Kalimantan Cruising

- Derawan Islands Map

Derawan Islands Map, Derawan Islands,  Map, pulau, derawanDerawan Islands

There are 4 Resorts on the Islands...

Ligitan Islands Map

ligitan islands, kepulauan, Sipadan,  Map, Mabul, Kapalai, Ligitan Islands Map


Sipadan is a small island, covered with rain forest. It is the peak of a steep underwater mountain which...

- Kalimantan Liveaboard

 Liveaboards KalimantanPinisi Ship Details and PricesPrice per Day : first Divers, second Non Divers.
Charters: Price/ PaxNameLOABeamPower...

MSY Damai

altPinisi MSY Damai

Possibly the most luxurious liveaboard boat currently in Indonesia, MSY Damai is trying a new approach in providing top...

Kakaban Island

Kakabar Islands MapKakaban Island

The island of Kakaban is an exceptional marine environment. An uplifting in the area during the Holocene transgression, 19000 yrs...

MSY Sea Safari 3

Sea Safari 3, msy, pinisi, phinisi, sailing boat, liveaboard, cruises, MSY Sea Safari 3


Name of vessel : KLM.SEA SAFARI III
Type : Phinisi Buginese Schooner

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