Banggai Islands

Banggai Islands

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Bangai Islands

Some areas of Indonesia are known, but have been very difficult to access. The pristine waters of the Togian Islands and the Bangai Islands are just such places. Located south of Gorantallo, North Sulawesi, the Togians & The Bangai Islands have been accessible only by local ferry services for many years. The stories told by the most adventuring travelers who have taken the time to charter local fishing boats to get to the Togians and the Bangai quote s, attest to the fact that these group's reefs and sea life are great and some of the best in Indonesia
Banggai Archipelago (Indonesian: Kepulauan Banggai) is a group of islands, which is located at the far eastern end of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is surrounded by the Banda Sea's Tolo Bay (Teluk Tolo), and the Molucca Sea. Peleng Strauits (Selat Peleng) separates it from mainland Sulawesi.
Its islands consist of Peleng, Banggai Island, Bowokan, Labobo, Kebongan, Kotudan, Tropettenando, Timpau, Salue Besar, Salue Kecil, Masepe, and Bangkulu.


Maleo cottages Luwuk

Maleo cottage is a small and family structure located close to Luwuk, Central Sulawesi, that offers accommodation and organizes diving cruise, sailing cruises, treks, and any excursion or trip you would like to do.
banggai islands Luwuk Banggai area, in the east of Central Sulawesi, offers a lot to discover, either on land or at sea. It is not a “tourist” place, but more for those who enjoy tranquillity, nature and original culture of Indonesia. We offer treks in the inside lands rainforest mountains, diving cruise in Togian and Banggai Islands, sailing cruises, and virtually any excursion or expedition you would like us to organize for you.
Daily flights from major towns of Sulawesi including Manado and Makassar, easy access to Togian or Banggai Islands, make it a good place to visit during a trip to Sulawesi.

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Offers seven-day charters departing from Kungkungan Bay Resort in Northern Sulawesi to Bangka Islands and the Lembeh Strait.

Paisubatu Togian Islands and The Bangai Islands of Central Sulawesi