Bojong Larang Jayanti Nature Reserve

Bojong Larang Jayanti Nature Reserve

Bojong Larang Jayanti, Nature Reserve, Cagar Alam,

(Surat Keputusan) Mentan No. 516/Kpts/Um/10/1973, 16 Oktober 1973. Luas areal 750 hektar. Cianjur

Keadaan kawasan is relatively flat with a height from 0 to 7 meters above sea level.
Iklimnyamenurut Scamidt and Ferguson, including the type B with rainfall average 2645 mm per year.

Vegetation is kawasan ini including lowland forests. Floranya consists of type-jenispohon and shrubs. Tree species found in this sanctuary of them is: Kiara (Ficus globasa), Laban (Vitex pubescens), Lagerstroemia (Lagerstroemia sp) and thorn Bamboo (Bambusa spinosa). In addition to type-jenistersebut above there is also interest Raflesia (Raflesi padma).

Yang terdapat fauna in this sanctuary are: gibbons (Hylobates moloch), Monkey (Macacafascicularis), Deer (Muntiacus munjtak), Kancil (Tragulus javanicus), Burung Rangkong (Buceros rhinocerus), Bird Hornbill (Rhyticeros undulatus) and others.

Reserve Jayanti Alam Bojonglarang can be done through two routes namely:

1. Bandung - Cianjur - Sindangbarang - Location -ª 209 Km.
2. Bandung - Ciwidey - Location -ª 168 Km.