o Elatostema spp.
o Leucosyke sp.*
o Procris sp.*

* Verbenaceae
o Callicarpa farinosa Bl.
o Callicarpa furfuracea Moldenke
o Callicarpa involucrata Merr.
o Callicarpa kinabaluensis Bakh.
o Callicarpa longifolia Lam.
o Callicarpa uniflora Stapf*
o Callicarpa spp.
o Clerodendrum adenophysum Hallier f.
o Clerodendrum bethunianum Lowe
o Clerodendron fistulosum Becc.*
o Clerodendrum laevifolium Bl.
o Clerodendrum phyllomega Steud.
o Clerodendrum spp.
o Petraeovitex membranacea Merr.
o Petraeovitex trifolia Merr.
o Premna oblongifolia Merr.
o Premna sp.
o Teijsmanniodendron hollrungii (Warb.) Kosterm.
o Teijsmanniodendron simplicifolium Merr.
o Teijsmanniodendron subspicatum (Hallier f.) Kosterm.
o Teijsmanniodendron sp.
o Vitex pinnata L.
o Vitex pubescens Vahl
o Vitex gamosepala Griff.
* Violaceae
o Rinorea cf. anguifera (Lour.) Kuntze
o Rinorea cf. horneri (Korth.) Kuntze
o Rinorea cf. javanica (Bl.) Kuntze
o Rinorea cf. lanceolata (Wall.) Kuntze
o Rinorea sclerocarpa Melch.
o Rinorea sp.
* Vitaceae
o Ampelocissus gracilis (Wall.) Planch.
o Ampelocissus imperialis (Miq.) Planch.
o Ampelocissus winkleri Lauterb.
o Ampelocissus sp.
o Cayratia geniculata (Bl.) Gagnep.
o Cissus angustatus Ridl.
o Cissus simplex Blanco
o Cissus sp.
o Pterisanthes cf. heterotricha Merr.
o Pterisanthes cf. rufula (Miq.) Planch.
o Pterisanthes sp.
o Tetrastigma cf. glabratum Planch.
o Tetrastigma lanceolarium Planch.
o Tetrastigma cf. papillosum (Bl.) Planch.
o Tetrastigma cf. pedunculare (Wall.) Planch.
o Tetrastigma sp.
o Vitis sp.
* Vittariaceae
o Antrophyum semicostatum Bl.
o Antrophyum sp.
o Vittaria elongata Sw.
o Vittaria spp.

* Woodsiaceae
o Diplazium cordifolium Bl.
o Diplazium spp.

* Zingiberaceae
o Alpinia cf. rafflesiana Wall.
o Alpinia spp.
o Amomum spp.
o Boesenbergia sp.*
o Etlingera spp.
o Globba aff. atrosanguinea Teijsm. & Binn.
o Globba spp.
o Hedychium sp.
o Hornstedtia aff. gracilis R. M. Smith
o Kaempferia sp.
o Plagiostachys sp.
o Zingiber sp.

* Malayan pangolin – Manis javanica
* Moonrat – Echinosorex gymnura
* Long-tailed macaque – Macaca fascicularis
* Pig-tailed macaque – Macaca nemestrina
* Maroon leaf monkey – Presbytis rubicunda
* Orangutan – Pongo pygmaeus
* Agile gibbon – Hylobates agilis
* Greater slow loris – Nycticebus coucang
* Western tarsier – Tarsius bancanus
* Clouded leopard – Neofelis nebulosa
* Short-tailed mongoose – Herpestes brachyurus
* Malayan sunbear – Helarctos malayanus
* Small-toothed palm civet – Arctogalidia trivirgata
* Banded linsang – Prionodon linsang
* Malay civet – Viverra tangalunga
* Bearded pig – Sus barbatus
* Lesser mouse deer – Tragulus javanicus
* Large mouse deer – Tragulus napu
* Plaintain squirrel – Callosciurus notatus
* Prevost’s squirrel – Callosciurus prevostii

* Proboscis monkey – Nasalis larvatus

* Crested patridge – Rollulus rouloul
* Bulwer’s Pheasant – Lophura bulweri
* Great Argus – Argusianus argus
* Red-throated Barbet – Megalaima mystacophanos
* Yellow-crowned Barbet – Megalaima henricii
* Rhinoceros Hornbill – Buceros rhinoceros
* Helmeted Hornbill – Buceros vigil
* Bushy-crested Hornbill – Anorrhinus galeritus
* White-crowned Hornbill – Aceros comatus
* Wreathed Hornbill – Aceros undulatus
* White-bellied Woodpecker – Dryocopus javensis
* Olive-backed Woodpecker – Dinopium rafflesii
* Stork-billed Kingfisher – Pelargopsis capensis
* Whiskered Treeswift – Hemiprocne comata
* Emerald Dove – Chalcophaps indica
* Lesser Fish-Eagle – Ichthyophaga humilis
* Greater Racket-tailed Drongo – Dicrurus paradiseus
* Asian Paradise-Flycatcher – Terpsiphone paradisi
* Black-breasted Fruit-hunter – Chlamydochaera jefferyi
* Blue-and-white Flycatcher – Cyanoptila cyanomelana
* Little Pied Flycatcher – Ficedula westermanni
* White-crowned Forktail – Enicurus leschenaulti
* Hill Myna – Gracula religiosa
* Velvet-fronted Nuthatch – Sitta frontalis
* Straw-headed Bulbul – Pycnonotus zeylanicus
* Ochraceous Bulbul – Alophoixus ochraceus
* Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush – Garrulax mitratus
* Chestnut-backed Scimitar-Babbler – Pomatorhinus montanus
* Grey Wagtail – Motacilla cinerea




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