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- West Java

West-Java-800West Java

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Many tourists only experience the lush, volcanic panoramas of West Java (Jawa Barat) through the murky window of...

Batu Karas

Batu-Karas_ton-800Batu Karas

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The idyllic fishing village and surfing hot spot of Batu Karas, 32km west of Pangandaran, is one of the most...



After the bottle-green hills of Cibodas, the sprawling bulk of Bandung hits you like a baseball bat across the back of the head. Once...



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‘A romantic little village’ is how Sir Stamford Raffles described Bogor when he made it his country home during...



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On the coast due north of Serang, the fishing town of Banten was once a great maritime capital, where the Dutch and...



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Carita is a spread-out, laidback beach resort with a slimline sandy beach and good swimming. Most hotels are aging...

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