Sumba East Prailiu-village

Prailiu-village-East-Sumba--01Sumba East Prailiu-village

Prailiu is one of the many traditional and exotic villages in Sumba. It is located in a suburb area of Waingapu, the...

Sumba West Bondokodi Village

Bondokodi-West-Sumba-01Sumba West Bondokodi Village

On the western side of Indonesia’s remote island of Sumba, the local people practice the annual ritual of Pasola...

Sumba Villages

Sumba,  Traditional Villages, Sumba Traditional...

Sumba West Lamboya Village

Lamboya-West-Sumba-01Sumba West Lamboya Village

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Sodan village is a very important village for Marapu , there you can find holy houses...

Sumba West Anakkalang Village

Anakkalang-West-Sumba-01Sumba West Anakkalang Village

The Sumbanese people speak a variety of closely related Austronesian languages, and have a mixture of...

Sumba West Ratenggaro Village

Ratenggaro-West-Sumba-01Sumba West Ratenggaro Village

Ratenggaro, Kodi, Sumba Island, NTT, Indonesia A traditional Sumbanese house is though of as representing a human...

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