Papua, Beaches

Biak, Bosnik Beach

Bosnik-Beach-Biak_tonBosnik Beach, Biak

Bosnik, 18km from Kota Biak, is a laid-back village strung along the coast for 2km, where you could happily base yourself...

Biak, Korem Beach

Korem-Beach-Biak_toKorem Beach, Biak

Biak is a small island off the north coast of Papua in Cenderawasih Bay and a transport hub of the region. This island was...

Biak, Parai Beach

Parai-Beach-Biak_tonParai Beach, Biak

Apart of its fantastic panorama, Biak’s famed Parai Beach has a historical background. It was used as Japanese Military...

Biak, Warsa Beach

Warsa-Beach-BiakWarsa Beach, Biak

For a little kid who was born and raised in Biak, a small island in the Cendrawasih ... My playgrounds were beaches, green...

Jayapura, Amai Beach

Amai-Beach-Jayapura_to-800Amai Beach, Jayapura

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Amay Beach  is located in  the northern coastal district of  Jayapura.  To be precise in Waija...

Jayapura, Base-G Beach

Base-G-Beach-Jayapura_toBase-G Beach, Jayapura

Beach Party: Members of Tafri tribe perform the Saohara dance at the Port Numbay Festival on Base-G beach in Jayapura...

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