Amed & the Far East Coast

Amed & the Far East Coast

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Stretching from Amed to Bali’s far eastern tip, this once-remote stretch of semi-arid coast draws visitors to a succession of small, scalloped, black-sand beaches, a relaxed atmosphere and excellent diving and snorkelling.

The coast here is often called simply ‘Amed’ but this is a misnomer, as the coast is a series of seaside dusun (small villages) that starts with the actual Amed in the north and then runs southeast to Aas. If you’re looking to get away from crowds, this is the place to come and try some yoga. Everything is spread out, so you never feel like you’re in the middle of anything much except maybe one of the small fishing villages.

Traditionally this area has been quite poor, with thin soils, low rainfall and very limited infrastructure. Salt production is still carried out on the beach at Amed. Villages further east rely on fishing, and colourful jukung (traditional boats) line up on every available piece of beach. Inland, the steep hillsides are generally too dry for rice – corn, peanuts and vegetables are the main crops.

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