Meru Betiri National Park Birds New

Surniculus lugubris

Surniculus-lugubrisSurniculus lugubris, Asian Drongo-cuckoo, Kedasi HitamThe AsianDrongo-cuckoo Surniculus lugubris is a species of cuckoo that resembles a Black...

Turnix suscitator

Turnix-suscitator-01-800Turnix suscitator, Barred Buttonquail, Gemak Loreng

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The Barred Buttonquail or Common Bustard-Quail (Turnix suscitator)...

Terpsiphone paradisi

Terpsiphone-paradisi-01Terpsiphone paradisi, Asian Paradise-flycatcher, Seriwang AsiaThe Asian Paradise-flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi), also known as the Common...

Treron pompadora

Treron-pompadora-01-800Treron pompadora, Pompadour Green,  Punai Pomadora

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The PompadourGreen Pigeon, also known as Grey-fronted Green Pigeon...

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