Ambon, Gunung Salahutu

Gunung-SalahutuAmbon, Gunung Salahutu

The Salahutu mountains are the highest peaks of Ambon island, with two over 1000...

Banda, Gunung Banda Api

Banda-api_tonGunung Banda Api

The small island of Banda Api (Indonesian api, fire) is an active volcano in the Banda Sea, at the center of the Banda...

Banda Sea, Gunung Api Banda Marine Park

Laut Banda, Gunung Api, Laut Banda,  Gunung Api Banda Marine Park, Cagar Alam, Laut Banda - Gunung Api Banda Marine Park Sluiten General
An area of 2,500 ha. of the Banda archipelago has been set aside as marine recreation...

Banda, Gunung Laworkawra

Gunung-LaworkawraBanda, Gunung Laworkawra

The 5 x 6 km Nila Island in the Banda Sea is comprised of a low-rimmed...

Banda Sea, Teon volcano

teonBanda Sea, Teon volcano

Country:IndonesiaSubregion Name:Banda SeaVolcano...

Buru Island, Gunung Kelapat Muda Nature Reserve

Buru Gunung Kelapat Muda Nature ReserveLatitude : 3 14 30 S Logitude : 126 2 50 E
Altitude : 0 to 2745 metres
Area : 145000 ha Wetlands: 0...

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