South Sulawesi, Rumah Bugis

bugis-01-800South Sulawesi, Rumah Bugis

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THE BUGIS MAKASSAR PEOPLE The people of Bugis-Makassar is the residents of South Sulawesi (...

Sulawesi Traditional Houses

toraja-house-01-800Sulawesi Traditional House

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Bulukumba-Kajang Dalam



South Sulawesi, Salotangah Floating Village

Salotangah-Floating-Village--01-800South Sulawesi, Salotangah Floating Village

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South Sulawesi, Salotangah Floating...

Sulawesi Traditional Houses

Mamuju--houseSulawesi Traditional Houses

Traditional House Mamuju is ideal used as a museum and tourist information center for foreign tourists, because it...

Sulawesi Traditional Dress

NorthSulawesi Traditional...

West Sulawesi, Mamasa

Mamasa-01-800West Sulawesi, Mamasa

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Mamasa Regency (Indonesian: Kabupaten Mamasa) is one of the five regencies which...

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