Lore Lindu national Park 177 Birds

Actenoides princeps, Scaly-breasted Kingfisher,

Actenoides-princepsActenoides princeps, Scaly-breasted Kingfisher, Cekakakhutan Dada-sisik

The Scaly Kingfisher (Actenoides princeps) is a species of bird in the...

Alcedo meninting

Alcedo-menintingAlcedo meninting, Blue-eared Kingfisher, Rajaudang Meninting Opslaan

The Blue-eared Kingfisher, Alcedo meninting, is found in South and...


Actenoides-monachus-02-800Actenoides-monachus, Green-backed Kingfisher, Cekakakhutan Tunggir-hijau

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Actenoides monachus is restricted to Sulawesi...

Amaurornis phoenicurus

Amaurornis-phoenicurusAmaurornis phoenicurus, White-breasted Waterhen, Kareo Padi The White-breasted Water hen (Amaurornis phoenicurus) is a waterbird in the rail and...

Alcedo atthis

Alcedo-atthis Alcedo atthis, Common Kingfisher, Raja udang erasia

Common Kingfishers are among the few Kingfishers that specialise in fishing. They are...

Anas querquedula

Anas-querquedula-02-800Anas-querquedula, Garganey, Itik Jurai

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The Garganey, Anas querquedula is a small dabbling duck. It breeds in much of Europe...

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