Papua, Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls

Mapi River

Mapi_to-800Mapi River

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Mapi River is a river in southern West Papua...

Maro River

MaroMaro River

Maro River flows in Merauke Regency, Papua Province, Indonesia. The Maro flows from north-east to south-west, into the Arafura Sea...

Ok Tedi River

Ok-Tedi-RiverOk Tedi River

The Ok Tedi is a river in New Guinea. The Ok Tedi Mine is located near the headwaters of the river, which is sourced in the Star...

Taritatu River

Taritatu-River_toneTaritatu River

The Taritatu River is a river in the northern part of the Indonesian province of Papua. During the Dutch colonial era it was...

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