S, South Sumatra

- South Sumatra

South-Sumatra-800South Sumatra

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The eastern portion of South Sumatra shares a common Malay ancestry and influence with Riau and Jambi...



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Sumatra's second-largest city is a major port and prospers on the core industries of oil refining, fertiliser...



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Sweeping slithers of white sand lick the coast north and south of Krui, and the meandering coastline is dotted with...

Pasemah Highlands

PasemahPasemah Highlands

The Pasemah Highlands, tucked away in the Bukit Barisan west of Lahat, are famous for the mysterious megalithic monuments...

Lake Ranau

Lake-Ranau-800Lake Ranau

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Lake Ranau (Indonesian: Danau Ranau) is a lake in Lampung, Indonesia. It is located at 4°51′45″S...