Angseri Hot Springs, Munduk

Angseri Hot Springs, Munduk

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Need some privacy in a closed cabin to relax and enjoy the hot waters without any outside interference? Angseri Hot Springs is the Answer. Angseri Hot Springs nestled between lush rice paddies and small streams, precisely in Banjar Munduk Lumbang, Angseri Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency. Places that used only as a traditional bathhouse by the local people, now transformed into a comfortable bathing area, with only Rp 3,000 (entrance fee) was able to enjoy the warmth of the hot spring pools.

It is only 2 hours drive from Denpasar taking the direction to go to Bedugul. If you are a little confused with the location of Angseri Hot Springs, asking some locals around may be can help you. You can also reach it coming from Penebel through Jatiluwih going north-east as well, but then it’s a bit more difficult to find. Coming closer to the destination you will see black and white signs “Air Panas”, which means Hot Spring in Bahasa Indonesia.

The whole area is surrounded by green vegetation, mainly bamboo, palm and fern trees, as well as cultivated rice paddies, where you can sometimes see the local farmers going after their work in the rice fields.

Angseri Hot Springs offers 2 open-air pool, and 4 small private cabins, with rooms for up to 6 people max. Only Rp 10.000,- (USD 1) for each visitor, you can call one of the cabins for 30 minutes (if a visitor to this place relatively quiet, you can call as long as you want :p). For the public open-air pool, the cost is free! The private cabins are cleaned after every visitor and the water is exchanged completely as well. The whole place is practically only a few years old and hygiene looks very good. Early afternoon, the open-air pool is already emptied and cleaned for the next day to come. So make sure you arrive not later than lunch time to use this one.

This place is also equipped with a canteen that sells food and drink typical of Bali, like tipat cantok and young coconut. So after enjoy the hot waters, do not be afraid to go hungry.

Angseri Hot Springs is a potential place as tourist destination in Bali due to the place is unique with original hot water surrounded by green vegetation. It is many visited by local and foreign tourists who want to take a bath in the hot water while enjoy the natural nature surround it.

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