Papua, Places

- Papua, Places


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Papua’s mystique piques the imagination of the explorer, naturalist, anthropologist, politician and traveller in...



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Capital of the region is the overgrown village of Agats, on the Aswet estuary. Due to the extraordinary tides and...

Asmat Region

Asmat_to-800Asmat Region

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The Asmat region is a massive, remote, low-lying area of muddy, snaking rivers, mangrove forests and tidal...

Baliem Valley

baliem28Baliem Valley

The legendary Baliem Valley is the most popular and most accessible destination in Papua's interior. The Dani people who live...



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Biak (1898 sq km) is one of Papua’s biggest offshore islands. It’s a relaxed place with – even by Papuan...

Danau Sentani

Danau-Sentani_ton-800Danau Sentani

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You get a bird’s-eye view of 96.5-sq-km Danau Sentani, snaking its way between picturesque green hills, as...

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