Siberut National Park 11 Mammals

- Siberut National Park 11 Mammals

Manis-Javanica-01-200Siberut  National Park

11 Mammals

Manis Javanica
  Pangolin,Scaly anteaters
Pagai Island...

Cervus-unicolor, Sambar, Rusa sambar


 Sambar, Rusa sambar

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Sambar (also sambur, sambhur, Tamil: Kadaththi maan, Assamese: Xor Pohu), is the...

Aeromys-tephromelas, Black Flying Squirrel

Aeromys-tephromelas Aeromys-tephromelas

 Black Flying Squirrel

The Black Flying Squirrel or Large Black Flying Squirrel (Aeromys tephromelas) is a...

Dugong-dugon, Dugong, Duyung

Dugong-dugon, Dugong, DuyungDugong-dugon

Dugong, DuyungThe dugong (Dugong dugon) is a large marine mammal which, together with the manatees, is one of four living species of...

Amblonyx cinereus, Oriental small-clawed otter

Amblonyx-cinereus-01-800Amblonyx cinereus

Oriental small-clawed otter

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The Small Asian Mongoose (Herpestes javanicus), also known as the Indian...

Hylobates klossii, Kloss' gibbon

Hylobates-klossii-02-800Hylobates klossii

Kloss' gibbon

Kloss's Gibbon (Hylobates klossii), also known as the Mentawai Gibbon or the Bilou, is a primate in the...

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