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Gili islands

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South Lombok Blongas Bay


South West Lombok

5 Pinisi Ship Details and Prices
Price per Day : first Divers, second Non Divers.
Charters: Price/ Pax
Name LOA Beam Power
Cabins Single Total
Tenders Crew Dive
Destination Tour
Per day
Aliikai 30 7.5 380 ? 12 0 24 2 8 1 Komodo, Lombok 4-6 195 2670/24
Alisra 23 5.5 120 ? 2 2 8 1 4 1 Komodo, Lombok 4-6 195 1300/8
Almirai 30 ? 200 ? ? ? 18 2 ? ? Komodo, Lombok 4-6 195 ?
Ananda 25 ? 115 ? ? ? 10 1 ? ? Komodo, Lombok 4-6 195 ?
Bulan Pernama 24.6 5.5 107 6-10 4 3 11 1 4 ? Komodo, Lombok 3-10 530/325 ?

Dive operators

Gili Air: Blue Marlin http://www.bluemarlindive.com/main.phpReefseekers Dive Centre http://www.reefseekers.net
Gili Trawangan: Blue Marlin (main office) http://www.scubish.com/detail/15853/Asia/Indonesia/Gili_Trawangan/Blue_Marlin_Dive_Centre
Vila Ombak Diving Academy (hotel Vila Ombak)
Dream divers http://www.dreamdivers.com/
* 1-2-dive, Gili Islands, Lombok  http://www.1-2-dive.com/Big Bubble Diving   http://www.bigbubblediving.com/
Dream Divers  http://www.dreamdivers.com/
Manta Dive http://www.manta-dive.com/
Trawanan Dive    http://www.trawangandive.com/
Lombok Mainland:
Baruna http://www.komodo-divencruise.com/splash_diving.htm
South Lombok
Dive Zone  http://www.divezone-lombok.com/dive_withus.htmlEast Lombok
Waruna Diving    http://www.waruna-diving.com/English/Diving.htm

Cruise Ships

Baruna Adventurer and Baruna Explorer to Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores, Timor


Mentigi Bay Lombok Island



Welcome to Mentigi Bay. Mentigi Bay is the closest and most scenic jump of point to the famous Gili Islands. However, Mentigi Bay is fast becoming famous in it’s own right. With all the conveniences of living off the Island but still only 7 minutes by fast boat to any of the Gili’s you may find this is the perfect location. Mentigi Bay offers stunning vistas to Gili Trawagan, Gili Meno, Gili Air and Mount Rinjani (Indonesia’s highest mountain) and if that wasn’t enough you will also have stuning sunset views of Mount Agung on Bali. On a clear day you can see the fast boats leaving harbour in Bali…….truly incredible. Mentigi bay is the departure point for many of the transfer vessells to the Islands including the renowned “Bulan Purnama” known as the pirate ship of the Islands. Mentigi Bay watersports and diving also operate from here. The dive shop specialises in the World War II Japanese Wreck which is located just off the bay, this season we also see the introduction of Blue Fin Tuna diving/snorkelling where you will experience the thrill of playing underwater with fish swimming upto 70kmph……truly amazing……welcome to Mentigi Bay


Pondok Matahari , Labuhan Pandan , East Lombok



Novotel Lombok Hotel



Tastura Boutique Resort Hotel




Heaven on the Planet , Ekas,  South Lombok


 Sasak Tribe

The Sasak people make up the majority of the people on the island of Lombok in the West Nusa Tenggara Province. Althoughsasak-01 they live all over the island, the most densely populated region is the central fertile rice-growing region south of famous Mount Rinjani.In the past anthropologists separated the Sasak people into two groups: Waktu Lima and Waktu Telu. The Waktu Lima lived more in the central plains and tended to be located near roads and trading centers. The Waktu Telu lived in the more remote villages of the south and in the mountainous areas of northwest, north and east Lombok.For years, Lombok was divided into a number of warring Sasak princedoms. This resulted in the Balinese conquest of Lombok, which reduced the Sasak to servitude. In 1894, the Dutch liberated the Sasak from the Balinese. This historic animosity between the Balinese and Sasak people remains to this day. Some divisions are also obvious between the honored noble class and the lower ordinary class of people.

To the newcomer the Sasak people can initially appear harsh and aggressive, but once you are a friend you will experience their cordiality and openness. They are primarily an agricultural people, but also engage in hunting, fishing, and making handicrafts. Some villages are quite skilled in weaving or pottery making. Many of these products are sold to tourists or exported to Western nations. Increasing numbers of Sasak are seeking employment in the larger cities of Lombok, Bali, East Java, and Kalimantan and in the nearby countries of Southeast Asia.The moral and ethical standards of the Sasak people are called tindih. They attempt to protect their high standards of solid friendships and proper etiquette within the family system, respecting their elders and observing proper manners when visiting other homes. In seeking a mate, many Sasak follow the custom of kawin-lari, a kind of elopement where a woman is willingly "abducted" and hidden. The man then initiates marriage negotiations with the woman's family. An official wedding ceremony follows shortly after the negotiations.

The majority of Sasak are Muslims. Proportionately, a large number of Sasak perform the long and expensive obligation of Haj (pilgrimage) in Mecca each year. Many will save money for several decades or sell farmland or cars in order to afford this journey. Upon return these pilgrims will be honored in their families and villages for the rest of their lives.By and large, the Sasak people still revere sacred places like the gravesites of popular religious leaders and Mount Rinjani where the god Anjani is considered ruler. Many Sasak also venerate the spirits of their ancestors and the spirits who live in the forests, mountains and rivers.

Sasak language, especially the script (written language) is very close to his script of Java and Bali, the same as using the script Ha Na Ca Ra Ka but the pronunciation is quite close to Bali. According to Ethnologue, which collects all the languages in the world, is the Sasak language family (Languages Family) from the Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian (MP) Nuclear MP Sunda-Sulawesi and Bali, Sasak.

While if you look directly, Sasak language that developed in Lombok was very diverse, both dialects (pronounced way) as well as vocabulary. This is very unique and can show many influences in its development. When East Lombok regency government wants to make it Sasak Dictionary, they are overwhelmed with the diversity of languages in sasak east lombok, Though in general can be classified into: Kuto-Kute (Northern Lombok), Ngeto-Ngete (Southeast Section Lombok), Meno -Mene (Central Lombok), Ngeno-Ngene (Central Lombok), Mriak-Mriku (Southern Lombok).