- Moluccas


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Formerly known as ‘the Moluccas’, these petite little morsels of paradise are a dream-come-true for seekers...

Banda Islands

Banda-Islands_toBanda Islands

Combining raw natural beauty, a warm local heart, and a palpable and fascinating history, this remote cluster of 10 picturesque...

Ambon, Pulau Ambon

Ambon--800Pulau Ambon

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Maluku’s most prominent island is lush and gently mountainous, indented with two great hoops of bay. Around...

Banda, Bandaneira


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Little Bandaneira has always been the Bandas’ main port and administrative centre. In the Dutch era the...

Ambon, Saparua


A sprinkling of offbeat accommodation can be found amid Saparua’s shaggy forests and friendly villages. Here, spiny, football-sized...

Banda, Pulau Ai

Pulau-Ai_to-800Pulau Ai

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Ai village has a gentle charm, and the beach views of Bandaneira from the jetty are magnificent. But the...

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