West Sumatra

- West Sumatra

West-Sumatra-800West Sumatra

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From the air, Sumatra Barat (West Sumatra) looks as though a giant has plunged their hands into the equator...

Gunung Merapi

Gunung-Merapi-800Gunung Merapi

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The smouldering summit of Gunung Merapi (2891m) looms large over Bukittinggi to the east. Occasionally...



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Early on a bright, clear morning, the market town of Bukittinggi sits high above the valley mists as three...

Gunung Singgalang

Gunung-Singgalang_ton-800Gunung Singgalang

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Gunung Singgalang (2877m) is a more adventurous undertaking than Merapi, and is rarely climbed by...

Danau Maninjau

Danau-Maninjau-800Danau Maninjau

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The first glimpse of this perfectly formed volcanic lake sucks your breath away as your dilapidated bus...

Harau Valley

Harau-Valley_ton-800Harau Valley

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Heading east from Bukittinggi takes you through the tapioca-growing area of Piladang, famous for keropok...

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