Lore Lindu national Park 12 Mammals, Reptiles

- Lore Lindu national Park Mammals, Reptiles

Ailurops-ursinus-ursinus-01-200Central Sulawesi

Lore Lindu national Park

12 Mammals, Reptiles Ailurops ursinus
Ursinus Bear Cuscus


Bubalus-quarlesi, Mountain anoa Anoa kecil


 Mountain anoa  Anoa kecil

Anoa are only found on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The lowland anoa is found in...

Babyrousa babyrussa

Babyrousa-babyrussa--01-800Babyrousa babyrussa, Babirusa, pig-deer

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Babyrousa is a genus in the pig family (Suidae) found in Wallacea in Indonesia.The...

Cervus-timorensis, Rusa Deer, Sunda Sambar, Rusa Timur


 Rusa Deer, Sunda Sambar, Rusa Timur

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The Rusa Deer or Sunda Sambar, Cervus timorensis, are native to...

Bubalus depressicornis

Bubalus-depressicornis-01-800Bubalus depressicornis, Anoa, Anoa besar

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Anoa are a subgenus of buffalo comprising two species native to Indonesia: the...

Elaphe-janseni, Jansen's Rat snake

Elaphe-janseni, Jansen's Rat snakeElaphe-janseni

 Jansen's Rat snakeThere are two color variants in this species, one being the black tailed janseni from Sulawesi, and the...

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