- Sumbawa

SumbawaPlaces in Sumbawa

Beautifully contorted and sprawling into the sea, Sumbawa is all volcanic ridges, terraced rice fields, jungled peninsulas...

Maluk, Rantung & Sekongkang

Sekongkang_tone-800Maluk, Rantung & Sekongkang

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As you continue south, the beaches and bays try to outdo one another. Your first stop is the...

Bima & Raba

Bima_toBima & Raba

East Sumbawa’s largest metropolitan centre is a conservative Islamic place with one mediocre sight – the former sultan’s...



A gently arcing crescent of jungled volcanic rock, Moyo – all 36,000 hectares of it – floats atop the gorgeous azure seas north of...

Hu’u & Pantai Lakey

huu-800Hu’u & Pantai Lakey

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Pantai Lakey, a gentle crescent of golden sand 3km south of Hu’u, is where Sumbawa’s tourist...

Poto Tano

Poto-Tano_ton-800Poto Tano

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Poto Tano, the main port for ferries to/from Lombok, is a ramshackle harbour, fringed by stilt-fishing villages...

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