Moluccas Intro and Maps

- Moluccas General Info

moluccas-01-800Maluku General Info

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also known as the Moluccas or the Spice Islands, is a region of Indonesia consisting of...

Ambon, Haruku, Saparua Islands

Ambon, Haruku, Saparua , Map, molana, nusa laut, moluccas, malukuMoluccas, Ambon, Haruku, Saparua Islands

Ambon Island Tour

3 days - 2 nights

A lingering experience of the...

- Moluccas Islands Map

Moluccas Map, moluccas, map, maluku, molukken,Moluccas Islands Map

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 Car license number DE, North Moluccas DG


Aru Islands Maps

Aru Islands Map, Aru Islands, aru, dobo,nature reserves, tribes, Aru Islands Maps

  Barukai Island-4.300South Maluku; Barakai Island, Longgar, Apara, Bemun, and Mesiang; southeast Aru Islands...



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Ambelau or Ambalau is a volcanic island in the Banda Sea within Maluku...

Babar Islands

babar, wetan, dawera, masela, dai, islands, dawera daweloor, luang, imroing, masala, moluccas, nature reservesMoluccas Babar Islands

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The Babar Islands (Pulau-pulau Babar) are located in Maluku Province, Indonesia between...

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