Java Rafting

Banten, Rafting Ciberang River

Ciberang-River-BantenBanten, Rafting Ciberang River

This river upstream is located in Halimun National...

Central Java, Serayu River, Rafting

Serayu-River-Central-Java-01Central Java, Serayu River, Rafting

Located in Wonosobo and Banjarnegara...

Central Java, Rafting, Elo River

Elo-River-Central-JavaCentral Java, Rafting, Elo River

It is a part a Progo River with a downstream...

East Java, Rafting in Probolinggo

Rafting-in-Probolinggo-01East Java, Rafting in Probolinggo

Probolinggo has other special interest tour called as rafting arenas. Tourists can easily enjoy the rush of...

Central Java, Rafting, Progo River

Progo-River-Central-JavaCentral Java, Rafting, Progo River

The downstream of Progo River is positioned on...

West Java, Rafting at Cimanuk River, Garut

Cimanuk-River-Garut-01West Java, Rafting at Cimanuk River, Garut


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