- Sumba, Pasola War Festival

Pasola--01-800Sumba, Pasola War Festival

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Pasola is the name of a war game tournament...

Flores, Bena, Rebha Festival

Bena-Rebha-Festival-01-800Flores, Bena, Rebha Festival

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Rebha is an occasion of joy for Ngadha ethnic. People dancing all day long. The picture was...

Alor, Kalabahi War Dance

Alor-Kalabahi-War-Dance-01-800Alor, Kalabahi War Dance

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Alor, Kalabahi War Dance

It should be an interesting anchor dance...

Flores, Caci Ceremony

caci-ceremonial-01-800Flores, Caci Ceremony

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A welcome dance was about to commence in a village where traditional bravery dance lives. Compang...

Alor, Wedding

Alor-01-800Alor, Wedding

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Alor is the largest island in the Alor Archipelago located at the eastern-most end of the Lesser Sunda Islands...

Flores, Hegong Dance

Hegong-Dance-01-800Flores, Hegong Dance

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This is Hegong Dance, a traditional dance from Maumere, Flores, East Nusa...

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