Sumatra Beaches

Aceh, Lampu'uk Beach, Lhoknga

Lampuuk-Beach-Lhoknga_tAceh, Lampu'uk Beach, Lhoknga

Before the tsunami this area was a favourite spot of intrepid surfers and weekending locals from Banda Aceh)...

Aceh, Sumur Tiga Beach, Sabang

Sumur-Tiga-SabangAceh, Sumur Tiga Beach...

Aceh, Lhok Me Beach, Mesjid Raya

Aceh-Lhok-Me-Beach-Mesjid-Raya_tAceh, Lhok Me Beach, Mesjid Raya

Lhok Me BeachThe locals call it Pantai Pasir Putih(white sand beach) for obvious reasons.Sink your feet into the...

Aceh, Ujông Pancu, Lhôk Mata Ië Beach

Ujng-Pancu-Lhk-Mata-I-Beach_to-800Aceh, Ujông Pancu, Lhôk Mata Ië Beach

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Lhôk Mata Ië beach in Ujông Pancu, Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar...

Aceh, Lhoknga Beach, Lhoknga

Aceh-Lhoknga-Beach-Lhoknga-800Aceh, Lhoknga Beach, Lhoknga

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There are many nice beaches in Lhoknga and Lampuuk, actually one very long beach with many...

Aceh, Weh, Gapang Beach

Weh-Gapang-Beach_t-800Aceh, Weh, Gapang Beach

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Gapang is one of the two most visited beaches on Pulau Weh. It has a wider variety of bungalows...

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