South Kalimantan Alabio Polder Barito Basin

Alabio Polder Barito Basin

Latitude : 2 29 5 S
Logitude : 115 8 10 E
Altitude : 0 to 0 metres
Area :6000 ha Wetlands: 6000 ha
Tenure : Government of Indonesia and local people

Site Description
A swamp area which was attempted to be converted to a polder. Construction started in 1936, but the pumping capacity was too low and the project failed. Large areas have fallen in disrepair. Some dikes have been cut through for fisheries! (8,000 tonnes per year). Each year about 3,000 ha are planted with rice in the dry season between May and August when the waterlevel is lowest. It is also an important duckfarming area (24 million eggs per year). Depth of water ranges in the wet season from one metre to two metres. The lower end of the polder is always swampy. The area is known to be important for waterbirds. Giesen (1996) reported that the site is a completely degraded wetland, suffering from severe soil acidification after dyke construction/draining. Of some importance to waterbirds in the wetlseason.

Site Location
Alabio Polders is located on upstream of the Sungai Negara, Barito Basin, South Kalimantan.


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