Boti Village

Boti_tonemapped-800West Timor Boti...

Kupang, Traditional Fishing Boat

timor-01-800Timor, Kupang, Traditional Fishing Boat

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A typical fishing boat in Timor, Indonesia.

These rafts sail great distances over the...

Fatumnasi Village

Fatumnasi---West-Timor-01-800West Timor, Fatumnasi Village

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Click to Enlarge ! Opslaan

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Fatumnasi is a small village in the...

Kupang, Traditional Market

Kupang-Market-01-800Timor, Kupang, Traditional Market

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Kupang is the provincial capital of East Nusa Tenggara province in southeast...


Kletek-Suai-village-01Timor West Tradional...

Lopo, Nenas traditional house

Lopu-house-in-the-mountains-of-West-TimorTimor West Nenas traditional house, LopoKefa-to-the-border-with-the-Portuguese-enclave-of-OcussiThe Meto are the indigenous peoples of Gunung...

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