- Sumba


Sumba is a dynamic mystery. With its rugged undulating savannah and low limestone hills knitted together with more maize and cassava...



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Pero is a small Muslim fishing village, with a natural harbour inlet sheltered by a sand bar and mangroves. The...

Anakalang Villages

Anakalang_tone-800Anakalang Villages

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Set in a fertile valley carpeted in rice fields, the Anakalang district (east of Waikabubak) has some...

Praiyawang & Rende

Praiyawang_ton-800Praiyawang & Rende

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Nestled in a shallow valley between grassy hills, Praiyawang is a traditional compound of Sumbanese...



Kallala, 126km from Waingapu and 2km down a dirt road from the nearby village of Baing, has emerged as the surf capital of East Sumba...



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A dusty, country market town, home to both thatched clan houses and rows of concrete stores, administrative...

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