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East-javaEast Java

The least densely populated of Java’s provinces, East Java (Jawa Timur) is a wild, rolling region with dizzying peaks, smoking...



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Bondowoso, suspended between the highlands of Tengger and Ijen, is one of the cleanest towns in Java. It is the...



Batu, 15km northwest of Malang, is a large hill resort on the lower reaches of Gunung Arjuna, surrounded by volcanic peaks. It's a...

Gunung Arjuna-Lalijiwo Reserve

Arjuna-800Gunung Arjuna-Lalijiwo Reserve

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This reserve includes the dormant volcano Gunung Arjuna (3339m), the semi-active Gunung...



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Blitar, Giavafretur

A low-key provincial city, Blitar makes a good base for visiting Panataran temple and the...

Gunung Kelud

KeludGunung Kelud

Around 30km directly north of Panataran, Gunung Kelud (1731m) is one of Java’s most active, accessible and rewarding volcanoes...

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