Raja Ampat Islands

Boo Island

Raja-Ampat-Boo-IslandRaja Ampat, Boo Island

From the surface area you will find a couple of boulders set aside through a little expanse of water, down below you will...

Gam Island, Raja Ampat,

Gam-Island-01-800Gam Island, Raja Ampat, Papua

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Fam Island

Fam-Island-01Raja Ampat, Fam Island


INDONESIA, Saukabu Village and...

Gamfi Damu Island

Gamfi-Damu-IslandGamfi Damu Island


The currents could very well be strong all across Gamfi Island...

Farondi Island

fabionRaja Ampat, Farondi Island


Farondi Island highlights 2 famous dive sites. The Goa Besar...

Kri Island Map

Kri Island Map, kri, kri island, gam,  

Sorido Bay Resort and Kri Eco Resort

Kri Island 


Sorido Bay Resort and Kri Eco...

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