Alor Islands Eco Dive Resort

Alor Islands Dive Resorts

Eco Dive Resort

Our resort Our intimate resort is situated on a 400 m long white sandy beach on Pantar Island. To preserve the authentic atmosphere of the place, we took special care while integrating the resort in its natural surrounding. Construction was done with traditional methods, local timber and natural materials. The architecture part was made by local craftsmen and most of the work was done by local community. We were consciously planning the layout of the resort in a manner that no tree cutting was necessary. In a stretched layout, all of the bungalows as well as restaurant and dive center are seafront. To enhance friendly ambiance and personalized service, the number of guest is limited to 12. Locals from nearby village, few assistants from main town Kalabahi and Western management are the hospitable working team, all committed to give you memorable stay in our island retreat. The climate of Alor is particularly pleasant: months from early April to late October are fairly dry and nights are often surprisingly cold, therefore acclimatization is less harsh as one might imagine. Moreover, due to lack of standing fresh water, mosquitoes are rare to encounter for most of the year. RESTAURANT The restaurant is a relaxing area that accommodates possibilities for some daily activities and “inactivity” if you want to relax and enjoy a drink or a book. It is a place that apart from dinning area embraces also library and computer corner as well as comfortable lounge. In a selection of books you can find some literature on marine life and choice of fiction and non fiction books. The computer is facilitated by resort and serves to download and manipulate digital photos. Three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are generally served buffet or family style. Complementary tea and coffee are available at all times and in the afternoon we offer a selection of sweet or savoury snacks. On a request we can provide you with tea and coffee making facilities at your bungalow. Please take into an account that other beverages are not included on the price: we offer canned soft drinks and a choice of alcohol is currently limited to beer. If desired we can organise sampling of locally brewed palm wine.

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