Aceh Traditional Houses

Sumatra, Traditional Houses, Aceh, Aceh

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Rumoh Aceh The 'Rumoh Aceh' or traditional Acehnese house stands next to the Museum Aceh in the Keraton Compound...

Aceh, Lhoukseudu Village, Fishing Village

Lhoukseudu-01-800Aceh, Lhoukseudu Village, Fishing Village

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West coast aceh fishing village...

Aceh, Banda Aceh Fish Market

Banda-Aceh-Fish-Market-01-800Aceh, Banda Aceh Fish Market

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Today, Banda Aceh, split in two by the Kali Aceh (Aceh River) is also...

Aceh, Painters House

Painter-01-800Aceh, Painters House

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Thahir and I stopped for a coffee next to this house. We chatted with the owner Painter he was proud of...

Aceh, Banda Aceh, Traditional Harbor

Banda-Aceh-01-800Aceh, Banda Aceh, Traditional Harbor

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The earliest Islamic kingdoms of Indonesia were along the northern coast of Aceh. A...

Aceh, Sigli Village

aceh-01-800Aceh, Sigli Village

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An assembly after a day of work in a village close to Sigli - Sumatra. 3 months after the tsunami hit...

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